The real meaning of Ferragosto


Hello, hola hola bonjour and happy  Ferragosto to you!

Wait, what exactly is Ferragosto?

When I first relocated to Europe, I was pleasantly taken aback by the prominence of August 15th as a holiday. It's almost reminiscent of Christmas – a time when friends flood your inbox with texts and messages, all echoing the cheerful refrain of "Happy Ferragosto!" So, if you happen to be perusing this piece and are fortunate to have an Italian friend, now might be the perfect moment to drop them a quick text saying “Buon ferragosto!”

When August arrives, the warm sun and long days beckon people across Europe to embrace the holiday spirit. Amidst this vibrant summer atmosphere, Italy stands out for its unique and centuries-old tradition known as Ferragosto. Celebrated on the 15th of August, Ferragosto holds a special place in Italian culture and history, while also sharing connections with other European countries.

I personally didn’t know about it 17 years ago and it now become part of our lifestyle and culture to celebrate 15th of August so I decided to write this blog will delve into the significance of Ferragosto, its origins, and its enduring importance in Italy and beyond.

Fun fact: It was originally called Feriae Augusti and then called “Ferragosto” has its roots in ancient Rome, when Emperor Augustus introduced the "Feriae Augusti" festival in 18 BC. It was a time of rest, celebration, and entertainment. This festival was dedicated to the Roman deity Augustus, and celebrated with games, horse races, and other forms of entertainment. It was also a period of rest, meant to provide a break for the working class from their laborious routines. Italians take this seriously and literally, nobody works today, and most take the week off.

A Time of Togetherness

In Italy, Ferragosto is more than just a holiday; it's a cherished tradition that brings families and friends together. It's a day when communities gather for feasting, music, and various festivities. Many Italians take advantage of this public holiday to escape the cities and head to the countryside or coastal areas, seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The nation virtually pauses, allowing people to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life ‘la dolce vita and the dolce fare niente” happens today.

One of the most iconic aspects of Ferragosto in Italy is the traditional Ferragosto meal. Families and friends gather around tables laden with delicious regional dishes, including pasta, seafood, fresh fruits, and wine. This culinary celebration is a testament to the deep connection Italians have with their culinary heritage, reinforcing the importance of shared moments and relationships.

Ferragosto and European Influence

While Ferragosto is quintessentially Italian, its influence has also spread to neighboring European countries. In France, for instance, a similar holiday called "Assumption Day" is celebrated on the same date, emphasizing the religious aspect of the holiday. In Spain, the holiday is known as "La Asunción" and is also celebrated with religious events and traditional feasts.

However is a normal day for Germans (for example my German husband is working all day today while I am in the pool with my daughters :))

The peak of tourism and the peak of yachting season too!

Furthermore, the significance of Ferragosto has transcended its historical and cultural origins. With the rise of global tourism, August 15th has become a peak travel period across Europe. Popular tourist destinations like coastal towns and historical sites in Italy and other European countries witness an influx of visitors, both domestic and international, seeking to experience the unique holiday spirit of the region.

Also, most yachts are fully booked this week as it is the peak date to charter a yacht.

Preserving Tradition in Modern Times

In today's fast-paced world, Ferragosto continues to provide an essential reminder of the importance of rest, relaxation, and togetherness. It's a time for Italians to escape the pressures of daily life, reconnect with loved ones, and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. Moreover, it showcases the cultural and historical richness that defines Italy and the shared values that tie European countries together.

What I love about it is that Ferragosto not only allows Italians to pause and appreciate their cultural heritage but also invites the world to partake in the joyous spirit of the holiday. As August 15th approaches each year, the legacy of Ferragosto reminds us all of the importance of unity, tradition, and taking a moment to savor life's simple pleasures, and what a best way to enjoy this than on a boat in Italy? Text me to organize your dream Dolce Vita yacht charter next year!

Across Italy, there are fireworks, open-air concerts, markets and fairs, and in some places is also a date for animal blessings, people bring their pets to churches to receive their blessings for health and protection.

So embrace the Italian dolce vita and enjoy Ferragosto!

 Now tell me, what do you do on the 15th of August?

Safe winds


Superyacht shopping 101

Superyacht Shopping 101

A guide to buying your first superyacht 

Like all purchases, you need to be equipped with the correct information before buying. Browsing the shelves of the yachting industry can be daunting, especially without accurate guidance.

Whether you buy a pre-owned yacht or brand new, here are some questions to consider before you take the plunge:

So, what are your needs?

I know this sounds obvious but knowing your needs and desires is necessary to narrow down choices. While they all float, yachts are all completely different. There are many yacht types, from motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, classics, semi-displacement, sports fishing, sports cruisers, explorer through to hybrid. The categories are ever-growing, and decisions are increasing for what is out there to own. Yacht shows are the perfect way to get a feel for the variety of yachts on offer, as there are a lot of potentials docked in the same place at the same time.

Once you have decided on a category, you will need to figure out the design, size, capabilities, number of crew onboard, which berth in the marina you can get, and of course, how much you want to spend. There is certainly not a one size fits all approach, and that's why knowing what you want from your purchase is essential.

What will you be doing?

While you don't need to have your year's itinerary and activities penned in, you need to have an idea of what you will be doing when onboard. Of course, you can choose several uses for a yacht. A yacht can be used for many different purposes, adventure, passion, luxury, comfort, escape, business, exploration, etc. If you want to take long expeditions to remote locations and when you get there go heli-skiing, you will need a different yacht than if you want to Greek island hop enjoying the slower pace of life with your family. Do you want to go far? hence you need to consider yachts with long range, fuel capacity, storage etc.. vs if you want a fast boat.

Making these choices will help aid when choosing the design of the yacht, and remember, it isn't all about the look of the yacht; you will need to consider the functionality and technical specifications for what you do with it. For example, you may want larger, more comfortable lounging spaces if you are using the yacht to relax with groups of family and friends, or perhaps space isn't as crucial if you choose a sailing yacht in which you want to race regattas, or have longer range or alternative propulsion systems where you wil have to compromise the luxury space to have bigger engine rooms and technical areas.

Where will you go?

Location, location, location! You need to ask yourself whether you are looking for a boat to be casually used at the weekend doing short hops or a round-the-world cruising adventure. Although yachts are designed to travel, it is worth having an idea of locations for the functions, range and capabilities of the yacht you choose.

Who will help you?

If you are swaying towards a new build, you will need someone to design and build your ideal vision, the uses, and what's most important to you when owning a yacht. You must ensure you are completely happy with the designer and builders you choose and that you are all on the same page, as this can really hinder progress.

Building brand new isn't your only option; there are many advantages to buying pre-owned yachts. They are available for use quicker and cheaper than a brand-new version of something similar. The existing yachts already have a proven track record and the opportunity and potential to refit if you want to add any of your touches to the design. When buying pre-owned yachts, you will need a knowledgeable superyacht consulstant to guide you.

Understanding the crew setup is also important; if you are buying a pre-owned, it can be a good idea to take some of the existing crew with the experience of your new yacht. Choosing a good crew is important as they are there to look after your new asset; the number of crew you have on your yacht will depend on your expectation and service level. Working with a yacht manager will help you create a ‘happy crew, happy owner.’

How much do you want to spend?

Buying a yacht is more challenging than regular purchases, it isn't just a one-time purchase; you must factor in a lot. There are some widely varied price brackets. Firstly, speak to a broker to understand what you can likely expect to get for your budget; it is vital to get good advice on this. Once you have decided on a purchase budget, you will need to consider the annual budget to run the yacht. It is important to consider some of the higher category costs within your budgetary requirements, such as crew salaries and marina berths. Before buying, it is essential to think about the crew onboard and how many you will need and want. The same goes for marinas; where do you want to base your yacht? do they have a berth available? whats the nearest airport, etc..

The operational costs will need to be factored in, for example, registration, insurance, and other legal admin costs, the ongoing upkeep and maintenance, and any additional costs you want to factor in, such as refitting.

The variation in pricing comes down to many things, but one huge one is asset depreciation due to age. Of course, you will be able to get an older yacht for a proportion of its original cost, brand new. If you are buying a pre-owned yacht, get a good history of it in terms of its overall history, any issues as well as maintenance records - but, most importantly, get a thorough survey carried out.

Although you may be excited to buy, it is a good idea to bear in mind the resale value, the build of the yacht is important here as these factors can impact how well it will hold its value and therefore future opportunities to sell or charter.

The bigger your budget, the more options, and flexibility you will have when choosing. For a first yacht, it is worth considering buying pre-owned as not only will you be able to use it quicker, you will get it cheaper.

How do you know if it's THE one? 

A classic mistake is jumping into yacht ownership before getting a taste of the lifestyle. Try before you buy and charter, be sure to charter yachts of a similar specification you are looking for, which will help you finalize the smaller details. Do you want that spacious toy garage, or would you rather have a bigger master suite? Although the yacht you charter may not be your style on the inside, you can get a clearer picture of how you want to use it and its functionalities. Allow chartering to get your creative juices and inspiration flowing when making the decisions for your purchase.


The admin 

Existing yachts can hold all sorts of hidden issues that you may not be able to see when looking around to purchase, as I said previously it is important to get all the correct surveys carried out onboard by a certified professional. The survey will cover the maintenance history and therefore be able to detect any outstanding issues or potential issues that may arise. The same goes for new builds, it is a good idea to have a project manager and Captain onboard the whole time that is overseeing the build as well as surveys and sea trials carried out before the launch.

In terms of documentation, you will need to either check the existing registration status dependent on your purchasing contract or if a new build, ensure you register it with your chosen flag state. The varying flag states have different rules and regulations to be aware of.

Choosing your first yacht is challenging, but it is exciting! Be sure to go into the process with this knowledge and your eyes wide open. My last piece of advice is to have patience and enjoy the ride!

Looking for your perfect yacht?

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About Marcela

Author of The Superyacht Industry Book, and program director of the Yachting Masterclass, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Marcela has extensive insights and knowledge in the yachting industry, to help you avoid mistakes and save you time. As a superyacht consultant, she inspires people on her social media and helps yacht lovers in their yachting journey either to buy or to charter superyachts!

She is not a broker but a consultant, hence not biased and not competing with any brokers, usually working for family, friends, and selected qualified clients only.



had money

Recently, a yacht owner who follows me on my personal Instagram page, asked me “Marcela, I have a question, do owners tip their crew after using their own yacht? I personally do, but wanted to know if other owners do it too.”  

We discussed it and then he asked, “Please talk about crew tips on your page,” so I made a post on Linked-in. This featured a high engagement with a lot of interesting comments, and I also had a lot of private messages about it, so I decided to collect them all into one full blog, so here it goes!


The yacht is being chartered when they don't use it and they use it as a family summer vacation.

This discussion is more about yachts that are commercial, meaning that they do charter and the owner can ‘charter his own yacht for his private use’. It is rare to see crew gratuity on private yachts. However, if their guests, friends or family coming onboard for a few days at no charge,  are happy with the experience and crew service, they can, at their discretion, compensate the crew for a great trip.

Should yacht owners tip their crew when they use their own yacht? 

The answer is YES and NO! Read below.

On one side, the yacht owner is paying monthly salaries to the crew, and the crew gets a lot of tips when the yacht is being chartered by other guests. A yacht owner should not pay tips while using his own yacht. One owner stated “I am very generous in salaries, and the boat is used only 20% of the year, the rest of the 80% there are no guests onboard. The salary and the benefits package are already above standards, so crew should not be ‘indirectly’ expecting tips.”

On another side,  if the crew went above and beyond to create a unique quality safe time with memorable moments with your family then a reward may be due. The famous saying in the industry is “Happy crew, Happy owner” so it is important to meet their expectations in order to keep them happy and motivated.

As Ian Petts says, “People forget that to create that one week of amazing experience, has sometimes been 9 months of preparation.”

However, some say that not all crew deserve a tip. If the crew is always dramatic and creating problems, then it is up to the owner’s discretion if he wants to tip them or not.

Crew POV 

The comments from captains were clear:

  • “Answer is NO and NEVER.”
  • “No, that would be totally weird if the owner does.”
  • “Usually it is rare to see private yacht owners giving tips, but it is not rare to see their guests, friends or family coming for a few days at no charge and then compensating the crew if they had a great trip.”
  • “On the yachts, we worked on, definitely not - only charter guests tipped.”
  • “You do not tip your own people, but rather pay out a bonus at the end of the season or year based on some predictable mathematical formula.”
  • “Yacht owners who put their yacht for charter are making a profit, and receive big financial benefits from the charter program, so it is nice if the crew works hard for that to happen, and the owner shares that success with them.”
  • "I have a good salary anyway, I don't need the tips, but my crew who gives 200% and does not feel recognised, will only do 100% the next time."

In summary, captains feel that owners already give a fair share as employers as well.

Yacht Manager POV 

Viktoria Zentai, a fantastic yacht manager, says “Everyone is different. Some crew may prefer financial reward, some free time, some recognition of their personal needs over anything else.”

You must know that even overpaying your crew and tipping them may not keep them too long onboard! Crew retention is difficult nowadays. Viktoria says “Some crew leave for personal reasons - family plans, life in general etc - no matter what extras they are given, and some would stay regardless. I suppose the question is how to express recognition in the best way, without it being awkward and if that is a must.”

Your yacht manager (or whoever is managing your crew) should have good Human Resource strategies in practice, like one-to-one yearly meetings to understand what makes your crew tick.

Hotel Benchmark 

One owner, who does tip his crew, gave a perfect response when I asked ‘why is he tipping his own crew?’

“Should an owner of a hotel, tip staff when staying in his hotel? Absolutely! Because a hotel is a commercial business and people there are employed by a company not a person. They work the same amount of hours, regardless of who is the guest. Same goes for owners of charter yachts, when using yachts. The yacht is owned by a company, not a person, and is used for commercial activities. To use it, owners are officially paying a charter fee, so officially they are guests. Staff shouldn’t care who owns an asset.”

How much should I tip? 

Yacht charter tips are not mandatory, they are a generous gratitude to thank the crew, and usually they range between 5-20% depending on the nationality of the client. Americans chartering in the Caribbean, for example, are usually more generous.

Annual Bonus

Most yacht owners give annual bonuses, which is part of the employment contract and included in the manager's annual budget.

13th month

 Most common practice is to give a 13th month salary at the end of the year.

Tips Vs Bonus

An owner asked me “So should I tip them after using the yacht or give them a bonus at the end of the year?” Well, that depends on the leadership onboard. The best is to discuss it personally with your captain and yacht manager.

One captain told me, “A tip given in the moment, is so much more valuable than an end of year bonus.”

Tipping Etiquette

If you are going to tip them financially then make sure that the tip is distributed evenly. Give the tips to the captain AND purser together at the same time. There have been instances where the captain pockets the majority of the tips and then distributes them to the rest of the crew saying “the owner did not tip a lot this time.”


No alt text provided for this image

In order to avoid any drama, perhaps it is better to thank them in other non-financial ways. Here are some ideas:

Sponsor a crew event

A captain on a 65m yacht told me that a nice way to thank their crew for their hard work and a successful season, is to sponsor a crew event like chartering a sailboat or catamaran where the crew can spend the day sailing, on the beach, having lunch and drinks.

“We did it in Turkey and St Maarten and it was a hit with the crew,” the captain said.

Pay to rest

Crew can also be motivated if they get extra time away to rest, so giving them some extra paid vacation goes a long way.

Career training

Crew can be motivated if they get paid to pursue their careers and go for training that is paid by the vessel.


Even low value items can be motivational. Letting an engineer have his own set of tools, or giving a deckhand a new Leatherman with the cash, is a good way to inspire your crew.

Although do be careful with what you give and where you are in the world.

Ian Petts, Director of Equiom - who provides ownership structures and tax consultations - shares a valuable tip. “Make sure the crew member gets the receipt with tax paid, or it's held by the family office. I've seen crew stopped and asked to justify that tax was paid on their watch - on not being able to justify it, 2k was paid at one airport in France.”

No alt text provided for this image

Random question: I often hear the words ‘tips’ and ‘gratuity’. I personally prefer the latter, as it sounds more elegant,  but I don't know if it's an US/UK difference in terminology?

What term do you use? Tips or gratuity? Leave your comment on this blog.

so now tell me, in your opinion SHOULD YACHT OWNERS TIP THEIR CREW? AND IF SO, HOW MUCH?


Personal point of view:

What I love about social media is that you are able to take the conversation further and have many points of view to be shared. When you read an article in a magazine, for example, first of all, you don’t know who has seen it and secondly, you don't know how they felt about it. I had over 55 direct conversations with people about this topic! And that was on LinkedIn alone! this was over several media platforms, showing just how effective social media can be.

Power of Data

On my Linkedin post, I can see the analysis of who viewed it, and it had over 7,000 views in the first 2 hours! At this time of writing, it currently has over 18K views, and I am able to see that the majority of people are owners, CEO’s, founders, and industry professionals. I am able to see that they are from the UK, The Netherlands, Miami, Monaco, Italy - essentially all the top yachting hubs. I am confident that I am posting content to my right target audience of yacht owners, yacht managers, sales and charter brokers, shipyards and yachting aficionados.


If you are a yacht owner and want any type of (unbiased) advice, feel free to reach out to me.

No alt text provided for this image
Photo by Chevanon Photography:

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Monaco Travel Guide

Monaco Travel Guide

Tips for visiting Monaco from a local resident


What to do and what to see in Monaco

If you are travelling to the South of France and you would like to visit Monaco, but you don’t have too much time to enjoy it slowly, here are a few of my recommendations for a quick visit.

First, I must admit that Monaco is a nice place to live, however is super small, therefore there is not too much to see, and tourists sometimes get disappointing because they come in with high expectations. This is not Paris or Rome where you have many touristic sites to see, keep in mind that the entire ‘country’is just 2km^2 making it the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. This is more a place to live and experience it slowly, as it is the lifestyle that is amazing and is not so much a quick vitrine to watch, take a picture and go!

Having said, that, here are the top things to see and do in Monaco.

Visit the Palace

Walking up to ‘The Rock’ is a nice thing to do, you get the nice views of the Port Hercules, which is the main port of Monaco where all the yachts are and the race of the Grand Prix starts, and once you reached the top you can also see the port of Fontvieille, and is a perfect place to take pictures! I leave you here with the link to the palace tourist info. (click here)

Every day at 11:55 just before noon there is the change of guard which is really nice to see. For more info click here.

Here is where the Royal family officially lives. They are often there and for all the major local events there is where it takes place.

Oceanographic Museum

Once you are up in ‘The Rock’ as we call it locally, you can also visit the Oceanographic museum, which is a really impressive aquarium! If you are with kids this is a MUST- DO activity in Monaco. More info about the aquarium click here.

Open Air Cinema

Located also on ‘The Rock’ the open Air cinema is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! I think this only open in the summer so check the website here. It is a beautiful place with sea view, open bar (yes you can drink alcohol!) and it has a great sound system! I find it very romantic thing to do in couples, but also a lot of fun with friends. The movies start around 9:30pm (so is dark enough to play outdoors)

The Casino

The Casino of Monte Carlo is the most ICONIC site in Monaco. A tour of the Casino de Monte Carlo will give you James Bond like experience for an hour. Seeing all the luxurious cars, the glamorous clothes of the high rollers and the palatial surroundings would remind you of scenes that are always portrayed in most 007 films.

The idea of opening a gambling casino in Monaco belongs to Princess Caroline, a shrewd, business-minded spouse of Prince Florestan I in 1850. Revenues from the proposed venture were supposed to save the House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. After several decades of joint ventures, the earnings finally took off. I won ttell you the entire story, so that you experience it for yourself.

Keep in mind there is a strict dress code hence no beach wear is allowed, no shorts, no flip flops,etc and all the obvious ones. Passport ID is required if you want to go inside. I want to highlight that this is not Vegas so if that is what you are expecting you will get disappointing, this is more classy and luxurious. The entrance is 10 euros however this can be exchanged for gambling chips/tokens or alternatively towards a drink at the bar. It is an amazing experience to see the real gamblers in action! you really feel you are inside a movie here! They have a really cool restaurant inside, which is my favorite one to watch the fireworks. If you are in Monaco during the summer, make sure to ask about the firework program and book your table there for an unforgettable experience!

Go try your luck you never know!! and if you win, give me a call to celebrate 🙂

Cafe de Paris

Get a drink and sit in the terrace of the Cafe de Paris, it is one of the best places for people watching! and if you love cars, is basically a ‘car walk’or THE ‘fashion-show’ of luxury cars. Yes the drinks may be on the expensive side but see it as a entry ticket fee to a show, and I guarantee you it is totally worth it! I usually order a coffee or a Aperol Spritz cocktail.

It is also a great place to eat real french brasserie food. We love the steak tartare there! to my american friends, steak tartare does not mean a steak with tartar sauce, in France it means raw meat and is delicious!

Hotel de Paris

It is another ICONIC site in Monte Carlo, it is a famous hotel where many movies have been filmed. Inside the hotel by the lobby there is the famous Bar Americain, I recommend you to go there in the evening for a drink, they usually have live music and the ambiance is very jazzy chic. The setting feels like you are going back in time to those glorious ages of glamour, elegance and sophistication. My favorite drink there is the Negroni. This is a great place to go for a drink before dinner or actually even better after dinner for that night-cap drink paired with some jazzy notes.

Make sure you rub the feet of the horse statue at the Lobby of the hotel, legend has it that it brings you good luck! specially before going gambling!



One of the most famous race tracks of the entire F1 racing is the Monaco Grand Prix which usually takes places around May every year. A life experience worth watching! I will do a separate blog about it.

On this note, if you are a car fan you can also visit the private car collection of the Prince! For more info click here.

For events, make sure you visit the website where you can see what is going on the day, the week or the month you are travelling.


The Larvotto beach is a nice place to go for lunch and go to the beach if you like swimming in the ocean and catching some sun. however my favorite beach is La Plage de la Mala which feels like a remote exotic place. It is a hidden gem! There are 2 restaurants Cap Resort and Eden Plage. It is quite difficult to get there by foot and car, it is possible but not easy. The best way to reach is by boat.


The best way to experience the south of France is totally by boat! There are boats for all types of budgets. Contact me for info on chartering a yacht in the South of France.

Prince Rainier III old car collection

If you like cars, this museum is amazing and very unique compared to other car museums, is the personal car collection of the Royal Family in Monaco.

Life as a female yacht broker

Life as a female yacht broker

I interviewed a very good friend of mine on how is to be a yacht sales broker in a male dominated industry.

-> Jelena Vezia, yacht sales broker from Ocean Independence


Kazakhstan-born Jelena Vezia is the company’s only female sales broker and one of only a handful in the entire yachting industry, where female brokers usually specialise in charter. Jelena completed her comprehensive economics and international affairs studies in Poland, France and Germany. With a proven sales background combined with a good level of understanding of Russian and Eastern European clients’ operations, she has an excellent track record. Her successful business approach, can-do attitude and attention to detail represent her core expertise as a yacht broker. Having completed three years as a yacht sales broker in charge of CIS market development prior to joining Ocean Independence in 2016, Jelena delivers a valuable experience with dedication to her clients, respect for main industry players and a work ethic that is second to none.

How did you started in the industry?

I started as a hostess working in parallel with my studies at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2010 for one of the leading brokerage houses (our direct competition today). As a hostess I was accompanying brokers during yacht viewings, working at the stand preparing marketing materials and helping with translations where needed. At that time, the head of charter department told me that I have all the right credentials to make a successful charter broker and provided me with a glowing reference letter. This is how my career in the yachting industry started. 10 years later here I am, bringing my own clients on board during MYS – a huge achievement for me and a sign of destiny, I think. I was not planning to pursue a career in yachting at any point of my life, having successfully graduated with a master’s degree in the Economic International Relations and targeting a position in one of the main European Institutions.

How did you started as a sales broker?

My first position at Sunseeker Monaco was Junior Sales Broker in charge of CIS market, so I have been trained to sell boats from the beginning. During my first job interview my boss, Nigel Bristow, said to me, “It would have been more appropriate to offer you a charter broker’s role, but we don’t have a dedicated charter department here in Monaco, so let’s try to sell.” And we did sell. I still remember him making a drawing to explain the difference between shaft drive and stern drive propulsion systems to me. That was the beginning of the learning curve which was and still remains very challenging – in this business, you never stop learning.

My first real experience in the industry as a broker was at Cannes Boat Show 2012. That year, as one of the main yacht manufacturers, Sunseeker had at least a dozen models on display, one of the biggest stands, hundreds of clients, and a lot (I mean really A LOT) of information to remember – not an easy task for a beginner. Believe me, I was terrified, but the result was brilliant and some of the prospects who I met at that show are among my best clients today.

How is it to be a female yacht broker?

The yachting industry is male-dominated, and it is not easy to gain the trust of clients and peers. I wouldn’t ever call myself a feminist, but one thing is certain – to be recognised in this industry you have to know your subject at least as well as male yacht brokers do, if not better. You don’t have a right to make any mistakes, especially at the beginning. If you do something wrong, people are quick to blame the fact that you are a woman. It gets easier once you build a reputation.

To become a female yacht broker you must be not only intelligent, hard-working, personable and communicative, but also lucky. I would also add that successful business approach, can-do attitude and attention to detail make a good sales broker.

How is a day in the life of a broker?

For me, every day at work is different because there are no two identical clients, two identical boats or two identical deals. The biggest challenge is when I start working with a new client because we have to get to know each other, and in the yachting industry, it is a very long process. It is not always easy to get the trust of a new customer, but extremely exciting and rewarding at the end.

Viewings are crucial because every broker has to know the product he or she is trying to sell. And the more yachts I visit, the better market intelligence I get. Nothing is worth a personal visit onboard and a constructive chat with the captain and the crew.

Travelling is part of this job, and I really enjoy visiting shipyards and participating in the boat shows. However, this can easily become extremely tiring, especially when travelling in a different time zone. BUT this is the only way to move things forward. A client will rarely come to see his broker apart from the Boat Shows time. A good Broker has to go and meet his or her client instead! The amount of money a Broker makes at the end is directly proportional to the amount of time he or she spends travelling.

Admin work is my least favourite part of the job, but in our digital world, there is no way we can escape from it. When I am not visiting yachts or travelling to see the existing clients, I am following up with leads by telephone or via email trying to convert them into prospects, scheduling future marketing campaigns and customer mailings, updating notes and opportunities in the CRM.

All the above makes part of a broker’s day to day work, and it is a good mix of activities to keep us busy every day.


This was a very interesting perspective, and I hope you liked it and if you wish to learn more about careers in yachting visit my page:




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The best travel tips you can ever get is to get them from:

1) From someone who has been there


2) Directly from a local!

In this blog I am so happy to share with you my tips for Zurich and also share some local tips from my friend Petra Kompas living in Zurich and sharing all of her tips and secrets!

Airport tips:

Zurich has a very good international airport (ZRH) that is easily accessible by train. The ride to the main train station, familiarly called HB (Hauptbahnhof) takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on if it is a direct connection or if the train has multiple stops. It costs CHF 6,80 one way.

If you want to take a taxi from the airport, then please take Uber, it costs the half of what a regular taxi would ask for a ride to city center. Uber should cost around CHF 25-35, depending on the hour of the day, on the traffic and where exactly you want to go. Petra says ‘I live 10min walking distance from the HB and pay around CHF 25 for a ride with Uber to the aiport’

ZRH Airport has great connections to the whole world main European airlines fly there, and Swiss (of course!) Unfortunately, ZRH Airport is an expensive airport (taxes), therefore there is only a limited number of low cost airlines that fly to limited number of destinations.

There are two other airports, an hour by train – Bern and Basel Mulhouse. Bern is a very small airport.

Moving around:

The best way to move around in Zurich is mainly by tram (bus in few cases). The tram net is very developed, it gets you almost everything within the city. Zurich doesn’t have a metro, but with this kind of tram net it doesn’t need it.

Again, if you want or have to take a taxi, please call an uber. It is much cheaper.

You can also rent a car, there are many rent a car companies (also from the airport). A car a day goes from around CHF 120 (doesn’t matter if you go directly through Herz, Europecar or through an unknown low cost rent a car company). Renting a car in Switzerland is expensive. Please also be careful to when driving and go exactly by the rules. Radars are everywhere, even on light cross roads. You might think it was still orange, but the camera system knows better and can flash you on going through red and that ticket is really very expensive. Also very expensive are speeding tickets. So really please be careful!

All information about train tickets you’ll find on

Best hotels for business trips

Zurich has some fancy hotels, that are located right in the city center, very near or directly on the famous Bahnhofstrasse (it is the main shopping street, that starts at the HB and goes straight away to the Zurich lake). Shops on this street go from fast fashion/inexpensive ones and turn in the middle of the street (from Coop City St. Annahof towards the lake) to luxury boutiques.

Here are some fancy hotels: Schweizerhof (there is one Schweizerhof in every major swiss city), Savoy, Baur au Lac, and Park Hyatt.

Some options for more economical ones: MotelOne, & the Mariott.

Locations for areas to search for hotels:

City Center (8001), Niederdorf, Wiedikon, Lochergut, Oberer Letten are nice.

Laptop friendly cafe’s:

Nice places are around Lochergut, Wiedikon/Werd, Stauffacher and around Bahnhofstrasse. e.x. Grand Café Lochergut, Franzos, Roots, Juciery 21, Miyuko, and of course: Starbucks.

Place for meetings

You can hold meetings at Büro Züri, where you can also book a room for it (more under co-working space and offices).

Otherwise, for a luxury meeting you can go to the lobby of Park Hyatt, the bar Baur’s of Baur au Lac hotel (it is outside of the hotel, on the corner of Börsen and Talstrasse).

For causal meetings there are some laid back places, such as the terrace of Modisa, Hiltl terrace on the top of PKZ building, terrace of Jelmoli or Grieder (PKZ, Jelmoli and Grieder are department stores on the Bahnhofstrasse) or Monocle Bar in Seefeld.

Co-working space and offices

I would recommend a place called Büro Züri right on the Bahnhofstrasse, more towards to the lake. It is a cool place to book a meeting room or just a desk to work at Buro Zuri,

(And the best thing about it, beside the location, is that it is for free!)v

Best bar for an after-work drink

To the contrary what people might think of Zurich – that it is a boring place – there are a lot of great bars for an after-work drink (or Friday/Saturday night) where you can have a lot of fun.

The Good ones (recomended by a local) are: Bricks, Xenix, Vagabundo, Wohnzimmer Bar, Si o No, Dali’s, Raygrodski, Enfant terrible, Talacker, Atelier Bar, La Stanza.

During Summer there are nice outdoor places such as Rimini (it is an outdoor bath place for men during the day and after 6pm it opens for all as outdoor summertime bar), Frau Gerolds Garten in Hardbrücke, Barfussbar (this is a special place with a wonderful view on Niederdorf), Fischer’s Fritz on the lake and Fischstube on the opposite side of the lake in Seefeld, kleine Freiheit, and Riva Bar.

Wining dining clients

Kronenhalle at Bellevue is a real treasure – not only have they the best steaks and Züri Gschnätzlets (typical dish from Zurich made of sliced veal strips, white wine, cream and demiglace), but also their guest list has been graced with names such as Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce, Richard Strauss and many more over the time.

Other great places to eat: Didi’s Frieden, Casa Ferlin, Mesa, White Elephant, Bang Song Thai, Seerose, Razzia, Brasserie Lipp, Widder Bar and Kitchen, Ristorante Bindella, Rosso, the oldest vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the world – Hiltl and/or Tibits (it is the same chain, but because they wanted to get recognized in the French speaking part of Switzerland too, they came up with a more convenient name for frenchies – Tibits)

Uncle 7 has the best dim sums!

Things to do in case you case free time

There are so many different things to do in Zurich when you can spare one free day here (or even more)

Zurich has a small city center, so you can easily see the most sightseeing in one day. On the Lindenhof you have a nice view over Niederdorf. From there you can walk to Bellevue, admire the Opera house and continue walking beside the lake.

As a foodie myself, I’d start with food. I am very much into different kind of breakfast bowls – I get my favorite acai bowl from Juicery 21. Bang on (owned by Brazilians) also has a great acai bowl and other brazilian dishes. Roots is a great place to get great breakfast and fresh and healthy lunch/dinner dishes. Delicious places for a brunch: Miyuko, Kafi Dihei, Grand Café Lochergut, Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse, Le Pain Quotidien, The Artisan, Bohemia, Bank, Café des Amis, Montmartre.

For lunch or dinner or just to grab something are the following:

Traditional local food in Zurich, dont forget to eat a fondue!

If you want real traditional swiss food: Zum kropf

Feeling like Asian? Five Spice (thai), Yoojis and Sushi Shop (sushi), Saigon (Vietnamese), already mentioned Hiltl, Lily’s Eatery (Asian),

International: Neni (middle east), Ynos (greek), Ona poke (Hawaiian bowls)

Healthy: Joe and the Juice (great juices and sandwiches), Dean and David (healthy meals), Lily’s Eatery (Asian), Ona poke (Hawaiian bowls), Ramen, Ararat (great kebab).

For a sweet treat you can go to Cupcake Affair, it’s deliiissshhh.

Swiss chocolate deserves its own paragraph. For me the best ever is Laederach – you can only find it in Switzerland (well, there is one branch somewhere in Asia, Taipei I think). So don’t leave the country without one pack of this piece-of-heaven. Other great chocolate stores: Max Chocolatier, Confiserie Honold, Teuscher, Vanini, and the well known Lindt/Sprüngli.

During summer you can rent a water bike and have some fun on the water.

If you want to do sports:

There are some nice hikes around, too. You can hike up to the Uetliberg (has breathtaking views over whole Zurich) and then continue from there to Felsenegg. This hike will take you a couple of hours, but it is worth it (or you just can go back down to the city from Uetliberg). If you are longing a walk in forest, you can go to Dünkelhölzli. You can get relaxed on the Türlersee with a nice barbeque (you have to bring your own food and drinks)

If you are longing for sports during your business trip, here are some tips for great sport clubs: Atomix –is a mixture of running (sprinting) on treadmill and weight training. You will sweat off all your calories yo uate at restaurants mentioned above.

Booster – pilates classes based on lagree method. They have several branches, and at the Forum one they have brand new machines with INCLINE. I guarantee you will be dead afterwards. If you like cycling, Velocity and Openride are great (something like SoulCycle in the US)

Seasons in Zurich

Summer here is great, really great. Over the weekend it feels like vacation at sea. You can rent a SUP at Badi Tiefenbrunnen and Enge (open air bath places on the lake) and experience the lake not only from the shore. Usually you have to pay an entry fee to get in, but there are many places where you can just place your towel on grass and enjoy the lake. I personally love the Letten river J It also has those “badis”, but they are for free and much cooler J Oberer and Unterer Letten are amazing places to enjoy hot summer days. Moreover, at the oberer Letten badi there is an open air cinema during july/august. Another open air cinema is at Zürich Horn next to Badi Tiefenbrunnen. Another cool thing you can do is taking a inflatable boat or flamingo to float on the river. You just get on your flamingo, donut, big duck – whatever you have – and let yourself float on the river. You can also rent a bike (at the HB there is a place where they rent bikes for free, you just have to come early enough to catch one, otherwise you can also use the city bikes) and bike along the Limmat River to the Kloster Fahr. It is a Benedictine Monastery of nuns who produce and sell their wine and ciders,

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice scream!! Here are ice cream shops you have to try out: Gelateria di Berna, Gelati Tellhof, Gelati am See and Gelati am Spitz (all these three gelati is the same company – two food trucks: am See can be found when walking aboard the lake in Seefeld, am Spitz behind the Landesmuseum, direction Platzspitz park, and one brick store Tellhof at the Tellstrasse), Hasta Ice cream, Vanini. Don’t leave Zurich without trying one of those ice cream shops.

Not only suummer but Winter here is great, really great. Over the weekend it feels like skiing vacation. You can either go skiing to great resorts such as Laax, Arosa/Lenzerheide, Davos, Andermatt (within 2-2,5h from Zurich) or you can enjoy the ice skating park up at the Dolder hill (you can afterwards go to the Dolder hotel for a nice drink, they have a nice cozy bar). Another ice ring is located at Heuried.

Christmas time in Zurich is magical! As many cities in Europe, Zurich too has its own magical Christmas markets BUT zurich is THE BEST CITY IN EUROPE FOR CHRISTMAS MARKETS!

You can’t miss the Christmas village at Bellevue, Christmas market with beautiful lights at Landesmusuem called Illuminarium, a brand new– very very cozy and by far my favorite – Christmas market at Münsterhof, Christmas market in Niederdorf and many other small Christmas markets throughout the city.

Open air cinema at Unterer Letten



Tips to set up the perfect table

Setting up the perfect table requires creativity, sophistication and savoir- faire.

I interview my friend Iliyana Popova whom I know from many years as we studied together at the University in Monaco. She is now the head of project management at Boutsen Design, experts in fine art decoration for yachts, jets and luxury villas.

Iliyana will share with us her tips and savoir-faire in table etiquette onboard yachts.

Her international experience working in luxury hotel chains, yachting and aviation, combined with her strong academic background makes her an exceptional professional in her field.

She holds a management degree in Hospitality from the Swiss college ‘César Ritz’, and a Bachelor degree at Endicott College, United States. Moreover, she also has a Master’s Degree in Luxury Goods and Services from the International University of Monaco.

Left: Daniela Boutsen, founder of Boutsen Design. On the right: Iliyana Popova

Seducing the senses

In order to have an unforgettable meal experience you need to appeal to all the five senses:

  • Sight: whenever you see a nice set up table, this is your first impression, this is how you put a smile on people faces before they even start eating!
  • Hearing: this can be done by using music to set the mood for the meal.
  • Touch: this can be achieved by using texture on the materials.
  • Smell: this can be approached by using scents, candles, or even accentuating the smell of the bread in the oven, or the smell of the BBQ to appeal the senses.
  • And of course, Taste which the chef on board will do everything he can to delight the guests!

The theme

In order to set the perfect table, we first need to decide on the theme. The theme will consequently, influence the colors and the style.

The essentials

The table cloth – Unlike setting a table in a house or an event venue, on board yachts it is used less frequently . It is mainly used for more formal set ups, it is less practical and often covers the outstanding table features.

Pro tip: We tend to recommend the 50% linen & 50% cotton quality as it still gives a nice linen look and soft cotton touch while easier to iron as compared to 100% linen quality.

The Plates – There are usually at least 2 chinaware sets on board, one is casual and a second more formal. The casual set could be more colorful, matching the colors of the interior and the exterior, often in line with the colors of the deco cushions. We tend to suggest chinaware collections with a large range of items (ex: various serving dishes in different sizes), easily stack-able and light in weigh. It could be practical to use a set which offers 2 types of charger plates, a more sophisticated presentation plate for a formal setting, allowing to make a better use of the dinnerware in respect of the storage limitations.

It is very important to consider the preferred cuisine of the clients in order to propose the most suited dining set, composing of the required elements, especially for an Asian cuisine.

Pro tip: Other factors to be taken into account are if the plates should be dishwasher safe (avoiding gold and platinum encrusted decors), suitable for a microwave use as well as produced by manufacturers that guarantee the continuity of their production, allowing for an easy replacement even in few years’ time.

Placemats – are widely used for both indoor and outdoor table settings, available in various materials, shapes, colors and countless possibilities for customization, creating the perfect matching element to the chinaware and the theme of the table set up. Leather placemats are particularly preferred for an outdoor setting, available also as double-faced in 2 different colors.

The right cutlery – It is important to be selected in accordance to the chinaware in terms of style and form. A choice is to be made between a stainless-steel option vs silver plated model. Silver plated cutlery has a brighter and shiny finish of the silver as compared to the stainless steel.

Pro tip: Stainless steel requires less maintenance and is more resistant to the humidity onboard.

Napkins – Allow for creativity in terms of colors, the napkin fold and the placement on the table. An important element for any table setting, adding a touch of sophistication when used with a napkin ring.

Napkin on top of the plate? Or on the left? – The placement of the napkins depends on the available table space, the type of napkin fold and if the chinaware has a design/ logo which should be revealed, thus keeping the napkin to the side.

A trendy way to fold napkins is to fold by using a nice napkin jewel (ex: a starfish, coral) which adds a touch of elegance to the table setting while still keeping it casual and inviting.

Glassware – Solid, wind-safe glasses are preferred for outdoor use, often in a color glass, matching with the dining set or with the interiors. Another popular opinion for the exterior are the synthetic crystal (acrylic) glasses, available in a variety of styles and colors. These are great for boats because they don’t break, so in case one falls on the teak it won’t hurt anyone.

Culinary preferences

It is essential to be able to cater to the culinary preferences of the Owners and the charter guests. If for example they enjoy Asian cuisine, it is important to select a dining set which offers a good variety of suitable platters and bows (for rice, soup, soya sauce), Chinese spoons, chopsticks and chopstick rests, sake cups, Asian tea cups ant pots, etc.

Setting the mood

The lightning – Dim lighting ‘hospitality lighting’ is essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere. This could be also achieved by adding nice lanterns and photophores.

Candles – Long lasting non scented candles are preferred in various heights centrally placed on the dining table.

Center pieces of decoration are an important element to the table set up and the overall feel of the theme. Often fresh flowers are used along with decorative objects, photophores and candle holders as well as bowls filled with fruits for a more casual daytime setting. A nice bowl of floating candles could also serve as a center piece.

Name cards are used for a more formal settings and in particular when the host would like to decide on the seating arrangement prior to the arrival of their guests. The intent is to impact order (guests of the same gender do not sit next to each other) and make sure that distinguished guests are properly assigned seats.

Setting the table

Alignment: Making sure that everything is nicely aligned with the dining chairs and pleasing to the eye, paying particular attention to the correct placement of the cutlery and the glassware.

For the Salt & pepper it is suggest to place 2 to 3 sets of salt & pepper, within an easy reach, for a table setting of 8 to 12 guests.

Custom-made, the ultimate luxury

Yacht owners are often seeking uniqueness and authenticity when it comes to the design and decoration of their yacht, jet or home. They like to be involved in the creative process and share their vision and ideas of how they would like certain designs/ products to be developed.

As part of the team at Boutsen Design we have an in-house product designer who has created bespoke designs for various products, including chinaware, linens, carpets, etc.

Illy tells us, ‘I am currently working on a stunning new-built yacht project for which the client personally hand painted the logo (symbol) we will be replicating on one of the dining sets as well as on some of the linens and leather accessories’

The villa, yacht and jet

We tend to suggest different dining sets for the yacht, the jet and the residence of a client.

They should not only match with the interior in terms of style and colors but also create a different feel.

People tend to prefer contemporary sets for their jet, used often for business, while much more casual and colorful dinnerware for their yachts and vacation homes. Nautical themed dining sets, predominantly in blue tonality, are often used onboard a yacht while floral motives are sometimes preferred for a home in the countryside.


Being creative and enthusiastic about setting up a beautiful table for different occasions is the key.

Making a good use of the available crockery onboard is essential along with adding that extra touch by placing a nice center piece, candles and flowers, certainly contribute to creating a more pleasant dining experience and the overall enjoyment onboard.

How to choose your perfect table setting

You don’t know what you want, until you see it!

Boutsen Design has had the privilege to stage quite few impressive yachts during the Monaco Yacht Show and it has been very rewarding when the new Owners like our selection and decide to keep it onboard. It is often easier for them to visualize it better when they see everything carefully selected, nicely matching and properly placed at the various areas of their vessel. This experience is both exciting and agitating as we let them discover all the final touches added to their boat and see their reaction.


Basic table etiquette rules

Different cultures have different table etiquette. If you are a guest on board a yacht, it is important to learn about the cultural differences.

During dinner you want to be enjoying the beautiful setting and the interesting conversation, you want your dining companions to focus on you, not the awkward way you use your knife and fork.” That seems like a good goal more generally: Strive for excellence in table manners while remaining as inconspicuous as possible in the process.

Table manners

Different families have different table rules. Some while onboard a yacht during vacation can be more casual and relaxed and would allow to eat in a swim suit, however others will require to get dressed. For men, it is advised to always wear a shirt.

No hats/caps allowed if eating indoors dining room. The odd backwards baseball cap is not intended as a sign of disrespect and, assuming the wearer is not at the Four Seasons or a house of worship, you might even take it as an innocuous style preference rather than an impropriety. Of course, please continue to remove your own hat. There are surely like-minded diners who appreciate this.

Women, whose hats were understood to be decorative rather than functional, were exempt from this mandate.

If women want to apply lipstick after the meal, some suggest to excuse themselves and apply it at the ‘powder room’ however it is advised to re-apply it after the meal is over. Don’t reapply lipstick only to leave a print of it on your coffee cup, rather wait until the end of the meal.

About Boutsen Design, Monaco

The team at Boutsen Design is constantly on the lookout for the latest decoration trends and the newest collections, sourcing the right accessories and the best matching decorative elements, aiming at further enhancing the interior and the exterior of our yacht projects.

Daniela Boutsen perfected her craft in the demanding Business Aviation industry in the VVIP sector, decorating and equipping large private aircraft. Satisfied clients subsequently called on her for yachting and residential projects, which have evolved naturally with the company’s growth, experience and success.



Together with my partner in crime Roxane from Superyacht Tenders and Toys, we bring to you the LATEST TRENDS on water toys. Which toys is everyone crazy about?

Roxane looks after Superyacht Tenders and Toys Monaco, she is THE YACHT TOYS EXPERT, handling sales and the rental division. You will see her yacht-hoping in the Med meeting with yacht owners, captains and crew, brokers, land but also you will often catch her in the water!


Being on board does not restrict you from practicing your favorite sports. You name it, we got it!

There are many ways to do some exercise onboard a Superyacht : Golf, basketball, gym, football, padel or even swimming in a beautiful long swimming pool.

Some owners have taken their love of sports to a new extreme and building their own outdoor workout gym.

It is no surprise that owners want to maximize the space on board, making many areas multipurpose, catering for all guest’s desires. Large foredecks or helidecks can create vast spaces for exercising and this utilizes these areas that are often unused for the majority of the time.

Exercising outside is often seen as a much more enjoyable and dynamic experience than the traditional indoor gym, also allowing space for team sports. Many yachts comment on these outdoor areas as being a real benefit to crew welfare and team morale.


For the adrenaline junkies who have a vast experienced water toys and a good fitness level: The best toys of 2020/2021 are definitely the:

The DJI Nitro C-1 Carbon Stand Up Jetski

The new Awake Rävik & the Zapata toys : Flyboard Jetpack, Hoverboard, Lift Foil

Is it a whale? is it a dolphin? is it real? is it a toy? no is a SEABREACHER!! the fastest diving machine in the world! This is made for the adrenaline acrobats! Would you accept the challenge?

Sony DSC


The best-sellers of the year are:

The almighty Taiga Orca, which is the first electric personal watercraft to replace the Jet Skis!

Awake Rävik S, powerful electric surfboard with 4 riding modes : Kids, Eco, Sport and Extreme

Inflatable custom docks with inflatable swimming pool with Jellyfish net (perfect for those who are scared to go in the water!)

The Flume slide from Funair

The Seabob is definitely the best seller of all!


Toys are not only for Boys! There are more and more Ladies that are extreme sport addicts, who are strong and like to have fun on an electric surfboard like the Awake Rävik, or doing some waterskiing – wakeboarding.

However there are toys for everyone, also for those seeking a smoother workout, exploring the surroundings while riding the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is an experience not everyone can live!

Pro tip: Nowadays there are also inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards which are surprisingly very stable (and great for storage on the yacht!)

For those seeking to re align your chakras, the yoga SUP is a total core workout!

Diving is also very popular among the ladies, to explore and see the beauty the underwater world, and be more close to nature and consequently more conscious about our planet.

Hey, does Tanning and drinking count as a sport? cause the inflatable platform is definitely my favorite toy from SYTT!

The inflatable platform is also a great protection and toy docking to the hull while enjoying your in-water experience.


Of course the towables are a family-fun-must-have while yachting!

The ultimate Funair Slide

Aquaparks is the ultimate Ninja warrior challenge! is the new playground on the water from climbing walls, to jumping bouncers, is not only a lot of fun is also a great work out (and great excuse to get the kids tired while you sip on your margaritas on board)

Is a true family toy for all ages (even the crew have fun!)


There is no better way to explore the deep oceans than inside your private submarine!

Experience the silence, and fascinating underwater world, to observe coral reefs, marine life, and historic underwater treasures!


Most yacht owners, often hear their kids saying ‘Been there, done that’ they are actually ‘bored’ of the usual. The latest trend is to hold your own private beach parties in remote islands or hold a private floating cinema party for your friends!

At SYTT you can actually rent all sorts of furniture, gazebos and tents, inflatable platforms, floating inflatable islands, BBQs, cool boxes, lights, games and even inflatable cinema screens to help you to host the ultimate beach party or set up guest activities ashore.

Click here for all the beach party rental options.

The Ultimate luxury, your own private cinema on a remote beach.


There is no more luxury than having your own toys customized with the yacht name, family emblem and/or matching to your car and jet colors!

I asked Roxane, what makes SYTT so special compared to other toy companies?

She answers, honestly our level of support is second to none and a testament to our high service levels are our returning customers. From before delivery to warranty and after sales we offer support on all items purchased for the lifetime of the goods, at no charge. We also offer product specific training for guests and crew!

For more information to buy or rent water toys for your next yachting experience, contact the one-and-only: Roxane from SYTT


Superyacht Tenders and Toys is the leading yacht tender and yacht toy consultancy company specializing in providing yachts with a one stop shop for all superyacht tender and toy needs and also yacht deck equipments.

Superyacht Tenders and Toys support does not stop on delivery, they offer full service and repair facilities in the UK and globally through their partner network, plus warranty support, spare parts procurement and supply of safety equipment – all with global delivery.

Superyacht Tenders and Toys UK headquarters has a warehouse and packing facilities on site for storage of tenders and gathering together of items for inclusive delivery of large new build orders. They also have an on-site helipad for clients visits.

They also provide consultancy for space optimization, designers will design in storage for equipment including racking, shelving, chocks, trolleys and more to ensure best use of space

In France, Superyacht Tenders and Toys has a yacht toys rental storage and a sales office in Monaco.




Traveling to Milan for work? Here are some tips to make the best out of your business trip.

As a global business development consultant, I have to travel extensively for work, but also I am very lucky to have friends like Cristina Lazic who is local girl working for Google in Milan giving us all her secrets! Moreover, I am very honored to have Antonio Romano owner of Hotlab yacht design studio in Milan, a fellow yachting professional share with us his insights.

Therefore, hereby I am sharing with you hereby some tips that I’ve gained through my own experience and also some tips from the best Local Milanese!

The name “Milan” comes from the name “Mediolanum” (in the middle of the plain). Which indeed, Milan is located between the mountains and the sea. Moreover, it is also very close to some of the beautiful lakes in the world like the Como Lake, and Lake Garda.

It is located in the center of Europe, making it a very convenient location for business!

Airport tips:

There are two main airports in Milan, Malpensa and Linate.

Milan Malpensa International Airport (MXP) is the largest and handles the most long-haul international flights, however is 52KM away from the city center. There a comfortable shuttle train that from the City centre (Cadorna Station) or from the main train station (Centrale) brings you into the airport in 35/40min, there also many buses but the train is the faster and easy way.

Milan Linate (LIN) is closest to the city center and serves mostly flights from within Italy and is only a 15min cab ride to the city center.

Whether you’re arriving at Malpensa, Linate you should be aware of the location when booking your tickets – sometimes the cheapest ticket or the best schedule can have you flying into one airport and out of a different one, or involve a long transfer into the city.

There are some places to eat in the local terminal like Panino Giusto and a nice area for food near the gates. However, note that in the international terminal in Linate there is almost no options for food and drink, so dont count on that before boarding. The airport is getting modernized and it coutns with passport scanners which makes the queues at least a bit faster.

Moving around:

Milan is a relative small city (compared to other big cities in Europe) therefore most drives would be around 20 minutes.

Unfortunately Uber in Italy is too expensive (they only have Uber Black option) as it is regulated private drivers (NCC) like in Germany and other countries, therefore there is no real price difference between Uber and a regular taxi. Taxis in Italy are a real problem, as they are expensive and there are not too many so you may have to wait long time before you get one. Make sure to plan this accordingly to your scheule. I been once waiting for a taxi for over an hour and had to reschedule and cancel all my meetings for the day. If you need normal taxis, call 026969.

Locals they use an app called car2go by Share now which is a car sharing alternative.

Public transport is not as convenient as it is in London for example. Taking the tube is preferable rather than taking bus transportation. A ticket lasts for 75 minutes and it costs around 2 EURO.

Best hotels for business trips

On my last visit to milan I’ve stayed at the Sheraton Diana Majestic, it is very well located and very italian!

Antonio reccomends:

Baglioni Hotel Carlton, for the quality of the bar (amazing cocktails), perfect for a business meeting because is never crowded an always discreet.

Four Seasons Milano, this hotel was an old monastery, has classical interiors and the lobby is the perfect place for an afternoon tea. Is also in the centre of the most know shopping ares: via Monte Napoleone.

Palazzo Parigi, a palace of the 16th century completely renovated, has one the best suite of all Italy and is extremely elegant and well refined. Fabulous Sunday brunch!

Cristina recommends:

 I would recommend the Fifty House, The Yard or Mandarin Oriental

Both Antonio and Cristina cannot emphasize enough the BULGARI Hotel.


Before you book your hotels is good to know the Areas in Milan:

  • The center – Duomo to San Babila, and Montenapoleone / Via Della Spiga area
  • Brera – Parisian style of neighborhood
  • Tortona – cool lofts and it’s a nice to go during design week
  • Conciliazione area: Via Vincenzo Monti, Corso Vercelli, Piazza Wagner – nice shopping, very “milanese” (especially Corso Vercelli)
  • Isola area – it’s the new trendy area, very nice – Blue Note (jazz club) is there, and also the Google office is located here.

MARCE’S TIP: one of my top tips that I always tell you is ‘avoid hotel breakfast’ and instead go to the corner bakery shop or anything local. In there is where you will get to really live the cultural experience and learn something new about a different culture! Skip the ‘typical continental breakfast’ where you eat the same thing in every hotel, and instead go enjoy the local specialties!

Cristina’s top tips for breakfast in Milan ‘I recommend Lost in Town ,  GATTULLO or MAROTIN and LEONARDO in Via Saffi.

Laptop friendly cafe’s:

A nice cozy coffee place where you could sit down for a couple of hours do some emails and work while enjoying a nice cup of coffee is at BiancoLatte which is perfectly located in the center.

There is also a trendy modern and stylish lounge type of bar called Ceresio 7 pools and restaurant, which has nice options for lounge areas to do some work in a nice comfy couch.

This is also a great place to hold meetings, organize a business lunch or perfect for after work drink, as it has the most beautiful views of Milan city centers, nice pools and its been rated ‘the most instagrammable place in Milan’

The “Cinq” in Brera, the most artistic area of Milan, the bar is into a pedestrian square very quite and calm.

Place for meetings

A great Hotel Lobby to hold a meeting is at the Hotel Principe di Savoia which has the authentic Italian charm!

Depending on the type of meeting it is, but if its a sort-of-casual type of meeting, check out here the most beautiful roof top bars for aperitivo en Milan which can also be great places to hold a meeting while enjoying what Milan has to offer!

For privacy reasons I often have meetings at private clubs, so perhaps you could ask (whoever you-are-meeting) if they already belong to SOHO House or CORE both members-only clubs

Business Lunch

A great place for a business lunch is at the new TRUSSARDI ALLA SCALA, which is very well located in the center and close to the Scala Opera house.

if you want a great view of the Duomo, then there is GIACOMO ALL’ARENGARIO

Co-working space and offices

If you need to hire a place to work, a day-office or a place for a conference meeting room, We-Work is my preferred option worldwide! They have comfortable clean spaces, printing services, high speed internet and it is also a great place to network and socialize!

If you are in the tech business you probably also know Talent Garden, they also have a co-working space in Milan.

Best place for an after work drink

I personally love La RINASCENTE CAFE which is located inside a mall similar to the Harrods in London. It has an amazing terrace (makes sure you reserve a table outside to get spectacular view of the Duomo!

Wining & dining clients (Party)

The Armani hotel is a great place to go and they also have a Nobu inside! There is also the Armani Prive club (if you are lukcy, you might catch our friend Cristina there as she is often the DJ there!)

JUST CAVALLI is a popular bar among the celebrities, football players and models.

BULGARI is the place to see and been seen by all celebrities.

Best place to party is GATTOPARDO the crowd is in their 30s and it used to be a church,it is simply amazing!

Generally, the best areas for drinks are brera, porta ticinese and arco.

For more underground type of party, you have Plastic

Things to do in case you case free time

Milan is the fashion capital in the world, therefore if you can, Go shopping!

Shopping tips: ‘ you should shop around the Fashion area of Milano: Via Montenapoleone, Via Della Spiga, Via Manzoni (they are all close), the centre (Duomo, San Babila) and then go to Brera area for a nice walk and coffee. The new mall area of City Life is also cool, you find less luxury brands but it’s super nice.

If you want to leave the crowded city you could drive towards the countryside to go experience EL GARGHET, or why not drive to Lake Como, or why not having an authentic truffle pasta in the Piedmont region?

If you are willing to drive approx 2 hours, you could go to Valle D’Aosta ( the Alps!) or drive towards the sea in Liguria.


I asked my awesome friend Cristina Lazic who now works at Google in Milan (she is also a famous female DJ, and a mom, aka a super woman!) we studied together at University of Miami.

What is your favorite thing about your city ?

Its size and location – its small enough to get anywhere in 20 mins, but also close to mountains and sea – only 2 hrs  – and lakes – only 30 mins! Plus everyone is classy 😉 it’s just THE BEST! 

‘Milan may not be as beautiful as Rome and Florence perhaps, but the people take so much care about their style that they make it a beautiful city!’

Hence, now you know why Milan is THE fashion capital of the world!

Antonio reveals to us where do the locals go? The areas where mostly the local goes are Brera, Navigli and Garibaldi.Last but not least  in Garibaldi area don’t miss a visit to the Corso Como 10, you can have a good drink, a dinner, make some shopping, use your laptop and much more in a single, magical, place…

What are the ‘Must do’ experiences in Milan?

  • Have a coffee “Al bancone” (Italian expression for a coffee behind the bar standing up) in one of the bars of the center, such as COVA in Montenapoleone (with some pasticcini if possible)
  • Of course, visit the Duomo (and possibly climb it!) and eat a typical “panzerotto” by the Luini bakery.
  • Go for a walk to the the Parco Sempione and notice the Arco Della Pace and walk around the Sempione area. 
  • Go see an opera or ballet at the famous Teatro alla Scala
  • You cant leave Milan without Having an aperitivo

Cristinas tip: ‘my favorite places for aperitivo are OTTO, THE YARD, RITA for amazing cocktails and then the terraces, like CERESIO 7 and TERRAZZA MARTINI.

Have an ‘Sprtiz’ as they call it, is basically a prosecco and bitter Aperol cocktail, called Aperol Spritz. The best areas to look for bars for an aperitivo are: the Brera, Arco, and Navigli. Italians are serious about the APERITIVO and is one of my favorite things about the italian culture! Is like an afte-work but a million times better! You pay between 6-10 euros for a drink but you also get a lot of food! Aperitivo is very important in Milan and bars compete to offer the best aperitivo, therefore you enjoy a little taste of the best the italian cuisine has to offer! sometimes there are buffets or so many options that you are almost too full for diner!

Where to eat?

You cant leave Milan without eating a proper Milanese (yes, it comes from Milan but Italians call it Cotoletta) Do you know the difference between a Milanese and a German Schnitzel? you would have to ask an Italian and they would be very happy to elaborate!

Best Place for fish

Milan is also known for the quality of his restaurants, especially for the fish (the freshest one of Italy arrives first here)

  • LANGOSTERIA BISTROT (amazing fish generally raw),
  • “The Fisher” has a nice atmosphere, great service and fish plates. Even better if you’ll try a cocktail at the bar before the dinner

Nice Italian restaurant:

  • “Paper Moon Giardino” another great court in the surroundings of Monte Napoleone. One of the best places also for mushrooms, truffles and in general for all the kind of pasta!
  • “Giacomo all’Arengario” from this place you will have a unique view to the Duomo Square
  • For something really WAOW: TORRE at FONDAZIONE PRADA

Feel more like Asian?

  • IYO (its actually the best sushi i have ever had, it has been awarded a Michelin star too!),
  • BA ASIAN MOOD (asian fusion, same owners as IYO),
  • GONG (dim sum etc, again same owners as IYO),

Best Place for Meat:

DON JUAN for argentinian steaks.

Best place for brunch:

  • LIVING at arco della pace area
  • Palazzo Parigi ‘amazing sunday brunch’

Best place for sunny lunch:

Lunch at the “Salumaio di Montenapoleone”, fabulous restaurant in the centre of the shopping area.Is into the court of an historical building, that is also a museum.

Best place for pizza:

  • SPONTINI (very casual and easy place, no posh) .
  • The Best pizzeria: PICCOLA ISCHIA.

Non- touristic secret place

Antonio would also suggest to try a very tiny and distinctive restaurant, famous for the quality of the regional food and the kindness and harmony of the two owners, is not in the centre but definitely deserve a visit: Latteria Maffucci.

Local Blogs

For more tips on trendy places, there is a well known blog called Flawless which covers all the up to date places to go!


Since we cant fly to Milan, we can watch this video and tele-transport ourselves there! Enjoy!

Milan Aerial views from above:


Ceresio 7 in Milan