A day in the life of a yacht broker

A day in the life of a yacht broker

Quick Q&A with Ian Sherwood from Burgess Yachts

How did you started in yachting?

I first worked for a charter company in Sydney harbour organising a fleet of small self-sail yachts and running corporate racing days.

How did you become a yacht broker

Having realized that my future was going to be in yachting it then just meant finding which corner of the industry that I wanted to specialize in.  A position was being offered by a local company for a yacht broker in a 100% commission based role and although I had no sales training or experience I was drawn to the challenge.

How long have you worked for Burgess?

Four years since 2016

What does a day-in-the-life-of-a-broker look like?

Fundamentally each day has the same objectives.  Listing yachts, selling yachts and prospecting for new opportunities.  Although in reality there is a great deal of variety in how to undertake these tasks.  Travel is a huge part of the job and regardless of where I am, there is a need to be contactable for clients and the rest of the industry.  There are great days and experiences onboard some incredible yachts in beautiful places, but a huge amount of the time it is endless phone calls and dealing with inquiries/follow ups.

Travel Pre-Packing List for clothes

Travel Pre-Packing List for clothes

I really think this is THE best tip for travelling light and to avoid over packing.

Before I even start packing, I start by making a list, in a piece of paper starting by the days I will be gone. For example: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday. That is 5 days, hence I need 5 pair of underwear.

If you don’t make the list, most likely you start stressing ‘Oh God I need to pack’ ‘Oh I dont know what to pack’and you go straight to your closet, take EVERYTHING OUT, start putting things inside your luggage cause ‘you might need them’ and then you find yourself sitting on top of the luggage trying to zip it and with a huge bill at the counter for over weight luggage! The truth is, you come back from your trip and you didn’t even wear half of the things you packed! plus it doesnt leave you any space for shopping at your destination!

Then I write down what is the plan for every day, so I can plan an outfit accordingly.


Travelling day, a casual plane outfit, or if it is a business trip I wear a comfortable business outfit and perhaps a night-out dinner outfit. (one casual outfit, one night outfit)


  • Sports outfit for morning routine.
  • Business day, hence one business outfit.


  • Sports outfit for morning routine.
  • Sightseeing day, casual outfit depending on the weather (one casual outfit)
  • One dinner/ party outfit


  • Sightseeing day, casual outfit
  • Pack anything needed for the weather, so for summer (bikini, dress, flip flops, etc.)


  • Travelling day, hence a casual outfit something comfortable to fly back home.


Hence in total all I need is:

  • 5 underwear
  • 3 Casual outfits
  • 2 Business outfit
  • 2 Night out outfit
  • 2 Sports Outfits

Mix and Matching

Since I need 2 business outfits, I would pack 1 dark blue suit, and two different white tops, same shoes matching the suit so I dont need to pack more shoes.

Same for casual outfits, I would pack 1 pair of jeans and 3 different tops, and one pair of shorts or skirt.

For night out dress I would pack probably 2 different ones but use the same shoes. I always pack only 1 small night handbag and one day bag/travel bag.

Sport outfits are easy to roll and place them in between empty holes inside the luggage. Sports shoes on the other hand take a lot of space.

Shoes take a lot of space! so try to make your outfits according to the shoes you will wear.

Once you have the list you know exactly what underwear to wear for each outfit so you are not stressing during the trip that you are wearing a black bra under a white shirt for example!


Color code

The easiest way to pack, is if you stick always to the same color scheme so you can always mix and match. I like to always wear dark blue, white, beige, and mix and match everything. You can always light it up with some accessories like a scarf to give it a different look.

Once the list is ready, i have a very good visual picture of what I need so then I go to my closet and start selecting.

Bed Mountain

Once I took all the clothes out of my closet, I place them on top of my bed as a mountain. I then start filtering out those things I threw in that I might not really need.

Then I have in front of me all the outfits I really need, and I put them so I can see the pants the shirt and the shoes I will be wearing that day, so I make sure I dont forget something (like the right color socks!)


Then I start folding the clothes, with my hand I make sure they are all really squared and flat.

Square mountains

Once they are all really flat, I start stalking them up in squares, up the same height as the luggage. Once I have my first square mountain, I place it inside the luggage and start placing them like tetris.

Separate the luggage

I usually like to have a mental map of the things I pack inside my luggage so that is easier to reach it. I always pack the same way so for me it is pretty easy.

Left side of the luggage, is where I put all accessories, shoes, sports shoes, handbags, make up bag, hair straightener, etc.

Mid pocket, in that middle pocket that separate both sides, I like to put inside there my underwear and bras.

Right side of the luggage, is where I stalk all my squared mountains.

Everything else, I just try to make it fit in between the holes and corners.

So there you have it, making a list will save you A LOT of time, and money on over weight luggage, and you will feel so ready for the trip! There is a saying that you actually need to make one step backwards in order to jump further, and I think it applies here since you need to take a bit of time to write the list to gain a lot of time packing and enjoying your trip!

These are tips for PACKING CLOTHES ONLY, if you want the Ultimate packing list to make sure you dont forget anything, go check out my other blog post here.

Safe travels!


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Tips for visiting a boat show

Tips for visiting a boat show

Looking to buy a yacht? Want to get inspired for your new one? are you a yachting fan? or simply love to attend boat shows?! Then this blog post is for you.

Visiting a boat show can be overwhelming if you don’t do it the right way. Therefore, here are some tips to make the best of your visit!


Yacht shows can be overwhelming, and they are usually really hot!

What to wear

Wear something light and comfortable to resist the high temperatures. You will regret forgetting your hat or sunglasses at home, as you will certainly need them!

Wear shoes that you can easily put on and off, since you will have to remove your shoes before boarding the yachts. Loafers for men and ballerinas for women are perfect! If you are a girl, the number one faux-pas is to wear high heels! I would also recommend you to wear shorts over a short skirt or a dress, as you will often be going up the narrow stair on decks, and it might be embarrassing and revealing.

There is an inside joke ‘how to find the English brokers? just look for the red faces!’ Moral of the story, do not forget to apply sunscreen! I know it sounds cliché, and usually men hate wearing sunscreen, but spending 4-5 hours yacht-hoping can burn you, and you will regret it when you get home. Try using this soft-touch non sticky sunscreen.

Get Tickets

If you are an existing yacht owner, simply call the shipyard who built your yacht, or call your preferred broker. They will be happy to arrange entrance badges for you and provide you with a bespoke luxury experience.

For example, If you are looking for production yachts like Sunseeker, they will be happy to provide you with guest day passes.

Else you can pre-buy the tickets online at a discount, or get them at the entrance of the show.

The Monaco Yacht show provides the Sapphire experience which provides VIP entrances, courtesy car (great option because it is almost impossible to get a taxi during the show!) private visits to yachts, private area for lunch, tender services, conciergerie, and more..!

This is a great option for celebrities or public figures requiring security and privacy.


Monaco is a great example where there is too much to see and too many distractions, so it is important to truly understand the intentions of what you want to buy, do or see. My tip would be to understand that everything is just a little slower at a boat show, so don’t try to do too much too quickly.

Have a chat with your broker ahead of the event, so that he can prepare and have a list already pre- identified, and line up appointments in advance and have a loose schedule. That will enable you to have immediate access when you arrive to the yacht and avoid the queues for those yachts which are in most demand. For tips on ‘how to find a yacht broker check out my other blog post here.

The magic number of yacht viewings per day is: three, never more than four, as everything blurs together after that point. 

If however you insist in doing four (or more) we reccomend you to take a quick pause for a drink or a light lunch in the middle in order to reflect on what have you seen already, and then discuss with your broker in organizing ‘one last viewing’based on the feedback from the day.

Ian sherwood from Burgess, shares his experience with us:

Time pressure at boat shows is always a challenge, so when a client is on time it is an enormous help and will ensure that you are receiving the best experience when onboard.


Often I will coordinate additional external assistance if the situation dictates.  Last year for example I was showing an explorer yacht to a couple who had very specific plans for the yacht they were looking to purchase.  During the yacht inspection I had arranged for us to be joined by a polar expedition guide and later a submarine specialist was waiting in the tender garage to discuss technical suitability because they were both points of specific interest.



This is the level of personalized experience only an experienced yacht broker will provide you!

If you are new to yachting, don’t worry I got you! For now, go ahead and read my blog post on Yachting Etiquette’ on everything you need to know before boarding a yacht.

Always ask for permission before you take a photo! Some yachts do not allow pictures on board. Some yacht owners have highly valuable pieces of art (that even if you dont mean to take a picture of it, it may show on your picture) and it can cause some privacy issues. Moreover, some owners spend hours and a lot of efforts on the interior design and they don’t want anyone else coping it.

Viewing a yacht without an appointment

You can certainly view a yacht without an appointment but you may have to wait. At the show there are many yachts, and they are being exhibited at the show for different reasons:

  1. Shipyard model: The Yacht is presented by the shipyard who built it and they are looking for a client to buy it. In some cases the yacht has been already sold, but the owner allows the shipyard to present the yacht to the brokerage industry to show its building capabilities.
  2. Charter yachts: The yacht is presented by the charter company, and they are selling charter weeks onboard. In some cases, the yacht is not for sale, only for charter.
  3. Private yacht: The yacht is a used pre-owned yacht, and the owner is looking to sell it. The yacht is presented by the CA brokerage company.

Some shipyard models, have never been used before and do not have an owner. The shipyard is presenting it in order to find a buyer. those yachts are somewhat easier to view than private yachts.

You can simply register your name with the hostess and arrange a time for a viewing on board.

Private yachts are more difficult to get access onboard. Something to remember is that a yacht can be an extension of a private home of the owner. How would you feel about having thousands of strangers going through your home recklessly? – that is why some yacht owners specifically ask the brokers to pre-qualify the viewers before going onboard. The yacht is exposed there to be sold, therefore the broker needs to pre-qualify the views to make sure they are real potential clients and not there just to browse.

Don’t take it personally if they do not allow you onboard (they are just doing their job) Exhibiting a yacht in a show can cost up to $ 100,000 or more, the time is limited, every viewing can take up to an hour and they want to ensure a proper service (not rushing and bumping into a million other people onboard)! they want to make sure they show the yacht to real qualified clients, and don’t want to waste their time. Brokers spend a lot of money and efforts on boat shows, and their biggest frustration is if they spent the day showing the yacht (and having long conversations) to 10 people who cannot afford the yacht, and that one client who could buy it, did not had time to visit it because the schedule was full!

Also, the interior materials on board are very delicate, and if you have 10000 people stepping on the carpet, touching all the delicate textiles, etc it can easily damage and ruin the yacht.

This is why it is always advised to visit the show with a broker because he will make sure to get you preferred access.

Although it might look like a lot of fun, it is also very exhausting as an exhibitor to do the viewings. I remember we had a 70 meter yacht at the MYS once, I was doing the viewings, and I can tell you, is a workout! You go up and down the stairs, on 4-5 levels, every viewing takes about 30-45mins of non-stop walking, then you go from being super hot outside to the freezing AC inside (I always get sick after a show!) you practically never sit down, and you do this for 10 hours non-stop!

Arrange your RDV’s

After you have visited some yachts and you got inspired, make sure you arrange your Rendez-vous (RDV) with shipyards, designers, naval architects, and suppliers to come around the table and share your feedback!

Boat shows are the best place to meet people and get a sense on which company you want to work with. You can visit various stands to get ideas, get contacts but most importantly ‘feel the people’ so you know the team behind the brand, and to test if there is good chemistry between you. In personal meetings, you will a lot of information and a feeling sense, that you wouldn’t get without visiting a show.


After the show’s there are mountains of brochures, glossy magazines, flyers and marketing material which end up in the bins (is actually really sad to see!) be mindful of the environment, and ask your preferred companies to send you all the details by e-mail.

Packing List

Packing List

The Ultimate travelling Packing List

Before your travel, and even before you get your luggage, you can always go back to this list and make sure you are not forgetting anything!

Even though the list may look long, I am pro- TRAVELLING LIGHT, remember less is more! Travel smarter!

Before you start packing, I also recommend you to read my blog post on Packing Tips.


  • Clothes: make a list with number of days and check the weather.
  • Underwear/ Bras
  • Socks
  • Pajamas !! (I always forget these!)
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Dress
  • Sport outfits
  • Weather variables (jacket or bikini)

*The worst thing you can do is over-packing for the ‘just in case’ avoid the extra things, which honestly you wont need, think minimal.


Always try to pack shoes which will match with all your outfits so you don’t over pack.

Check the weather of your destination and pack accordingly, rainy boots or sunny flip flops?

  • Flats (leisure shoes, walking shoes, dress shoes, flip flops, sandals, loafers)
  • High heels
  • Sport sneakers

I usually just pack one pair of each and try to always pack similar colors and styles.


Check the weather of your destination and pack accordingly, snow jackets or bikinis?

  • Jacket
  • Scarf (always! they are multi functional while travelling!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Umbrella
  • Electric plug converters
  • Gloves
  • Belt
  • Ties
  • Purse
  • Pashmina
  • Beach wear/ Snow gear

I always forget to pack my belt (!) and the electric plug converters! they are so bloody expensive it hurts me to buy new ones each time i travel but I always forget to pack them, and now I own a collection of them at home.

Carry on Handbag

  • Cell phone!
  • Passport/Visas
  • Boarding passes/ iPhone wallet
  • Frequent Flyer card/ airline memberships / airport card
  • Phone charger
  • Extra battery
  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Business cards
  • Wallet/ local currency preferably cash
  • Anti bacterial gel
  • Scarf
  • Business documents
  • Book/magazine
  • Pen
  • Headphones
  • Car phone charger plug
  • Pain reliever pills
  • Copies of all documents (either digitally or printed) in case you get robbed in the jungle and need a proof of identity to fly back home!
  • Tissues
  • Lip balm
  • change of clothes
  • snacks
  • water bottle (fill it after security buy it in the airport to make sure you drink enough water!)
  • House/car Keys
  • Neck Pillow (long haul flights)
  • Extra phone battery charger


  • Make up bag / makeup-remover
  • Necessaire: tooth brush, tooth paste, deo, face cream, shaver , make up remover, hair brush, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, shaver, feminine hygiene, perfume
  • Hair brush
  • Hair gel/products

Forgetting your hair brush is one of the worst things it can happen when you travel! Specially if it is a business trip and you have important meetings early morning.

Some hotels provide most toiletries so keep that in mind to avoid over packing. Also depending on your trip it may be more convenient just to buy the toiletries at your destinations so you don’t have to carry them around and take the risk of them spilling out inside your luggage.


  • Jewelry (I suggest you make a note on your phone and write down what you packed so you don’t loose them and remember when was the last time you wore it)
  • Medication
  • camera/ memory card

Remember that you can always buy stuff when you arrive to your destination, so don’t panic if you forgot something, believe me, you will survive!

Most important are

  • Passport
  • Wallet
  • Phone

I wish you a BON VOYAGE!

If you want to make me really happy you can use the hashtag #onboardwithmarcela on your coming trips!

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Restaurants with tender service to pick you up from your yacht

Restaurants with tender service to pick you up from your yacht

Are you yachting in the Cote d’azur and wondering where can you go for lunch? here are my recommendations for the top beaches with tender pick up service.


Roquebrune Cap- Martin

This is one of my favorites new beaches in the Cote d’azur. You can anchor in the bay between Roquebrune and Menton, I reccomend you to call them to make a reservation and ask them to come to pick you up by tender. They have a pontoon on the beach. This place has a lovely beach, a big area for kids with swings and playground, live music with a really cool band, great Mediterranean food and amazing service. Stefan the new manager used to work at Anjuna and he brough all of the best waiters from Anjuna to Solenzara. It is also easy access by car, so sometimes the boys go by boat and I take the car with the baby and is super easy to park (huge parking!) and easy to go there with a stroller, unlike Mala or Paloma which has a lot of stairs and is hard to get there by car. It is a very family- friendly beach (unlike Anjuna for example, which is more party)



This is a breath-taking bay, it is the best beach in my opinion. There are two main restaurants, Eden plage (red umbrellas) and Cap resort (white umbrellas), they are both as good in terms of food and service but Cap Resort during the summer has good parties and DJ’s. It is really close to arrive from Monaco and it is a beautiful bay to anchor. I do not recommend to arrive to this beach by car as there are no parking and is a long steep walk.

The seawater is consistently clean as harbors are far away. Lazing in this semicircle of Mediterranean greenery and gazing out over the rippling translucent water is the Cote d’Azur at its best.



This is a family friendly beach, great easy access from tender as there is a small pontoon nearby.


  • La Vigie


This is my FAVORITE restaurant in Monaco, however we save it for a very special ocassion as it can be quite pricey, but the views, the food and the service are worth it!

I recommend you go to to the Champagne bar to watch the sunset!


  • Anjuna


This is a local favorite for good parties! It is a lot of fun with live music, dancing on the tables, champagne showers, magic shows, costumes and all!

Best place to go for the post- Grand Prix finale and the GP-day-after Party. Make sure you make a booking to reserve before you go. In some cases when they are in high season they may ask you for a deposit for 300 euros.

Their end of season party in September is also a popular party to go!

We love to go there with friends since is a ‘day party’and you dont end up too tired or too hangover the day after.

I do not recommend this place for families as it can be too loud for babies and kids.


  • CLUB 55


An all time favorite beach club in St Tropez! Is a place to go celebrity-watching.

We love to sit by the white couches by the beach for some drinks before lunch, is a great place to people watch, sit down order their 55 rose wine and enjoy!

Is a fun place to go there with friends or family and have a nice french lunch. They usually have live music and is a lovely ambiance.

Build Life Long Relationships with your customers by celebrating their birthdays

Build Life Long Relationships with your customers by celebrating their birthdays

Today is my Birthday! so I want to talk about how to treat your customers on their birthdays! Remember that your best client is the existing client! those who come back, those who recommend you to their friends, etc.. so treat your customers nicely! This morning I received a phone call (yes a phone call!) not an email or something impersonal, a phone call from my GYM wishing me happy birthday. The call lasted probably 20 seconds but it made me smile and I was really happy! next time I go to my gym I go there with a smile on my face! How can you apply this to your business? even if you are in sales, make sure to note down the birthdays of your clients and give them a call or send them a present to their offices, it makes a big difference. Today on my gmail account I got spammed with many emails from various companies who have my birthday on their system so they send automated (impersonal) emails which get deleted. Another good one was I received a letter on my mailbox from my hairdresser saying: we have 2 gifts for you, the first one you have to come pick it up yourself, is a surprise and the second one was 10% off their hair products. This intrigued me and makes me want to go back to that hairdresser just to pick up my surprise 🙂 but is a great initiative for client retention.

-Discard generic emails!
– Yes to gifts on the post! People love gifts!
-Yes to 20 second phone call!
-Send a birthday card. Be sure to sign the card and include a birthday offer an irresistible call to action.
-Send your customers a birthday shirt. Turn your customer into a walking billboard by sending a customized birthday t-shirt from your business. Find a way to incorporate your company logo, name, or website. “ABC Restaurant is wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come.” As an added bonus if they wear the shirt to your store location (or upload a picture of them wearing the shirt to your Facebook page or Pinterest board if you’re an online store) on their birthday offer something irresistible such as 50% of there purchase of select items in your store or buy one get one free

– What are you doing to celebrate your client birthdays? or what are good ideas you have seen or experienced? share them here!