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My luxury travel guide to Palm Beach


With Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIB) underway, I want to shed some light on one of my favourite yachting hotspots. After studying at the University of Miami and spending multiple summers here, there is a piece of me that will always be in Palm beach. I always love visiting and who knows perhaps one day I will retire there! 


Palm Beach is one of America's most glamorous resort towns and THE place to be in Florida; whether you want luxury shopping, amazing beaches, gourmet fine dining experiences or yacht charter opportunities, Palm Beach offers something for everyone; here are some of my top luxury travel tips. 


If you want to know where to stay, what to do, where to shop and what to eat? Read on! 


Sleep in luxury 

Some of my closest family and friends live in Palm Beach, so I usually stay with them, but sometimes I treat myself as Palm Beach is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and these hotels will take your trip to the next level. 

Opening later this year is The Vineta Hotel, by the Oetker Collection. It was the historic Chesterfield, a landmark boutique hotel in the heart of Palm Beach that sold last year. Back in 1991, Palm Beach designated this building to a landmark meaning that the iconic pale pink and mediterranean architecture will stay. Another, similar pink exterior is The Colony, an iconic and historic luxury hotel; I love these pink vibes! 


For a stay at an outstanding resort, head to The Breakers, founded in 1896, while having been rebuilt twice since, the rooms boast complete opulence. For the ultimate relaxation for your accommodation in Palm Beach is the Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa; set on acres of private beach with five-star facilities. A massage here is the dream! 


Enjoy the beaches

The pristine, long, sandy beaches line Palm Beach make for a great day out. Whatever you do here, make sure you enjoy at least a few of them! To enjoy the sunshine and ocean, you can rent a beach cabana for the day to relax or have an active day renting out some jet skis. 


One of my favourites is Juno Beach, just north of Palm Beach; it is a great surfing spot but the reason I love it, isn’t for my questionable surfing abilities but because it is also home to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center! This non-profit organisation dedicates its time to the conservation of sea turtles. Another favourite is Lantana Beach, which is more secluded and less crowded for a more chilled-out day on the beach. 


Get out on the water

Why not charter a yacht here to enjoy the ocean from the ocean? As a yachting hub, there are plenty of yachts to choose from in Palm Beach. It is the ultimate luxury travel experience, so jump onboard!  


You can cruise the Intracoastal or even head to island hop in The Bahamas or the Florida Keys. Whether you are looking for a day trip or a longer trip, I can help you find the ideal yacht charter from Palm Beach, from a dayboat to a superyacht. 


There is so much to do on a yacht charter around Florida, from snorkelling and diving, beach days and fishing to simply enjoying the coastal exploration in style and comfort. I can create you the ultimate Palm Beach itinerary to enjoy yachting here. 


Shop till you drop 

Worth Avenue on Singer Island is a globally renowned shopping destination full of luxury boutiques and designer stores. It oozes charm with its iconic and historical architecture. Kassatly’s is the oldest store here, dating back to 1923 and today they specialise in their personalised service selling the finest linens and designer lingerie. 


From luxury fashions to fine jewellery, galleries and restaurants, Worth Avenue is a great place to wander, shop and people-watch. 


Choose from Gucci, Tiffany’s, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Bottega Veneta and many more - a true shopper's paradise! There are plenty of VIP experiences to be had here; for example, you can create your own printed shift dress at the Worth Avenue Lilly Pulitzer store. 


Palm Beach plates 


You will never go hungry or thirsty in Palm Beach and you will be spoilt for dining choices here. It is home to the best fine dining, with its culinary scene at the heart of the city. Within the historic Brazilian Court Hotel Cafe Boulud, Chef Daniel Boulud creates award-winning French-American cuisine, focusing on seafood with a distinctive South Florida twist.

Eating dinner with a side of waterfront views is easily done in Palm Beach; the members club with a speakeasy-style bar at 1000 North is perfect for views and cocktails. As well as the Palm Beach Yacht club with views of the Intracoastal as you enjoy their gourmet dishes. I love dining out here! 


For a sustainably-minded experience, book a table at Lionfish in Delray Beach. This restaurant, named after the invasive reef fish, serves up the pesky Lionfish, amongst other sustainable, modern cuisine, with local and seasonal ingredients in a casual setting. 


Palm Beach is the ultimate location for sundowners, and my favourite is at the famous Breakers Resort. Virginia - the sommelier here - travels worldwide, bringing the best wines to Palm Beach - enjoy a cold glass, or two, while watching the sunset. 



I hope this guide gave you an insight into one of my favourite places! Whether you want to charter a yacht there or just want a chat about the area, I love sharing my knowledge with others, so get in touch! 


Superyacht shopping 101

Superyacht Shopping 101

A guide to buying your first superyacht 

Like all purchases, you need to be equipped with the correct information before buying. Browsing the shelves of the yachting industry can be daunting, especially without accurate guidance.

Whether you buy a pre-owned yacht or brand new, here are some questions to consider before you take the plunge:

So, what are your needs?

I know this sounds obvious but knowing your needs and desires is necessary to narrow down choices. While they all float, yachts are all completely different. There are many yacht types, from motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, classics, semi-displacement, sports fishing, sports cruisers, explorer through to hybrid. The categories are ever-growing, and decisions are increasing for what is out there to own. Yacht shows are the perfect way to get a feel for the variety of yachts on offer, as there are a lot of potentials docked in the same place at the same time.

Once you have decided on a category, you will need to figure out the design, size, capabilities, number of crew onboard, which berth in the marina you can get, and of course, how much you want to spend. There is certainly not a one size fits all approach, and that's why knowing what you want from your purchase is essential.

What will you be doing?

While you don't need to have your year's itinerary and activities penned in, you need to have an idea of what you will be doing when onboard. Of course, you can choose several uses for a yacht. A yacht can be used for many different purposes, adventure, passion, luxury, comfort, escape, business, exploration, etc. If you want to take long expeditions to remote locations and when you get there go heli-skiing, you will need a different yacht than if you want to Greek island hop enjoying the slower pace of life with your family. Do you want to go far? hence you need to consider yachts with long range, fuel capacity, storage etc.. vs if you want a fast boat.

Making these choices will help aid when choosing the design of the yacht, and remember, it isn't all about the look of the yacht; you will need to consider the functionality and technical specifications for what you do with it. For example, you may want larger, more comfortable lounging spaces if you are using the yacht to relax with groups of family and friends, or perhaps space isn't as crucial if you choose a sailing yacht in which you want to race regattas, or have longer range or alternative propulsion systems where you wil have to compromise the luxury space to have bigger engine rooms and technical areas.

Where will you go?

Location, location, location! You need to ask yourself whether you are looking for a boat to be casually used at the weekend doing short hops or a round-the-world cruising adventure. Although yachts are designed to travel, it is worth having an idea of locations for the functions, range and capabilities of the yacht you choose.

Who will help you?

If you are swaying towards a new build, you will need someone to design and build your ideal vision, the uses, and what's most important to you when owning a yacht. You must ensure you are completely happy with the designer and builders you choose and that you are all on the same page, as this can really hinder progress.

Building brand new isn't your only option; there are many advantages to buying pre-owned yachts. They are available for use quicker and cheaper than a brand-new version of something similar. The existing yachts already have a proven track record and the opportunity and potential to refit if you want to add any of your touches to the design. When buying pre-owned yachts, you will need a knowledgeable superyacht consulstant to guide you.

Understanding the crew setup is also important; if you are buying a pre-owned, it can be a good idea to take some of the existing crew with the experience of your new yacht. Choosing a good crew is important as they are there to look after your new asset; the number of crew you have on your yacht will depend on your expectation and service level. Working with a yacht manager will help you create a ‘happy crew, happy owner.’

How much do you want to spend?

Buying a yacht is more challenging than regular purchases, it isn't just a one-time purchase; you must factor in a lot. There are some widely varied price brackets. Firstly, speak to a broker to understand what you can likely expect to get for your budget; it is vital to get good advice on this. Once you have decided on a purchase budget, you will need to consider the annual budget to run the yacht. It is important to consider some of the higher category costs within your budgetary requirements, such as crew salaries and marina berths. Before buying, it is essential to think about the crew onboard and how many you will need and want. The same goes for marinas; where do you want to base your yacht? do they have a berth available? whats the nearest airport, etc..

The operational costs will need to be factored in, for example, registration, insurance, and other legal admin costs, the ongoing upkeep and maintenance, and any additional costs you want to factor in, such as refitting.

The variation in pricing comes down to many things, but one huge one is asset depreciation due to age. Of course, you will be able to get an older yacht for a proportion of its original cost, brand new. If you are buying a pre-owned yacht, get a good history of it in terms of its overall history, any issues as well as maintenance records - but, most importantly, get a thorough survey carried out.

Although you may be excited to buy, it is a good idea to bear in mind the resale value, the build of the yacht is important here as these factors can impact how well it will hold its value and therefore future opportunities to sell or charter.

The bigger your budget, the more options, and flexibility you will have when choosing. For a first yacht, it is worth considering buying pre-owned as not only will you be able to use it quicker, you will get it cheaper.

How do you know if it's THE one? 

A classic mistake is jumping into yacht ownership before getting a taste of the lifestyle. Try before you buy and charter, be sure to charter yachts of a similar specification you are looking for, which will help you finalize the smaller details. Do you want that spacious toy garage, or would you rather have a bigger master suite? Although the yacht you charter may not be your style on the inside, you can get a clearer picture of how you want to use it and its functionalities. Allow chartering to get your creative juices and inspiration flowing when making the decisions for your purchase.


The admin 

Existing yachts can hold all sorts of hidden issues that you may not be able to see when looking around to purchase, as I said previously it is important to get all the correct surveys carried out onboard by a certified professional. The survey will cover the maintenance history and therefore be able to detect any outstanding issues or potential issues that may arise. The same goes for new builds, it is a good idea to have a project manager and Captain onboard the whole time that is overseeing the build as well as surveys and sea trials carried out before the launch.

In terms of documentation, you will need to either check the existing registration status dependent on your purchasing contract or if a new build, ensure you register it with your chosen flag state. The varying flag states have different rules and regulations to be aware of.

Choosing your first yacht is challenging, but it is exciting! Be sure to go into the process with this knowledge and your eyes wide open. My last piece of advice is to have patience and enjoy the ride!

Looking for your perfect yacht?

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