Going to Miami for work? Here are some tips for your next business Trip to Miami, based on experience and advice from a local.


Airport tips

Miami International Airport – MIA – You can fly directly to this airport from the most important cities around the globe. From the airport to the city center (depending on traffic) if you go to the financial district it would take you less than 20 minutes and 35 minutes to South Beach. The good news upon arrival is that Wifi is available and unlike other airports in Miami wifi is free so you can book your transport!

Another airport is Ft Lauderdale Intl airport – FLL which is about an hour drive into Miami city center. This is a great alternative, since there are some low cost airlines flying from Europe to FLL. Moreover MIA often has really long queues at passport control (once I was in line for 2 hours!) therefore if you want to make the most of your day in Miami in some cases is easier to fly to FLL instead.

Miami has a strong cuban influence, and something I love to do upon arrival is go straight to the cuban kiosk for some good cuban coffee and specialties.

I love the smell when I land in Miami, I dont know why, but it has a very special smell, the air is very humid and is VERY HOT, so I always tend to remove a few layers of clothing as soon as I land. I love the feeling upon arrival, it gives me the chills and I can hear the caribbean music in the background!

Something I don’t like about MIA is the fact that the car rental area is in a different terminal and you have to walk A LOT and take a train to get there which takes ages, so keep that in mind in case you are carrying heavy luggage.

Moving around:

Uber is allowed in Miami and is the preferred alternative, they also have lyft which is the main competitor in the USA. Shared transportation is recommended as Taxis are more expensive and often they are smelly.

If you are new to uber and want $6 off your next trip you can use my invite code hereby.

Public transport is very limited. The best way to move around is Uber. Most Americans drive and probably a majority of the locals have their own car. Sometimes they rather use Uber because parking is hard to find and expensive. Remembers USA is all abou tipping, yes, you have to tip taxi drivers and Ubers! (something we dont usually do in Europe)

For yachting professionals, going from Miami to Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach the yachting hubs, there is a new train which is very modern and sophisticated the bightline, its pretty fast and comfortable.

Best hotels for business trips

Best areas to look for hotels are in Midtown, Brickell and South Beach.

Brickell is the financial district in Miami and is in my opinion the best place to look for business hotels.

East hotel is a modern Asian young and vibrant hotel, perfectly situated by the business arenas, near conferences and perfect fit to the business lifestyle. It is actually connected to the Brickell City center shopping mall.

A great business hotel in Miami Beach is the One hotel, I have actually stayed there a couple of times and I love it because it very modern and minimalist. Most hotels in South Beach are pretty outdated (or they use the term art deco as they call it to hide the fact is old and outdated)

Laptop friendly cafe’s:

I am a big fan of Joe & The juice (link will take you to all Miami locations) and actually Miami has a bunch of them, is a great place to grab a fresh juice, recharge (not only yourself but also your to recharge your phone and laptop!)

Otherwise Starbucks is always a popular choice.

Hotel Lobby’s for business meetings

One of the most beautiful lobbies is the one at the Mandarin Oriental in Brickell which by the way has one of my favorite restaurants in the world: La Mar, peruvian fusion restaurant. It is also my favorite place for brunch ever!

Place for meetings:

As my friend a financial advisor and resident of Miami, Jessika Angarita perfectly describes it:

‘If I am taking an investor and talk about finance, I would suggest the Four Seasons in Brickell.

If I am talking about yachting and luxury, I would suggest the Deck in Island Gardens.

For a casual and simple meeting I go to Casa Tua at the Brickell City Center mall”

Co-working space and offices

As usual my favorite worldwide is We Work, and they have a nice one We work office in Brickell where you can rent an office space for the day to ensure you have high speed internet, printer services or arrange a conference room.

it is also a great place to do some networking if you are in the tech start up business!

Business lunch

For a business lunch La Petit Maison is where a local would take their foreign clients for lunch.

Best bar for an after-work drink

Also located in Brickell area there is Sugar rooftop at the East Hotel, which is a local’s favorite place for Happy Hour!

For a fancy shaken & stirred, sexy, sultry, and glamorous cocktail The S Bar at the SLS lounge brings life to all new heights of enjoyment. The vibe is casual and the style is bohemian chic with an urban edge.

Wining & dining clients

La Sirenusse at the Four Seasons in North Miami, Quinto la Huella in Brickell City Center and of course, Cipriani never fails.

And all-time favorite is Joe’s stone crab restaurant, but make sure you make a reservation (or tip the manager to get in 😉

For after party bars  there is Marion in Brickell and the Faena in Miami Beach.

Things to do in case you case free time

You cant go to Miami and not go shopping!! I usually make sure I take a day off to shop till’I drop! Miami has some of the best outlets and shopping malls in the world!

If shopping is not your thing; and you are more into sports, Paddle Boarding in Key Bizcayne is a life-experience you want to have!

Of course Miami is one the best places to Charter a boat for a day, go for a dip in a nice bay or join the sand bar boat parties! Contact me for more info on chartering a yacht in Miami.

If you are going to Miami for work during the week and decide to stay the weekend to enjoy your time there, I would definitely recommend you to hire a car and take a road trip to the Florida Keys on the weekend! Go enjoy some authentic Key-Lime Pie, blackened shrimps, go island hoping and enjoy the Caribbean vibes!

Tip from a local

I asked my friend Jessika Angarita, owner of Pacta Relations who is a financial adviser living in Miami, the following:

What do locals do and where do locals go?

Miami has the best latin clubs, places we go dancing are: La Victoria at the Design District, El Santo in La Calle 8, La Otra.

I count agree more with Jessica as I love going to Miami to DANCE and specially hear latin music and simply dance the nigh away!

What is your favorite thing about Miami?

I love Miami because is basically Latin America in the USA.

Your turn

If you have any recommendations of places you like in Miami, leave it in the comments for our community of fellow business travelers to share!


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Planning an event is very time- consuming and you need extreme attention to detail for it! If you dont have time to plan and prepare everything for the party I recommend you to ask the purser onboard to organize the party or hire an event planner.

Pre-planning properly the event is what will make the event successful, make sure you have enough time to get all of the details ahead of time. Its important to find the suitable and reliable (not all of them are reliable!) contractors for the entertainment, security and catering.

It all starts with the objective of the party. This is the ‘Why’ are we throwing a party discussion. Depending on the objective of the event, if it a birthday, new years party, wedding anniversary, or if its simply to entertain friends and family.

Otherwise, In case it is a brand awareness type of event you could get sponsors to participate and by sharing the costs you could throw awesome(er) parties!

The first step is to agree and define the Guest list. Depending on the size and capacity of the yacht, you can plan a certain number of guest on board. If you are planning a party on anchor, most commercial yachts won’t allow you to have more than 12 guests sleeping on board. If you are planning to have your party inside the port, you can have up to 150 guests onboard (on a 60 meter++ yacht ) My suggestion would be to keep it small, not more than 100 guests makes it a good party, else it becomes really hard to control, especially if you want the party to be on the deck areas and you don’t want clumsy guest in the interior with shaky wine glasses which can ruin the furniture. According to the book The Tipping point, a point of human intimacy and interaction is about 100-120 guests.

On managing guest lists, usually, there is The A-List which are usually the VIP’s (Very Important people) and the B-List which is the list in case the people you hope to attend the A-List doesn’t show up. In Hollywood terms A- list are top famous actors on the big screens, B- List are less successful actors, and C-List are actors that are known by face but not by name.

It is also important to keep in mind your guests: crew ratio in order to keep the guest well served. Depending on how many guests you plan to have, perhaps you may need to hire extra service, waiters, bartenders, or helpers in keeping the party under control. You need to think if you want a seated diner or a walking cocktail? will the waiters walk around to serve drinks, or will you have fixed spots or a bar where guests can go get their drink? of course dynamic bar tender doing a show is always a highlight!

It is always a challenge to estimate the number of people who will actually attend a party usually a rule of thumb is about 70-80% of the people you invited. Here is a quick formula typically used to calculate how many people will attend the event

Number of out-of-town guests x 0.55) + (Number of local guests x 0.85) = total estimate

It is essential to start with a vision board of the theme of the party. Nowadays, HNWI not so eassily impressed thefore it takes a lot to surprise them. Parties get more creative on finding ways to keep the ‘wow factor’ like the Great Gatsby used to raised the standards.

The theme will influence the decoration of the party, the menu for the food, the type of music, and the dress code for the guests. If it’s a circus theme party for example then you can serve hot dogs, and cotton candy and have acrobats, dwarfs, and clowns on board to entertain the guests.

There is the famous story of a yacht ordering 500 white roses for a diner party, while cruising in the Caribbean, there were not enough florists in the island to supply them, so they had to order the flowers from Miami on a private jet, only the decoration fee was more than 100K EUR!

Once the theme is agreed upon and the guest list is ready, then it is time to design the party invitations. There are many ways to design the invitation either a DIY using canva for example, or else hiring a graphic designer for a personalized and unique invitation. Before you send out the invitations though, it is important to confirm the exact berth location and get approval from the port.

Then, once the creative sessions are over, we move on to the less-fun part and then its time to make a budget. Agreeing on a budget beforehand is crucial, yacht parties can cost around six figures, it is almost like planning a wedding.

In order to make a budget, we first need to calculate how many hours will the party last?

If you know the party is going to take place from 8pm to midnight; then you know that is a 4-hour party, then you can book the musicians accordingly for example. This will help you also plan your catering costs, as we know that usually, people eat about 2-3 canapes per hour

When you are a yacht owner yourself, then it is easier as you know your running costs and your care very well. However, If you don’t own a yacht and want to throw a party on a yacht then you need to charter one, our yachts for example charter for around 500,0000 euros a week in the summer. The minimum industry standard is one week to charter a yacht, however exceptionally some yachts will allow 1-2 days charters if you just want to host a party on board.

Brief the crew

It is really important to brief the crew properly on all the details of the event, how many people are coming on board, who is coming, how long will the party last, who is the event leader, what are their roles and responsibilities, what are your expectations of them, etc..

Remember that they live onboard, therefore we need to respect that and warn them beforehand so they can prepare themselves.

Depending on the theme of the party, they can decide also on what uniforms to wear, or perhaps we need to think of costumes for example.

During the event, it is important to agree on the roles, who will be at the entrance? who will safeguard the interior? who is your ‘go to’ person/supervisor.

For example, it is important to have a stewardess always around the dayheads, to make sure they can assist the guests who perhaps have never been onboard a yacht and don’t know how to use the toilets properly and make sure they don’t go in the wrong direction once returning back to the party.


A good party depends on the food, the music and the drinks! Choosing the right menu to impress your guests is key!

Most chefs on board the yachts will be capable and happy to do the canapes for the party, just make sure they can plan long in advance in order to get the right provisions of ingredients and enough time to prepare it. Sometimes a crew member with some basic kitchen/galley experience or just a simple dishwasher is highly appreciated as it can get hectic for the chefs.

Making food for 100 people takes days of preparation! However, if the chef is not available then you can hire a catering company, however if you really want to make an impression you can also hire a celebrity chef to do live cooking to knock off some socks!

I usually plan for about 4 -6 canapes per person if that is the only food being served. If there is canapes + dinner then I would do less canapes. My suggestion is to always round up your estimates, don’t round them down! (the crew will thank you later)

Anticipate which food selections will be most popular and serve more of them. For example, shellfish appetizers are always popular, so serve as much as your budget allows

Usually, on most yacht parties I’ve been, there are some canapes followed by a light cooking station” with dishes like risotto, caviar, and vegan options, followed by a variety of desserts. Keep in mind that some people have allergies, and also be aware of the latest healthy food trends (matcha avocado ice cream anyone?)

I would suggest the food to be “yacht-friendly,” meaning you can eat it while standing and chatting, and it’s not crumbling through your fingers onto the decking,

Make sure you have enough ‘trash bins’or crew walking around to take out the remainings in order to keep your level of standards high.

Don’t forget to Plan the service-ware, how are things being served? which items you need to keep the food warm, etc. This is something that I am sure the chef will take care but it is always important to plan it.


Usually, on yacht parties it always starts with live music, a live-group of musicians to set the mood and then finish pump-up the party with a DJ.

For booking A- List entertainment I recommend Emmanuel from GF Entertainment he is able to book singers, artists, acrobats, bands and all sorts of performers. You want Ed Sheeran or Drake on your next event? Emmanuel got it for you! (He is also the go-to-man if you need access to invitation-only high profile events anywhere in the world! You want to sit front row at the Oscars or attend the Victorias’ secret Fashion show? -> contact him!)

For booking local musicians in Monaco suitable for your theme and event, I usually work with Yilen from Ieventslifetyle in Monaco and the South of France and she always has the best value-for-money shows!

For acrobats, flying magicians, LED dancers and unique shows I usually work with Talent & Productions. I also heard of Scarlett Entretainment but I have never worked with them.

It is important to agree on the terms of the contract to avoid any disappointment. Some artists, for example, will only work for 30minutes and then request a 20-minute break. However, in some cases, it is not ideal because that 20-minute break can ‘kill the mood’ and people will get bored for example.

Always ask them to come with at least 2-3 hours of anticipation to do the sound checks, etc. Believe me, it takes time to find out where the plug the instruments, hide the cables, and you don’t want to find out last minute that the speakers are not loud enough and nobody can hear them!

Most entertainment groups usually bring their own equipment, but if you want to have several performances during the night, it might be smarter to rent lights and sound equipment which they can all use. This prevents the moving and carrying of equipment on and off the yacht whilst your party is ongoing, and saves your crew from needing to give a helping hand, since you want to make sure carrying up and down the equipment does not damage the yacht. Besides, setting up and sound checking is usually not booster for the party vibe.

Also make sure you think about their meals and drinks and toilet access, and agree on what are they allowed and not allowed (taking pictures of the guests,etc.)

There are many companies that support in light sound, LED screens and special effects for your party. However, make sure to get a good value for money and make sure they offer you ‘yacht worthy’ equipment. This means, clean professional and subtle (small) but powerful enought to take your party to the next level. A great company to recommend is New Generation (I know the owner and he used to be a yacht manager/purser and knows the yachting ins-and outs! They have fair prices and are a great asset to get involved in you party!


Depending on the guest lists, sometimes we even have the secret service onboard, especially if there are any politicians, oligarchs or royal families on board.

Although there is a Strict guest list, some people may leak in, and that is why you may need to book extra security and body guards. We’ve had situations of random people going on board and stealing ashtrays and decor! In another party we had luxury jewerly sponsors and we had more than 100 million euros worth of jewels on the yacht, therefore we had security guards and cameras on every deck.

If you choose to have a ‘bouncer’type of security at the entrance gangway it is important for him to follow the strict guidelines for guest list policy, in some cases we even have to check ID’s.

A good idea is to provide wrist bands (psst.. I tell you a secret: this is also good internal communication for the host and sponsors to know who is on the A-list and who is not) the guests don’t need to know why are some wearing a green wrist band and others a yellow one for example. A great idea is to have the wristbands printed with the logos of your sponsors or any message that you would like the guests to notice.

Valet parking, the guests turn up in Rolls Royce’s, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, all sorts of limited editions and roadsters, even though it is not a car show, it may certainly look like one! Some ports can’t handle too many private parking spots (and provide the security that they deserve) therefore it is of utmost importance to think about valet parking services.

I’ve been to a yacht party which had a parking lot available near by and they set up golf carts to bring you from the parking to the party.

For safety reasons, you may consider pre-booking some taxis in advance in case there are people who are not sober enough to drive back home.


Make it an unforgettable evening by capturing those magical moments by a professional photographer (and videographer) to discreetly capture the scenes without disturbing the guests.

Photo booths are pretty trendy lately with funny accessories or a cartoon artists are fun to have.

Shoe organizer

Different yachts have different ways of handling the shoe management. If there are 100 guests onboard imagine how hard it is to find their shoes on their way out!! I had once a situation where my friend left with only 1 shoe because the otherone got lost! Another party some woman took my shoes by mistake!

Therefore it is important that when guests arrive and they remove their shoes, they are provided with a ticket number, and that shoes are stored properly and organized.

Just like jackets at a theater. Jackets, yes! Good one! some guests might bring jackets, scarfs, or even bags which they would like you to take care of. A good idea is to set up a cloak room where you can store these items. Make sure to label them, and make sure you can lock the room!

In case there are plenty of guests attending, it might be a good idea to set up a proper tent with secured wardrobe and hostesses to take your guests belongings.

Gift Bag

It is costumery for yacht parties (especially for the brand awareness type of events) to provide guests upon their departure with a nice little gift bag for them to take home. Some parties you will get Bvlgari candles worth around £100-150 , as the bathrooms are done up with Bvlgari scents.

I think Gift Bags need to be personalized and give something that the guests will enjoy. A gift bag full of brochures and company presentations will not do the trick.


Thank you cards

Nowadays people find handwritten printed cards to be old-fashioned and don’t send thank you cards anymore (although I find it super classy and personalized) but designing a thank you card that can be sent via whatsapp with a link to the event photos or something more personalized is always a nice touch!

Ask your photographer to make an after-movie with unique clips of the event which your guest can re-live the party (and share it on their social media for more brand exposure!)

Press & Media

If the event was a brand awareness type of event, then once you get the professional photos and video editing from your photographer then it is a good idea to send it out to media for more brand exposure.

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Planning to visit the south of France? Nice (pronounced “Neese” in French) is usually the first destination as it is the biggest city on the Cote d’Azur, and it’s where the airport is located.

Located between turquoise sea and snow-capped mountains, Nice was the first European city I lived in, hence it is close to my heart. I am excited to share with you some great activities to do, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


Go for a walk on La Promenade des Anglais

This is the famous beach strip and boardwalk of Nice. It is a lovely stroll to go out for a walk, jog, skating or simply go people- watching. I especially like bike-riding down the entire 7km boardwalk. There are stations for city bike rentals all along the promenade. Pick one up at one end and drop it off at the other, or keep it for the day. A 24 hour rental is only €1,50 ($1.63)!

Visit the market

Located in Cours Saleya in the old town (le vieux Nice), there is a fragrant and colorful flower market called ‘Le Marché des Fleurs.’ It is open from 6am to 1pm every day. In the summer months they also have the ‘Marché d’Artisanat Festival Nocturne.’ The market is open at night and sells local handcrafted items. On Monday mornings, the Cours Saleya becomes a big open-air flea market!

It’s also the ideal place to have a glass of Rose or a delicious meal at one of the many terrace restaurants and cafes.

Discover the Old Town (Vieux Nice)

In addition to the markets, the old town – with its shady alleyways, colorful facades and typical Mediterranean shutters – is a walking tourist’s dream. Glaciers, crêperies and cafes all flow onto the squares, which are often lively until the early hours with talented street performers and laughing kids.

Hike to the Castle Hill

Castle Hill Park (le parc de la Colline du Château) is located on the hill overlooking Nice’s old town. It is a lovely stroll and it is totally worth the long stair climb to see the expansive views of the sea and the city. It’s also a view you’ve probably seen on Instagram or in travel books because it’s the most famous picture spot. **Hint – you can also cheat and take the elevator up 😉 But I recommend you take the stairs at least one way so you pass by the Bellanda Tower.

source: Flikr


Nice’s beach looks glamorous in photos, but with its big pebbles in lieu of sand, it’s not the most comfortable beach in the world! If you want a truly glamorous beach like you imagined in the south of France, I recommend you go to Villefranche sur Mer, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, or, my favorite, Plage Mala in Cap D’ail.

If you’re a water sports lover, Le Castel Beach in Nice has many fun activities, including parasailing, SUP and tubing.


I like to describe Nice as a big outdoor shopping mall. It has two main roads full of shops. There is the Avenue Jean Medecin, which is the main shopping street – a sort of Champs-Élysées but with more sunshine! That’s where you’ll find the big brands like Zara, H&M, etc as well as an indoor shopping mall called Nice Etoile. Then there is Rue Massena, which is in the prestigious Carré d’Or of Nice. It’s a beautiful street full of shops, bars and restaurants. For those with an eye for luxury, the high end brands like LV and Chanel are on Rue Paradis – perpendicular to Rue Massena.


Eat a Gelato

One of my favorite things to do in Nice is to go eat ice cream! In the old town there are two famous gelaterias Fenocchio and Gelateria Azzurro, which are known for their weird flavours like avocado, fish, rose, lavender, etc, but they also have some super yummy flavours like baileys, pistachio, stracciatella and more!

*Note that they do not let you sample flavours, so if you go for a weird flavour, you’re all in!

Try Local Food

The “cuisine niçoise” is the pride of the niçois (inhabitants of Nice)

Obviously you can finally enjoy an authentic Salade Nicoise, a classic salad with tuna, tomatoes, vegetables, anchovies, hard boiled eggs in a local vinaigrette. Some other local specialties:

  • Socca: this dish is made from chickpea flour and is one of the most famous dishes in Nice. Best place to try it is Chez Pippo.
  • Pan Bagnat: a sandwich version of the niçoise salad.
  • Others to try: panisse, farcis niçois, daube niçoise (beef stew), pissaladière

Eat a Kebab

I have some fond memories of eating Kebabs in Nice. They are economical and delicious! Specially after partying!


Some of the top restaurants in Nice include:

La Petite Maison – a typical Mediterranean restaurant located in the heart of the city.

Cafe de Turin – a favorite for seafood lovers! It has the ambiance of a brasserie combined with the freshest seafood. A great place to eat oysters and enjoy their ‘panaches’ which are menus that have a little bit of everything!

My absolute favorite (secret spot) is Le Plongeoir restaurant. It has breathtaking views and is the perfect place for a romantic sunset dinner. I celebrated my 30th birthday there, and it was an unforgettable experience.

We also enjoy going to Nice for authentic Mexican food (which you don’t find in Monaco). We like La Lupita, which has great Happy Hour Margarita offers! Another great place for Mexican is 100% Tacos, which is more of a street food for pick up type of place.


Nice has some lovely rooftop bars perfect for enjoying the sun and the views.

Le Meridien Hotel Rooftop Bar

Soaring above the Niçois skyline, it commands dazzling, widescreen views from the 10th floor.

The Radisson Blu

Located halfway down the promenade, the view from La Terrasse is beyond comparison. This is a must-visit if you are here for the July 14 Bastille Day celebrations or one of the many firework shows on the beach.


We sometimes go to Nice just for the pub crawling. The typical ‘yachtie’ place to go is Ma-nolans – they have one pub in the old town of Nice and one in the port. Both are lively English pubs where you can get a beer and some typical pub fare, like fish and chips or burgers.


The best way to explore Nice is by foot – it’s easy to walk everywhere. There is also a brand new tramway that comes by every few minutes and is easy to hop on and off. Don’t forget to “composter” (stamp) your ticket or you may a get a fine!

If you really have to take a car somewhere, Uber is available, but you may have to wait a long time as there aren’t too many. Similar to Uber, but less expensive, is Heetch. You can download the app and use it just like you would Uber.

A fun way to explore the area is by using NiceCar. I would totally recommend you use it to drive up to Eze village for lunch!


If you want to go from Nice to Monaco, there is a low-cost concept called Solar Boat Cruises. Up to 6 people can cruise around for 1 hour as a great way to explore the coast! And it’s silent, so there’s no engine disrupting the sounds of nature!

For yacht charter experiences, contact me directly, and I’ll make sure to guide you to your next unforgettable experience!



Hotel La Perouse is a secret gem. It is perfectly located and gives you the ideal Mediterranean vibe!

The Negresco

This is THE MOST FAMOUS hotel in the South of France. It is the icon that symbolizes the French Riviera. It was built over 100 years ago and has a lot of history, including a collection of artwork and furniture from the 17th century.

Although I would personally not recommend staying there, I think is a great place to visit for the art gallery and to grab a coffee on the terrace.

There are also great city apartments that you can find on Airbnb. Make sure you choose the right location, preferably by the sea or by the shopping streets mentioned above – good areas are Massena, the port, the old town (vieux Nice) and the Promenade des Anglais. There are also some bad areas in Nice that are not safe so do some due diligence before booking!


From Nice you can either take the train, car or even go by boat to visit the charming and picturesque towns in the surrounding area, such as:

  • Villefranche-sur-Mer: In my opinion the most beautiful views between Nice and Monaco are here. This is also a great place to grab lunch by the water or take a stroll through the The Villefranche Old Town, the darse (its port) and most importantly, the St. Elmo Citadel (Citadelle Saint-Elme)
  • Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: The peninsula of billionaires, where you find the most expensive real estate in France (or perhaps even Europe!) I love going ‘window shopping’ for luxury villas. There is also the famous Ephrussi de Rothschild villa, which you can visit and take gorgeous photos of the royal gardens. One of my favorite paths to go for a walk in the world is the the coastal walk tour of Cap Ferrat, which starts at Passable Beach. You can also swim in one of the pretty little coves along the way!
  • Eze village: This small village perched above the sea is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in all of France.
  • Menton: A small town on the Italian border, known for its lemon festival and sunshine. The old town of Menton is full of vibrant colors and a great place to buy Limoncello – made from the famous lemons of Menton!
  • Antibes: With one of the largest luxury yacht ports and full of renowned restaurants, the old town of Antibes is also worth a visit. Another thing to do in Antibes: the Cap d’Antibes tour with its magnificent luxury villas is a beautiful place to go jogging!
  • Cannes: The city where the famous film festival takes place every year! You can take a boat out to the islands off the coast of the city, including the famous Ile Sainte-Marguerite, where the famous Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned. Great city for shopping too!
  • The Principality of Monaco: Monaco, famous for the Casino de Monte Carlo and its glamourous lifestyle! Check out my MONACO TRAVEL GUIDE HERE
  • Beautiful villages to visit around Nice: PeilleSaint Agnès (highest perched village on the coast), Coaraze and its sundials, and the ruins of Châteauneuf-Villevieille.

Visit the Cote d’Azur on a Budget

Visit the Cote d’Azur on a Budget

There is no doubt that travelling to the SoF (South of France) can be expensive. However, there are ways that you can ensure you make the most of your trip without breaking the bank. Besides, the most beautiful things in life are free – the views, the sun, friends, smiles, memories and so much more!


Airbnb has great villas if you are coming with a big family. There are some amazing estates in the wine region of Provence and villas with incredible ocean views on the coast. There are also authentic French-style apartments in the city centers of Nice, Antibes and Cannes. City apartments are also great if you don’t have a car because getting around within and between cities is possible with public transportation. Another advantage of staying in a serviced apartment is that most of them come with a kitchen. Save money by walking to the local boulangerie (bakery) or boucherie (butcher) and cook an authentic French meal at home.

There are also guest houses and youth hostels, which in French are called ‘auberges de jeunesse,’ for those who like to meet the locals or other travelers. I personally have never stayed in one of these, but I have seen them and some are in super convenient locations and have beautiful sea views.

The great thing about staying at a guest house is that you’ll get to regularly interact with a friendly host who is typically happy to give recommendations.


Eat at the Boulangerie

Boulangeries are french bakeries. They open very early and run non-stop. You will find that most restaurants here are open only for a few hours. There is no continued service because of the labour rates being so high, so if you are hungry at 11am or at 16h then you are out of luck because you will not find anything open…except the boulangeries.

Boulangeries have baguettes (incredibly delicious in France) for 1 euro, croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins and other typical pastries and sandwiches like the popular ‘pan bagnat,’ which is a local specialty that you will find for less than 5 euros in most places.

Skip the expensive hotel breakfasts (which down here range from 15-25 euros per person!) and eat a local french bakery breakfast. Trust me – you will enjoy it more than the overpriced and boring ‘continental breakfast.’

Lunch Specials / Plats du jour

Most restaurants have lunch specials for around 12-16 euros. The difference in price between lunch and dinner at the same restaurant can be almost double! Dinners are very pricey, but you can enjoy the same quality of food, views and service from any restaurant at lunch. Some places don’t advertise the ‘plat du jour’ on the menu – it is usually written on a chalkboard or narrated by the waiter (if you ask), so make sure to always ask. The lunch usually includes an appetizer, main dish, dessert and a glass of wine.

Carafe d’eau s’il vous plaît!

By law in France no one can deny you water. When you go to a restaurant you can ask for a water pitcher for free. Normal water bottles range from 5-8 euros, so you can really save a lot by asking for a water pitcher. When you simply ask for water, most places will immediately bring you an expensive San Pellegrino or Evian (I paid 25 euros for water once!), so make sure to ask specifically for the water pitcher beforehand.


Wine grapes are grown locally here, so enjoy the Rose as much as you want without breaking your budget. Usually the most expensive part of the restaurant bill is the wine. However, most restaurants have ‘house wine’ or wine pitchers that are usually not advertised on the menu. Always ask for the house wine ‘carafe’ specials. At some places you can have a glass of wine for 3 euros (cheaper than a bottle of water!)

You can also skip the restaurant and just go to a supermarket, where you will find good local wine at very low prices. Buy a bottle of wine and have a picnic by the beach, complete with goodies you bought at the local market. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, it is!

Since we are in the area of Provence that produces rose wine, you can find amazing wines for a really good price. There are a lot of wineries around where you can buy wine directly. They also sell it in a canister.


Food markets down here are amazing! They are an experience on their own as you can sample the local smells and flavors. One of my favorite things to do is to buy a baguette at a boulangerie, then go to a local market and buy fresh tomatoes, local cheese and olives and then savor the natural flavors. Not only is this the most economical meal you will find, it is also a beautiful experience. There are also many ‘Halles’ food markets, and they are open early so you can skip the expensive hotel breakfast and go local!

Monaco – there is an indoor food market in Place d’Armes in La Condamine that most people don’t know about, but it has delicious food stands with local food – you’ll find socca (a local dish from Nice), a kiosk that serves everything with truffles, fresh italian pasta, and one of the best sushi places in Monaco (the owners are japanese and have won many awards!) One of my favorite stands is the fresh seafood stand with local fishermen selling oysters, shrimp, etc and serving it to you in a cute way. We usually buy a bottle of wine from the supermarket next door and sit by the market to eat our fresh oysters.

Outside in that same area of Place d’Armes, there is also a daily fruit and flower market from 6am to 2pm.

Nice – Located in Cours Saleya in the old town (vieux Nice), there is a really nice flower market called ‘Marché des Fleurs.’ It is open from 6am to 1pm every day. In the summer months they also have the ‘Marché d’Artisanat Festival Nocturne.’ The market is open at night and sells local handcrafts.

Antibes – In the center of Antibes is one of my favorite markets. It sells delicious olives, cheese, lavender, and unique local specialties. I love grabbing a few goodies and having a picnic by a hidden beach called ‘Plage de la Gravette.’

San Remo: This is an Italian market that sells clothes, leather goods, bags, shoes and so on, at a very decent price for authentic Italian quality. They also have an indoor market where we usually buy our olive oil, parmigiano cheese, san daniele ham and other italian delicacies. It is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.


You can get to most places by train while enjoying breathtaking views (make sure you sit next to the window!)

Renting a car gives you great flexibility to go wherever you want. I would recommend you book it at Nice Airport as the local rental cars tend to have higher prices. Simply driving around the SoF is an attraction in and of itself. Always opt to take the ‘bord de mer’ road, which is the one that goes along the coast so you can enjoy the amazing views. Driving in the South of France always makes me feel like I am in a movie.

My advice would be to stay away from the city centers altogether because there are so many charming medieval places away from the touristic cities. If you have a car, you can typically save a lot by staying at least ten kilometers away from large cities in cute little villages.

For example, instead of staying in the center of St Tropez, you can stay in Ramatuelle or in Cogolin. Instead of staying in Cannes or Antibes, you can stay in Mougins, Grasse, or St Paul de Vence. And instead of staying in Nice or Monaco, you can stay in Eze, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, or Villefranche-sur-Mer.


Avoid peak season (June-August), when hotel prices skyrocket (and even some restaurants have more expensive ‘summer menus’) Visiting in March would be much cheaper than visiting in August for example. The winter down here is beautiful, usually sunny and mild. In the spring it rains a lot. My favorite month is definitely September because the weather is still like summer, but the summer season (and prices) are over.

It’s important to note that August is the main French vacation month, so it’s best to avoid traveling during this time as many restaurants and shops will be closed.  This is also still peak season, so accommodation prices will be higher and you’ll be competing with French tourists for the best places to go!


The biggest advantage of the SoF is that there are a lot of things to do for free! The weather is fantastic for most of the year, so you can simply stroll through ancient towns, go to the beach, or go sightseeing without having to spend anything on local attractions.


My favorite place to go for a walk is the Sentier de Cap D’ail, you can walk from Plage Marquet to Plage Mala. Another favorite one is the stroll in Cap Ferrat which has breathtaking views and amazing villas. Of course the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice is a beautiful path to enjoy before the sun goes down.

Visit my other blog posts on the best beaches in the Cote d’Azur, my Cote d’Azur travel guide, and a Monaco travel guide.


If you’re under 26 and a student, I highly recommend bringing your student identification with you as you will get into many French museums for free or at a reduced rate. Similarly, those under 18 typically get into museums for free. Seniors (65+) often get a discount on tickets to attractions. Be sure to bring identification with you as it might help!


Tips for attending The Boot, Düsseldorf Boat show

Tips for attending The Boot, Düsseldorf Boat show

Photo: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann)

It is the biggest indoor show in the world! It is amazing how they manage to
put inside such big yachts and sailing boats inside the building. Check out this
video out on how they assemble it all and the logistics to prepare for the

There are 2,000 exhibitor stands, and every year they get 250,000 visitors ! Half of the visitors are German but there are also people coming from all over the world.

What to Pack

The show is in January hence it is winter in Germany with temperatures
ranging between -2C to 8C.  Therefore it is recommended to wear something warm. Don’t worry
you wont be carrying your jacket around, you can check your winter jacket at
the cloak room inside the show. Don’t pack your sunglasses, as you won’t be
needing those there 🙂 Dusseldorf is often foggy and wet. However you can
pack your swimsuit
, as there is a big wet area for testing all sort of
water toys. There is a big wave are where you can learn how to surf and try
your balancing skills.

There is also a huge Olympic pool where you can do wake boarding, paddle
board, SUP competitions and more.

Since the boot is so big, you would need to walk a lot hence comfortable
shoes (no high heels) are advised.

For a full check list on what to pack before you travel to make sure you don’t
forget anything, check the ultimate packing list here.

Where to stay

A very popular hotel where many people stay is The Hyatt
in the city center. Located in the Harbour it has stunning views and
close by to nice restaurants.

If you are looking for a business hotel something not too fancy and yet
close by the Messe where the boot is located, you find the Mercury Dusseldorf

The show also has its own recommendations and sometimes has nice packages including transport and tickets.

Location/ Getting there

It is located at the Messe which is located about 15 minutes’ drive from the city
center. You can also take the tram to get there. However Public transport in
Dusseldorf is known for being not ideal, it sometimes take long waiting times
(and remember that is January hence is cold outside!)

There are no ubers in Germany, they work through the taxi system (hence it’s
the same price) on the bright side, the tram is very economical and takes you directly to the Messe Arena.

From the airport to the city center driving or by taxi takes about 6
minutes and the rate is 20 euros.

From the city center (which they call Altstadt) tothe Messe driving or by taxi takes about 15 minutes.

On your GPS you can put: Messe Düsseldorf


You should check on the map online for the various entrances, this place is
HUGE and going from one entrance to another can take you 20 minute walk, so it
is advised to know which entrance you are heading to.

Don’t pre- stress or panic, at the entrance you have registration kiosks
with a lot of helpful people which will help you get registered with an
entrance ticket.

Map of the show here. 


The best is to buy them online as they are cheaper than buying it at the
entrance. The day pass cost around 19 euros ( is a bargain compared at 200 euros for the Monaco Yacht show!)  and if you buy them at the entrance is 25 euros.

Yacht buyer visitor

If you are going there with a specific brand of boat you would like to buy
(for example a Sunseeker) you can also contact the brand directly to set up an
appointment and they would provide you with free visitor voucher passes.

Boating for Beginners

If you are new in boating, dont panic! at the boot they will show you the ropes and everything you need to know, their message is ‘

Your dream of watersports does not have to be a leap into cold water: Our independent experts in the new start areas start boating (Hall 3) and start sailing (Hall 15) gladly provide practical tips and advice to all those interested in boating. From boating licenses to chartering yachts and suitable equipment, all your questions will be answered competently here. For free, of course! And in the other areas, too, beginners will find help from experts and countless opportunities to try out various watersports activities for themselves ‘

Learn how to sail, surf, dive, get a boating licence, everything FOR FREE!


The show is divided in various halls, divided into categories. Depending on
your interest you can pre-plan your visit. There are 2,000 exhibitor stands, so you can imagine the amount of people and the size of the show!

In total there are 17 halls but these are the main ones:

Sailing Center

Motor Boating

Super Yacht Word

Diving area

Sport fishing Center

Yacht Equipment

Travel World

Beach World

World of Paddling  (is that even a thing?)

Where else can you test canoes and kayaks in a trade fair
hall and try out the latest water toys equipment?

Moving around the show

There are internal shuttles that take you from one Hall to another, they are
called circle line. You can find them outside of the halls turning around.

Going on board a yacht

If you are doing a yacht visit, remember to check the ‘yachting etiquette
 so you know the do’s and the don’t while going on board a boat.

Buying a boat

Some brands make special boat show discounted specials, so make sure to ask
for them! Usually the ones they have on diplay or in stock are the ones going
for a deal.

Where to eat inside the show

There are a number of kiosk, small bistros and snack bars inside the convention center.

Fine dining in the city


it is considered to be ‘the best Italian restaurant in Dusseldorf’. I went
there for dinner and I must say the food was very authentic and the wine was
fantastic. It is also a wine bar with a big wine selection. The waiters and the
chef are all Italian, when you walk in they greet you ‘Buona Sera’ and have the
authentic italian warm welcome.

Rocca 800C

It is a famous steakhouse which cooks meet in a unique and special way at
800 degrees C. The high temperature causes the fat on the outside of the steak
to caramelize, creating an incredibly tasty but dark crust and yet juicy
inside. They have the best cuts from Argentina, Uruguay, USA and more.

The Grill

Located in the main street of the city, this steakhouse is well known for its meat, service and ambience.


Yachting Etiquette

Yachting Etiquette

The Do’s and Don’ts onboard a yacht

Tips on how to behave if you are invited as a guest onboard a yacht

Go barefoot

Deck shoes may be worn, but most guest prefer to go bare feet. Ladies please NO HIGH HEELS, not even if you are invited to a party onboard! Remember this rule before you choose your outfit accordingly! (and get a pedicure)

Boys, make sure your socks don’t have holes in them, else you will be getting all the looks (and not the right ones)

Teak is a precious material and it is very hard to find and very expensive to maintain, having shoes, heels (or red wine stains) are every yacht owners nightmare.

If you have a cut or injury in your feet make sure you inform the crew. I’ve seen some blood stains on white carpet that cause more pain to the owner and crew than for the injured guest onboard.

You can take non slip non marking shoes with you if you are staying on board and do not want to go barefoot, just tmake sure to check with the first mate or captain upon arrival if your shoes are approved.

One at a time

When you are going on the Passarelle, make sure it is only one person going at a time. If there is someone stepping out of the boat, they have the priority so let them get down first before you board. it is very dangerous to have 2,3 people walking on the passarelle at the same time.

Greet the crew

You will be more respected if you have the courtesy to greet the crew, ask for their names, shake their hands and show some respect for the captain on board.

No Touching

There are some valuable art pieces on board, interior design materials, etc can be very delicate! If you are visiting a boat, please keep your hands to yourself! Do not start touching everything that sparks!

Also there are some precious metals or simply stainless steel which once you touch it your finger prints get impressed there and it is a nightmare for the crew to keep it shiny every minute.

Not your bed

If it is not your bed, please refrain from sitting on it, lying on it, or taking pictures. Wait until your guest cabin has been assigned to you.

Keep your glass to yourself

If you are holding a beverage, be mindful of out, don’t leave it on top of the interior furniture for example.

Also it is very dangerous if you place a wine glass for example on the hand rail, it can fall into the deck below or even worst in the neighbor boat and could hurt somebody.

No Red wine available

Most yacht do not offer red wine on board, specially during parties in the port. Red wine stains do not come off the floor teak, and it is simply not worth the risk.

Toilet use

If its the first time you are on the boat and you don’t know how to use the toilets (marine toilets are different from house toilets) it is better that you ask a stewardess on board how to use it. Dont be shy, she will be happy to explain it, as this is preferable than having to unplug a toilet while having guests onboard.

Smoking on board

Most cases smoking is not permitted inside the yacht for safety reasons. Many yachts operate a policy of smoking permitted on deck only, however please checkt he policiy as each yacht varies on their approach regarding smoking.

Fake tan = disaster

Some girls like to spray some self tanning bronzer on their legs or put some tanning cream before going on a boat. The residues of these are left on all sofas, lounging beds, chairs and sun beds on board. Avoid the embarrassment of leaving your leg mark behind.

Soft lugagge

It is advised to pack your personal items in a soft luggage bag, as this makes it easier to store it onboard. Hard case luggage are sometimes quite a challenge to store and takes a lot of space.


Usually no pets are allowed on board unless previously agreed and permitted by the Owner. Although I must say dogs are an enjoyment on board! However you need to arrange shore stops for dogs them to go do their thing.


Cruising distances will vary according to the itinerary, the best is to do 6 hours or less per day and be flexible about it.


You can cruise ONLY if weather permits. The captains main job is your safety, therefore please respect his decision. I’ve seen some instances where the guests get upset if they can’t cruise, but there is a crucial reason for it, therefore the captains decisions over rules the guests decision on this every time.

Respect the captain’s authority at all times, his job is to keep you safe.

Guest Cabins

If you are a guest on a yacht, wait to be assigned a room before you go and settle down in a guest cabin.


Most yachts can do small quantities of personal laundry, done by the yachts crew as a service. Please note that these terms also allow the crew to refuse politely to do excessive quantities of laundry on board or to handle delicate items. It may be possible to have certain laundry done ashore professionals if time allows it. These costs will be clearly deducted from the APA.

Volumen Maestro!

If you are on anchor, please, by my guest and jam it up!

However if you are inside a port, please be mindful of your neighbors and keep the music civil after midnight.


Gratuity is expected if your charter has been everything you hoped for, it is a mean of appreciation to the crew. Most gratuities are customary, and left at the clients discretion. However to give you an idea, normally they are between 10-20% of the charter cost. The tips will be split equally between the crew depending on the level of service.

Wave runners

in some areas they are restricted, forbidden or require a license based on local operating regulations.


Don’t be that guy! the one that will never get invited on board again! Click to the article here.

Networking tips

Networking tips

Marine Money Event photo by @edwrightimages

Networking is the No. 1 unwritten rule of success in business, we have all heard the saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” As Herminia Ibarra once said, “Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority.” Whereas it should be your priority because your NETWORK is actually your NETWORTH.

I have been in sales all my life, therefore, if I was not networking I was actually not working. Nowadays, during events some people introduce me to others as “Marcela the networking expert, she knows everyone in yachting! But the truth is, I was not a natural networker, it was a skill I had to work on because I was terrified to be alone at events! And even if I was not alone, I would stick to that friend or colleague all day in order to avoid the terrifying “small talk.”

The literal definition of networking means the act of exchanging information with people who can help you professionally. It is basically going to an event filled with impressive people you normally don’t have the chance to speak with, and you’d like to pick their brains and maybe even arrange a coffee meeting to discuss ideas, do business or explore opportunities.

Go! Start networking!

When I first started working in sales,  this used to be my mission “ Go! Start networking  (and a nightmare to be honest)” every time I had to go to a networking event, party or group get-together, I always would end up wondering, “Why did I even come to this thing? And How fast can I leave?

Networking events can be awful. Business conferences or parties full of strangers can be intimidating, and trying to “work a room” is hard!

Here’s the thing I’m here to tell you: Networking doesn’t have to be difficult. I was so tired of going to events that were a waste of time, overwhelming or awkward that I decided to find a way to change it, and I learned some tricks that I will share with you here that will help you make sure you have a successful networking experience!

If you hate going to events or you’re terrified of making an awkward first impression, then continue reading.

First of all, Calm Down

Before you can even start to consider how to approach talking to someone, it’s important to understand why it is you’re getting nervous in the first place?

Start by being self-reflective and asking yourself what’s stopping you from approaching new conversations. The reality is that the reason typically stems from a place of anxiety and the fear of rejection or embarrassment (which everyone in the room is feeling the same way! And knowing this already makes it easier.

Know that we are all “naturals’

Know that humans are social creatures. We thrive by helping each other grow. Nearly everything you accomplish is a result of the people you spend time with. From sharing information about new opportunities to playing an influential role in your personal development, your network – every person you know – is there supporting you along the way. This is why building relationships is such an important skill. Every person you meet is a vault containing a wealth of insight, knowledge and experience. As you get to know people, you get to share that wealth and use it to make your own life richer and more successful.

It’s a game not a task  

The worst thing you can do when it comes to networking is to treat the process like a task. The problem with this is that we then tend to approach the idea of a conversation as a “business proposition.  Then, as a result, the interaction becomes very forced and impersonal and uncomfortable.

Instead, try approaching it more as a strategy for making new friends. Chances are you won’t start a conversation with someone you want to be friends with by extending a business card first (right?)

Some of the best networking I’ve done and some of the best connections I’ve made in the past were the results of actually not talking about work.

Give yourself a task or a goal to accomplish

A great way to meet people at an event is to make a game out of it or to give yourself a goal. One game I like to play is to see how many business cards I can get. I’ll tell myself that by the end of the day I should have 20 new business cards in my hand.

Meet people through other people

The best and easiest way is to hang out with people you know and ask them to introduce you to people. Being introduced through them or joining their conversation will very likely receive a warm welcome and introduction to the person you wanted to be introduced to. Joining the right circle at the right time in an event can make your presence worthwhile.

Conversation starters

Marine Money Event – Photo by @edwrightimages

I know, beginning a meaningful conversation with a stranger can feel awkward and nerve-racking at first. First of all,  Be positive: Go into the conversation with a positive attitude. Maintain appropriate body language to portray your enthusiasm, like smiling and uncrossing your arms. Take a deep breath: Take a series of deep breaths before initiating the conversation. This will help slow your heart rate and help relieve any nervousness. Go to the restroom if you need to play some positive affirmations on youtube or Spotify to give you that confidence boost.

Here are some ideas to open up a conversation.

Talk about the weather

Beautiful day, isn’t it?

Can you believe all of this rain we’ve been having?

Did you order this sunshine?

About the Party or Event

So, how do you know John? (the name of the host)
It looks like you could use another drink.
Are you enjoying yourself?
Pretty nice place, huh?

Personal questions

  • Where are you from?
  • What brings you here?
  • What company do you work for?
  • How is your day been?
  • Have you been here before?
  • You look like you could need a drink.

Talking about current events

  • Did you catch the news today?
  • What do you think about this transit strike?

At the office

  • Looking forward to the weekend?
  • I can’t believe how busy/quiet we are today, can you?
  • Has it been a long week?
  • You look like you could use a cup of coffee.


Another tactic for beginning a conversation with someone new is to compliment them. This strategy usually leads to a pleasant discussion about the item or element you’ve complimented. Consider this example:


  • I like your briefcase.
  • I love your dress. Can I ask where you got it?

By complimenting someone on something specific, you increase your chances of being remembered and well-liked. Keep it professional and polite, like commenting on someone’s eyes, their jewellery or their shoes.

Careful: If you are a man, try not to be too vulgar or offensive when talking to a woman that sounds like you are harassing her or making her feel uncomfortable. For women, if a man says something you don’t like, YOU DON’T NEED TO SMILE, we are used to being polite and saying “thank you “while inside we feel terribly uncomfortable. The only way to stop men from being unpolite is to stop being compliant. Smiling to avoid making them feel bad while we feel bad, is just perpetuating the misogyny.

Remember that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel (good or bad)

Ask open-ended questions

Another excellent approach for starting a conversation with a stranger is to ask open-ended questions. This strategy works best when you’re attending a shared event and can ask about the other person’s experience. For example:

Example: “Is my first time in this event, What about you?”

Stay up-to-date on current events

Current events are excellent conversation starters. It’s advisable to reference non-political events in case you and the stranger share differing views.

Example: “Did you see the(whatever event) starts next week?

Be straightforward

Sometimes the best way to begin a conversation is to be direct about what you’re looking for or need. If you want to eat lunch with someone new, state that clearly.

Example: “I don’t know many people here, Would you mind if I joined you?”

If you are Dutch or German, try not to be too straightforward “I am here because I want to do business with you” try to dance the dance a little if you know what I mean.

Introduce yourself

An introduction is a straightforward way of beginning a conversation with a stranger. It’s particularly effective if there are no other obvious conversation starters to rely on. Here’s an example:

Example: “Hi, I’m Marcela. I just started working here and I wanted to introduce myself to everyone in____”

Remember names

Always, always look at other people’s name tags before you start talking.

I know, remembering names can be a nightmare, especially when you have met someone multiple times! But don’t worry, I am going to show you how to never forget a name again.

Attach a visual cue to a unique facial or body feature. This memory strategy comes from the EON-Mem (Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory) program. Here is an example: This is my friend Lacy. If I met her at a party, I would think her hair looks just like an Ace with the pointed A top. Ace = L-Ace-Y.

Repeat his? her name three times. Here is an example:

  • A:What is your name?
  • B: My name is Lucy
  • A: Nice to meet you Lucy (first time )
  • A: What brings you to this event Lucy (2 times)
  • A: It was nice to meet you Lucy (three times)

After you repeat their name three times you will most likely make a mental connection in your brain and you will remember it next time.

Head to the bar, decide where to “plant yourself”

The best place to stand is at the bar. A great time to start talking to someone is while they wait for their drink and once they have a drink in their hand and they are ready to mingle. This is always where I plant myself when I’m at networking events and it makes for super easy conversations.

Never pass up the opportunity to meet someone while standing in line. It is the easiest, non-awkward way to meet the person in front of and possibly even behind you. The bonus is that if you don’t enjoy speaking with them, you easily can end the conversation once you get your drink or food.

At a networking event where I really don’t know anyone, I will get back in line when it is extra long so I can meet more people easily.

It is great to stand where people exit the bar, But DON’T stand where people exit with food. This is not as good, because if you start speaking to someone with a full plate of food, it is hard to shake hands and all they want to do is eat! Instead of standing where people exit the food station, you can stand at cocktail tables or seat yourself at tables where people eat.


Have a topic of conversation ready.

The first thing you need to prepare before you go to an event or a boat show is to “know your pitch” when someone asks you how you been? What’s new? Make sure you have an answer and something interesting to say.

I personally always have a story of something I’ve been doing recently, a book either that I wrote or that I’ve been reading, my kids, family, new work projects, industry news, changes in the company, etc.

Always be casual and relaxed like talking to a friend, otherwise, everyone hates the ‘interview’ feeling, which is what happens when the conversation it’s like, ‘So what do you do? I do this. What do you do?’ oh yeah ok…(long awkward silence)  That type of “conversation “is sharing facts, not insights. It’s not connecting. Remember networking is about farming about taking the time to cultivate relationships.

Tell compelling stories and make yourself interesting.

“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

You should strive to be memorable when you’re meeting new people, and the best way to do so is through good storytelling. When you tell a story, make sure it has a clear point and a punch line, whether a takeaway or a joke.

Be genuinely interested in people

You might feel compelled to begin talking about yourself and all of your wonderful accomplishments when you first meet someone, but it can actually be a lot more beneficial to show more interest in the other person. People can tell. They know — maybe consciously, perhaps unconsciously — if you are truly interested in them or just faking’ it in order to manipulate or “get something” from them.

Authenticity is at the heart of all strong, long-lasting relationships

Keep it short and sweet

If you want to impress someone, present a solution, by telling a story about how you helped another person in a similar situation. Tell them about the problem and how you solved it but keep it short and sweet. Include lots of information on how disastrous things were before it came to a happy ending, where everything worked out for the better.

Before you start networking, make sure to have an agenda and keep the meetings on track. Time is money and people are never happy with someone that takes too much of their time. If you know already the list of delegates try to arrange meetings ahead of time.

The worst thing during a networking event is that person that speaks for so long, doesn’t stop talking, people already lost focus and just hold the energy tight in an uncomfortable manner with an awkward smirk on their face.

Let the other person speak

Make sure that you don’t do all the talking. The key to being a good communicator is being a good listener. If you have asked another person for advice or their opinion make sure they have the opportunity to tell it. Do not interrupt, you can talk when they finished talking.

If you do all the talking, the person may feel you are uninterested in what they have to say and unsure what action to take with the information you are providing.


Use the Head Tilt

It can be hard to make real connections at networking events, but it’s possible. And I do it using body language. My favourite move is the head tilt. The head tilt is the universal body language sign for “I’m listening.” You can do this when someone is speaking to show you are paying attention and excited to meet them. This makes you appear more charismatic. Copy their body language and mirror their moves.

Maintain eye contact and smile

By maintaining eye contact and smiling, you further reinforce that you’re interested in what someone has to say.

But when it comes to initiating conversation, holding eye contact with someone and then smiling is a major invitation to start up a conversation. Of course, you don’t want to stare at the person too much and freak them out. (!)

Can I help you?

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

You need to make yourself useful and give before receiving, this creates trust and if people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.

The most important part of networking is actually about what you bring to the table-not just what you want to get out of it.

“Can I help you?” Asking this question is one of the most effective ways to build long-lasting connections. Once you help someone, you instantly become more likeable because you relieved some of their stress and added value to their life. Just like showing your appreciation, offering to help is a strategy that will earn you a positive reputation because you’re focusing on other people and not yourself.

The more people you help, the more help you’ll have and the more help you’ll have helping others.

How you help people doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is offer your knowledge and/or your time – a small price to pay to gain a new relationship, especially with influential people who often need the most help.

You also can help others by harnessing your curiosity. This is one of my favourite tips for being more social. When you’re speaking with people, think about answering the following questions:

  • What motivates this person?
  • What is important to them?
  • What energizes them?
  • What do they love to talk about?
  • What shuts them down or closes them off?
  • What do they value?

Don’t ask for a job

I don’t know but in my experience, when people are bluntly looking for a job they lose all of their appeal and suddenly they are not interesting to talk anymore.

If you are attending a networking event because you are looking for a career move, you should never ask someone for a job. You should instead, ask people for information that will assist you in your job search. Your main goal is to build relationships and establish a rapport.

If you are interested to work for a certain company and you meet some people there, you can ask them some questions:

  • How long have you been with this company?
  • Or how long have you been in this field?
  • What do you like or dislike about your job?
  • What type of training did you need for this position?
  • What is the culture of this company?

Give examples of why you are passionate about that potential job position or how you would be great at it.

Exchange business cards

Two problems always happen with business cards at networking events. First, awkwardly search for your business card when someone asks for it. Or second, losing someone’s business card so you can’t follow up the next day. Avoid having to dig through your purse or wallet to find a business card or losing the ones you get by using my system–right pocket: my business cards left pocket: other people’s business cards. You’ll never lose a card again and it makes the exchange super easy.

I have my business cards in a leather holder and I put the other cards I put them in my handbag.

Now with COVID we are using more digital cards, QR codes, etc. Makes sure you have a COVID-friendly alternative to paper.

End conversations gracefully.

I  personally used to be absolutely awful, really awkward, at ending conversations. I would just stay quiet for a long period until we didn’t know what else to say and then I would walk away with an awkward shy smile waving….  bye.. ”

Remember that the last moments of a conversation will define how people remember you, so make it memorable!

Make eye contact with the person with whom he has finished speaking so it doesn’t seem as if he’s running away. Say it was nice meeting you (and repeat his name) I loved (recall a story or something he told you) exchange business cards and give a STRONG HANDSHAKE! There is nothing more disappointing than a weak slimy handshake.

Last but not least, don’t take it personally

If you meet someone who is rude, or simply not interested, DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY, just move on. It tells more about them than about you. I learned that arrogant people are just using arrogant mask to cover their ignorance or insecurities.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince a restrained person that you’re actually great when you could instead be meeting plenty of other interesting people!

Sometimes when I am in a business event, I try to play a role like I pretend I am Jennifer Aniston,  and my task is to meet as many people, pass a message across, start and build new relationships, collect business cards for my database and make sure I always add value.

We tend to overvalue specific people or experiences. And when you realize the diversity of exceptional human beings out there and opportunities and business deals and everything, you’re going to realize there are a lot more options than you’re giving credit to.

Find a reason (or excuse) to follow up

If you want to build a relationship with another person, create a reason to keep the relationship going.

Example: If he told you he has back pain, maybe follow up by sharing the phone number of your chiropractor. If you read an article that adds to the discussion you had during the meeting, send it to him by email, with a note on what you found interesting and what you think could benefit them.

Try to find at least 2-3 opportunities in the year, to reconnect with the members of your network.

Online presence

Even if you don’t meet your network often, make sure that your online presence is always up-to-date.  Remember that the goal of networking is to build relationships. A good network can result in new customers, and opportunities but make sure you are meeting people the right way. Stay active online by providing value (like what I am doing here sharing all my networking tips helping you thrive ?)

Leverage LinkedIn

One of the best ways to network ahead of an event or how to network online is to leverage LinkedIn. Once you added the business cards to your database, don’t forget to add them to Linked-in.

Key takeaways

It’s completely normal to freeze when faced with the task of speaking to people at events. Just know that you’re not alone. In fact, chances are that the majority of attendees are feeling the exact same way that you are. Use the tips above as subtle reminders to help you the next time you need to attend an event.

  • Talk to new people at networking events.
  • Attend new events.
  • Create authentic relationships.
  • Bring a memorable business card.
  • Be confident.
  • Stay connected.
  • Help others in your network.
  • Revisit older connections.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and if you ever see me at an event, please come and say hi! I promise I don’t bite ? Make sure you have a good joke to share with me, I love witty people!

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How to employ yacht crew

How to employ yacht crew


Not that many years ago, employing the crew for a super yacht was a relatively easy affair however Super Yachts have now grown in number and size with corresponding substantially larger crews.


Recent legal and other changes such as the Maritime Labour Convention, Flag State Requirements and permissible working hours have altered many aspects and attitudes to employment of crew. Overall there is a much needed increase in employees’ rights and a general improvement in how crew are treated and remunerated, the way they are employed has meant that crew employment is now significantly more onerous and imposes increased responsibility and compliance by owners

These Employment changes are in line and in response to the recognition of the need for the industry to act professionally and are of similar legislative changes to the operation of the vessel by Flag States and other bodies.

The vessel operational changes have resulted in the increased role and importance of Yacht Managers and now employment is moving the same way where a professional and experienced employment manager is essential.


For both employer and employee taxation and social security obligations are increasingly becoming an issue especially within the EU with more and more cases of claims being made against employers for breaches.   These Responsibilities relate both to employer and employees.  Historically employees operated in a tax and social security void because of the nature of their mobile place of employment and the inability of jurisdictions to comprehend the nature of the yacht business and create a tax and social security net to meet the challenge.


How and when should pensions and other benefits  be offered and arranged in such a way to be compliant but still provide benefits all those employed on yachts including  to non-domiciled EU resident crew is another complicated matter.  NON EU crew in many countries  are not allowed to join a state system but the yacht owner is still considered responsible to have them covered.  MLC has set out minimum standards for social security but we have seen that some countries insist on imposing their own state systems.

Who then oversees managing yacht crew? –  MLC or the States where the yacht is based?

The consequences of doing things wrong can be significant for yacht owners and crew alike. Confusion exists and the yacht owner must find the solution.  The simple answer is to use a yacht crew management company.


If you are involved with yacht management, yacht ownership, a DPA or any other responsible role related to superyachts then it is vitally important to choose the right yacht crew management company.

The following factors should seriously be considered in selecting a yacht crew management company:



Cornerstone Crew Management Limited is an independent crew employment specialist with over 10 years’ experience that only does employment and related services and, as a consequence, has no conflicts of interest.

To get in touch with Cornerstone Crew Management please contact them on the below contact details:

Ewan Heap


+ 44 (0) 20 8187 52 56

Follow them on instagram @cornerstonecrewmanagement



Yacht itinerary Croatia

Yacht itinerary Croatia

Croatian Dream, exploring the Dalmatian coast by boat!

Cruising in Croatia has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life! The coast is just BEAUTIFUL, the people are increidbly nice, super hospitable, kind and friendly (and… everyone speaks fluent english!) We really fell in love with the country, the food and the people!


Croatia has many airports, the main ones being Dubrovnik , Split, Zadar and Zagreb.


If you want to charter a sailboat boat, catamaran, or a yacht, we highly reccomend EuroMarine

They own over 100 of sailboats, catamarans and yachts. The bases are located at ACI marinas, strategically positioned in towns’ centers and only a 45-minute car drive from international airports – Pula, Split and Dubrovnik.

They organize the airport transfer and can recommend hotel accommodation also provide crew (skipper, hostess and/chef) onboard for your comfort and safety.

They yachts have everything onboard the highest standards with GPS plotters, autopilots, dinghies, safety equipment, free WI-FI onboard etc.

Believe me, Euromarine will make your sailing holiday unforgettable!

Tip: For total comfort on the boat, choose our skipper service. With the skipper on board you will have no worries because the skipper will take care about the safety of the boat. All  skippers are professionals, friendly and they all speak English. Besides the skipper, they offer also hostess & cook service. The hostess will keep your boat clean, serve you breakfast and look after your children. If you decide to choose a cook, you will enjoy the full comfort with style.

EUROMARINE can help you find your ideal boat!

We rented a Catamaran, it was almost new only one year old and in good conditions. We chose a catamaran over a sailboat because we felt safer to have a toddler onboard. There is more space and is more stable.


I am happy to share with you the itinerary we did and enjoyed so much! Herewith are all of our tips and reccomendations on bays, restaurants, activities to do on the islands and more!

However, if you want a personalized superyacht itinerary I highly reccomend my friend Sara who is a virtual assistant/yacht purser/ luxury concierge /travel expert (what you dont find on trip advisor!) who can make you a dream itinerary with local tips, restaurantss, bays and insights.


We landed in Dubrovnik and spent the first night in CAVTAT (pronouncecd tsavtat) which is only 5 mins drive from Dubrovnik airport and is incredibly beautiful small picturesque town. Cavtat offers an air of tranquillity lost years ago in Dubrovnik.

Idyllic seaside promenades line its wooded peninsulas, leading up to a number of pristine beaches. We stayed at Hotel Cavtat, which was perfect for what we needed, just a one night stop after arrival from airport. The hotel is right on the beach and in the city center, and it has a small, but nice (instagramable) rooftop pool.

Tip: Make sure you ask for a room with a sea view.

We went for dinner to the sea food restaurant Leut where Abramovich likes to go. We had fish with bacon for the first time in ourlives and surprisingly, it was amazing!

Dubrovnik, ACI marina

Poised gracefully against the glistening Adriatic Sea at Croatia’s southern tip, the enchantingcityof Dubrovnik graces many a bucket list!

We departed from ACI marina Dubrovnik.

Located in Komolac, in Rijeka Dubrovačka, is only six kilometers away from the old Dubrovnik center.


Dubrovnik is one of those that has best kept its walls and historical center. It is precisely because of its walls that Dubrovnik is a magnet today that attracts numerous tourists, film crews and the global elite. Dubrovnik has been the host of the crews of the most popular TV shows and films were fillmed there: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Robin Hood.

Restaurants we reccomend in Dubrobnik:


Nautika is probably the most romantic, and best place to see the wall.

We LOVED Orsan yacht club, is so small, not turistic at all only locals where there, the food was fantastic and the whole vibe was so special.

ORSAN Yacht club

KASAR KONOBA here below, is about a 15min drive from the city center but a true gem, a real dolce vita experience, simplicity, very local and family run, not super fancy, just beautiful and perfect!



Close your eyes and think of Mediterranean. Imagine the bluest sea, and beautiful untouched islands with old olive, fig, cypress and orange trees… Imagine the sunlight on your face and the smells, the sounds… Imagine the secured bays, secret beaches, the forest… Open your eyes.

Welcome to Sipan, the largest of islands near Dubrovnik, a place where Mediterranean culture shaped lives and culture since the Roman times…

This Dubrovnik island hides its exciting history, and it can’t wait for you to hear its legends. But, among its many secret treasures there’s one particular well-hidden pearl, a restaurant which is only accesible by boat: BOWA, which stands for Best of What is Around. It is a secret garden of delights for all senses and a small world of its own! They only serve food from the island and the sea surrounding it.They have a daily tasting menu depending on the catch of the day.

They also have their own tender shuttle, so if you are in the city or dont have a boat, they come pick you up.

Tip:make sure you reserve in advance because they bring the food fresh so they need to know beforehand. We arrived without a reservation and had a drink but they coudnt serve us food. The menu looked amazing, check the menu here. You can either eat at the restaurant, or book your own cabana (highly reccomended) there is also a beach and some sun beds to spend the entire afternoon there, relax, and enjoy!

Polače, Mljet

Polace (pronounced Pola-che) is the largest and the safest bay on the whole Island, is a great place for boats! The village has just over one hundred permanent inhabitants. It has a couple of restaurants and cafes, as well as a shop for basic provisions.

Stella Maris restaurant

Funny thing about the dalmatian coast, some restaurants provide mooring and table (like bed and breakfast but berth and dinner sort of thing) we had dinner at Stella Maris which is a restaurant that provided our berth for the night. The restaurant has a collection of burgees (boat flags) and they even have one from the Yacht Club de Monaco!

Funny story: apparently there was not electric connection to our mooring, so our amazing captain (he is seriously the james bond of captains!) made everything possible and convinced the restaurant to provide 100meters of cable!! the cable passed through the town and street, all the way to our boat!

The place is very simple, but food is just amazing, you can check some photos here.


Forest-shrouded Mljet (pronounced Myet) is one of the most seductive of all the Adriatic islands. It has a famous national park.

The island retains the unspoilt air of tranquillity that, according to legend, captivated Odysseus for seven years.

Mljet is well known for its white and red wine, olives and goat’s cheese. It is indeed an unspoilt island covered by a dense Mediterranean forest. The sea around here is rich in fish and marine life.

Rent an electric bike

Inside the island there are  two salted lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero that are located at the north end of the island. the best thing to do is to rent a bike, (dont worry they also have electric bikes so you dont have to suffer!) we rented two bikes (one with a baby seat to carry Gracie) and explored the island! It was truly fantastic to be in touch with nature while doing sports. The sceneries were spectacular, we just wished we had a drone following us cause it is not easy to ride and film at the same time.

Around the lakes we found some random little huts that offered food and drinks, we were the only ones there, and it was a special moment of truly living in the present.

There is also a boat that takes you to an old monastery and you can have lunch in the park.

Planjak island

Swim stop at Planjak island.

Interesting pebble beaches.

The bottom of the sea here is also interesting as there are a lot of giant pebbles scattered around deep green sea.


Docked in Korčula island, at the ACI Marina there. Both an island and town. It’s like a mini Dubrovnik! Amazing old town, cute restaurants and beautiful scenery.

A legend says that Marco Polo was originally from there and not Italy! There is Marco polo museum and house.

We went to the cutest little restaurant up in the hills, it was another of my #iwannacry moments of joy. We had a local dinner at Konoba Maha, a family run restaurant  built in the middle of nature which creates unique dining experience.

Konoba Maha

We ordered the Octopus PEKA (a local specialty cooked in a large metal baking dish with a bell shaped dome lid. It is used to cook food in an open fireplace, with hot embers placed on top of the dome for even, slow cooking)

Tip: you need to call in advance and order because the peka takes 4 hours to prepare!

Restaurant in Korcula:
In the city, there is also a famous Michelin* restaurant called LD.

Badija island

Swim stop-Badija island, a peculiar island with a lot of history.

There are also wild small dears (bambi) that are used to people and they approach you.

Tip: Make sure you bring them some fruit (specially green apples!) they love them, they didnt like peaches.

We walked a bit into the forest and 5mins later about 4 deers came to say hi, Gracie was super excited!

Pakleni island

We stayed on anchor the night before on Luka bay, Lovište, Pelješac which is a safe closed bay and had dinner onboard that night, the next day we wanted to moor in a marina so we headed to Pakleni island, and stayed at the ACI marina Palmižana . When we arrived the entire group of Yacht week were there! was a party scene with a lot of spring breakers type of tourists. An alternative to yacht week, is MedSailors which has more of a relaxed pace, with a small crew of 8-9 people, it focuses on sailing, exploring rather than partying and drinking everyday.

The bay of Pakleni island was beautiful and I have never seen so many boats in a bay! it was PACKED!

We walked from the marina towards the forest for about 4 mins and ended up in a sandy beach (the softest sand ever!) and we had dinner at Totos’restaurant, we loved it and highly reccomend it.

Next to it, there is Laganini beach bar which was super cute as well.

Laganini beach bar

This place is famous for Carpe Diem beach club, famous place to party during the day and night. It looked amazing, but not so family friendly to go there with a baby, but a great instagram spot ? check their page here.



From Pakleni, we took a water taxi to the city of HVAR, which is one of the most famous cities in Croatia. Gorgeous town with high end and local markets, restaurants and experiences.

When you arrive, you can walk up to the fortress, there are amazing sunset views. We went to the local market to do provisioning there, went shopping got some presents, and had a drink at a super cute little bar called Ka’Lavanda you must go when you are there!

Alternatively, you can rent a beetle and drive to Stari Grad (the oldest town ) have lunch there and enjoy the scenic ride!It takes about 1h each way.

Authentic dinner at Stori Komin

Stori Komin

A gorgeous hidden gem of a restaurant. They don’t have electricity, everything is from the area and the food is amazing.

The taxi drops you off in the middle of nowhere, you walk up and discover an old abandoned village and after about 3min you make it to the top of ruins and the restaurant is right there, on the cliff overlooking the beautiful landscape.

Enjoy in traditional Croatian dish – PEKA – slow roasted dish (chicken, veal, octopus, fish) under a metal bell.

Red cliffs near Hvar

Swim spot for a spectacular experience around the red cliffs.


When I look back at our holiday, the day I enjoyed and remember the most was the night where we had dinner at Konoba Nine, this place is so special and close to my heart. It is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO WATCHT THE SUNSET, please put your phone away, just sit down and live the moment, believe me, its worth every second!

The grandfather Nine, decided to open the first restaurant in the island in 1958 (can you believe how life was there before that?) Nine wanted to show tourists the adriatic fish with indigenous spices, and nowadays his grandson Nino inherited the restaurant. Nino wakes up early in the morning to go spear fishing (he has the world record for going diving without a tank! he is truly a legend!) he is the one serving and his mom is in the kitche, only 2 people running the show!

Honestly the food: best fish on the island, the warm hosting service, together with that the sunset view, ranks on the most unforgetatble moments in my life (now, that is a statement!)

After our barefood dinner, we went back onboard and had a night cap on the trampoline of our boat looking at moon and stars, was simply magical.

With Nino the spear fishing legend


On our way back to Dubrovnik we woke up early to be the first ones at the Odysseus Cave where we anchored and went for a swim and some paddle boarding in the cave. We were the only ones there and it was incredible, the water changed colors and inside the cave was HUGE! The color of the sea in the cave is really like in the pictures, even more beautiful. The cave is actually a tunnel, so when you swim to the other side you can get out of the sea up to the rocks, for rest or to take photos.

According to the legend, because of that Odysseus was shipwrecked and swam to the cave where he took shelter. The island was dominated by the nymph Calypso. Odysseus was charmed by her and the island and he was trapped there for seven years before the gods released him!

There is a little cafe up in the rocks that you can arrive by climbing up hill, is SUPER CUTE and worth it!

Tip: remember to wear anti mosquito spray because inside the cave are a lot of mosquitos. We went inside with the dinghy and paddle board with our little dauther but actually went out quite quickly cause if one thing I am scared of are mosquitos! Did you know, they are the most dangerous animals in the world? responsibel for the most deaths worldwide! but Ok, in croatia there are no deadly cases, but still I wished I had sprayed myself!

Anchor place is: Lopud island, Sunj bay


We cruised from Dubrovnik and around that area. However, another itinerary is to start from Split and finish in Dubrovnik.


Explore Split Old Town, explore cute tiny streets, Diocletians palace, amazing local markets.

Dinner at Bokeria

Enjoy dinner at an amazing wine bar with fabulous food at Bokeria .During dinner you will smell fresh waffle cone from a local ice cream shop next door so that can be dessert number two – Gelateria Emiliana.

Definitely order a bottle of famous orange wine from Croatia. 


Stiniva, Vistiniva beach is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia. Stiniva cove is known for its unique natural beauty dominated by high cliffs that form a small “sea entrance” to this pebble beach with clear turquoise sea. It was voted, by tourism organisation European Best Destinations, as the most most beautiful beach

In Vis island, you can do the military tour or rent a car to visit everything, it is a great place for wine tasting.

Nearby there is always Komiža, worth a visit.

Mala Travna restaurant, we dont want to spoil the experience by telling you too much about it, is a place you need to discover yourself! It is the most authentic and natural life experience!

BOL, Brač island


Bol is an island and town. They are famous for a golden tong beach and the view from Vidova mountain.

If you want you can rent a car/buggy and drive the scenic road to the top. It takes about 40min one way. Enjoy the beach and explore the cute town.

Fun fact: the tip of the beach moves from left to right depending ont he wind.

Sušac island

Sušac island, If you need to really need to get far, far away from civilization, Susac (pronounced Soosh ats) is your kind of island. here are no regular ferries to Susac Island so you don’t have to worry about crowds of tourists. You can actually rent out the light house for yourself, and today there is only one family taking care of the lighthouse and one sheepherder, Staying in the Susac lighthouse offers an unusual, ultra-relaxing holiday experience. You can arrange for provisions and the lighthouse keeper and his son will be happily select the lamb and cook it for you that same night!

Make sure to visit the beautiful bays on islands Šolta and Brač.


The city of Trogir is near Split airport, it is a gracious city worth a visit. Trogir was named the best city-island in the world by National Geographic in 2015. Trogir is far less crowded than the major Croatian tourist destinations It is in the UNESCO World Heritage List and named “a remarkable example of urban continuity”  … or in layman’s terms it is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.It takes about 30 minutes to walk around Trogir. Stop and admire the beautiful buildings and architecture as you stroll around.


We did a boat-and resorty type of holiday, one week on a boat and one week on a resort. We loved the Sun Gardens hotel because it was really child-friendly!



I hope you enjoyed this blog post, hopefully inspired you to go boating in Croatia or even to make you travel with your immagination for a while.

If you do go, please tag me on your pictures, I love to see your adventures! @onboardwithmarcela


How to get a job in yachting

How to get a job in yachting


First things first, when we say “get a job in yachting” we need to differentiate between a Land based vs. crew onboard.

This article is mainly for land-based professionals, if you want to get a job onboard a yacht I invite you to download this e-book The Superyacht Crew Book which is full of information on roles onboard, life onboard a yacht, how to get a job, tips for career advice.

Wet to dry feet – crew moving land based

If you are moving from a career on yachts into a shore-based position the first thing to consider is that the information and structure of your CV is very different for a shoreside role. You need to spend time translating everything that you did in your role on-board into shore-based language. We get sent a number of crew CVs for shore-based roles that are not fit for purpose. Other things to consider are that pay will usually differ and tax will probably be applied to your take home pay.

It is also important to point out that when applying for a shore-based role, you need to identify why you are relevant for that role, and that’s usually based on your skillset, personality, and knowledge of the industry and your experience working on yachts.


Land- based

For land- based professions, there are many roles in the industry! Depending on your skills and background, you can narrow down which filed you want to specialize on. Here are just a few:

Within those professions you can choose anything between technical to commercial roles.

For land- based professions, there are many roles in the industry! Depending on your skills and background, you can narrow down which filed you want to specialize on. Here are just a few:

  • Yacht Design (exterior or interior design)
  • Naval architecture
  • Engineering
  • Yacht building/ Shipyards/ refit yards
  • Yacht Management
  • Brokers (sales or charter broker,charter manager)
  • Refit Shipyards
  • Yacht Agents
  • Marinas
  • Classification societies
  • Flag State (cayman Island, Malta..)
  • Maritime Law
  • Family Office
  • Yacht Media (magazine, digital, events, journalist, marketing)
Land based


Within those professions you can choose anything between technical to commercial roles.

If you are new to the industry, starting work for a media company is a great foot-in- the door strategy because you get to network a lot and meet a lot of people.

Learn about the industry

My first recommendation is to invest in your knowledge, because knowledge is power. There is nothing worse than being the one in the room who has nothing to bring to the table! Knowledge will give you confidence to succeed in this industry. If you are serious about your career in yachting you need to speak yachtie, learn all the vocabulary, understand the entire industry holistically from yacht design to operations onboard.

Here are some resources to help you get started:


“There is so much great content online for free and its all there for sharing – including articles, podcasts, audiobooks or e-books. Wherever possible, I make sure I find the time to listen to positive content on leadership, even if its 5-10 minutes at a time in the car, or when I’m walking to work. I make a concious effort to use this time to self-develop as much as I can, and I find its an efficient way to develop as a leader during my busy schedule”

James Ward owner of Marine Resources

Social Media

The good thing about social media is that you can decide on what “input” you feed your mind, the podcasts you listen to, the videos you watch, the people you follow can inspire you, teach you something new and motivate you to become the best version of yourself, so make sure to choose wisely.

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Linked- in  is a great place to learn, did you know you can follow hashtags? Like if you follow #yachts #yachting #yachtbuilding, every time someone posts about the subject you will get notified.  I also post a lot of insights and educational posts about the industry there, so connect with me on Linked-in.

Blogs read blogs like A day in the life of a yacht sales broker from Burgess in London.

Life as a female broker by a sales broker in Monaco.

If you never been on a yacht before, make sure you know the yacht etiquette protocol before going onboard.

Tips for yacht designers on building your portfolio.

Employers are also looking at your social media so make sure you know how to keep your profile attractive


I often post job openings  on the wall of Onboard with Marcela make sure to like the page, I also share interesting yachting articles there, so give it a like in order to see them when you log in your facebook.


In this industry it’s not about “what you know, but who you know”. Knowing the right people can help you land a job!

Join associations like Young Professionals in yachting, where they organize monthly events and is a great place to learn about other professions and get contacts to build relationships.

Attend boat shows, they are a great place to understand the entire industry, they are also full of events where you can meet all different type of people. Hereby, I share with you some tips for visiting a boat show.

Moreover, always check online calendars to attend yachting conferences, seminars, events. Even online nowadays there are so many virtual events happening like on Clubhouse.


Formal Job hunting


People need to approach a career or a job in yachting on the shore-based side like any other industry, because it’s quite a unique industry. People tend to approach getting into a shore-based role a bit more informally. Yachting industry businesses are still businesses, they still want people to take the process seriously. They want professional people that can add to their businesses. Get your CV reviewed by a professional.

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We share with you some tips:

  • Prepare for the interview, here are some interview-hacks you can learn from to nail that job!

Cross-Industries synergies

If you’re coming into the industry from another sector, you need to be able to really translate your language of your previous experience or help the industry understand why you are relevant.

The industry likes people who know the industry already and have experience in it. So, if you are going to be transferring you need to show a level and understanding of the industry and how it all works.

Invest in personal development

Invest time in yourself in training and development for shore side positions and come with a realistic mindset that you might have to take one step back before you take two steps forward. watch the seminars on Tony Robins or any other online coach you like to help you improve to be the best version of yourself!


Yachts are the most expensive asset an UHNWI*can own. The culture of the industry is very high-end with 7 stars service, so you need to hold those values personally. You need to approach everything that you are doing in your application or your interview process recognising the importance of these factors within the industry, whether you are going into B2C role where you are directly working with the end customer or a B2B role for a company making a product or piece of equipment which sells into a shipyard, or whether it’s a shipyard dealing directly with an end customer. Those qualities and those values are the same throughout all types of businesses. A lot of people tend to come from outside the industry, approaching with a culture and mindset that is relevant of their previous industry. They’ve got to come around the yachting and superyacht culture of things.

*Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Key takeaways

  • Getting a job in the yachting industry is same as any other profession
  • Work with recognised recruiters
  • Have a strong CV
  • Network, network, network!
  • The CV needs to be relevant
  • Have the right expectations
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is fit for purpose
  • Be prepared to go through a proper interview process
  • People do check social media profiles so be ware and prepared
  • Understand that you’ve got to make yourself and your experience relevant

Working on yachts in the past or knowing about yachts doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a job in the role. People need to be realistic.



About Marine Resources

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Read this Q&A with James Ward the owner of Marine resources on marine skills shortages.

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