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The real meaning of Ferragosto


Hello, hola hola bonjour and happy  Ferragosto to you!

Wait, what exactly is Ferragosto?

When I first relocated to Europe, I was pleasantly taken aback by the prominence of August 15th as a holiday. It's almost reminiscent of Christmas – a time when friends flood your inbox with texts and messages, all echoing the cheerful refrain of "Happy Ferragosto!" So, if you happen to be perusing this piece and are fortunate to have an Italian friend, now might be the perfect moment to drop them a quick text saying “Buon ferragosto!”

When August arrives, the warm sun and long days beckon people across Europe to embrace the holiday spirit. Amidst this vibrant summer atmosphere, Italy stands out for its unique and centuries-old tradition known as Ferragosto. Celebrated on the 15th of August, Ferragosto holds a special place in Italian culture and history, while also sharing connections with other European countries.

I personally didn’t know about it 17 years ago and it now become part of our lifestyle and culture to celebrate 15th of August so I decided to write this blog will delve into the significance of Ferragosto, its origins, and its enduring importance in Italy and beyond.

Fun fact: It was originally called Feriae Augusti and then called “Ferragosto” has its roots in ancient Rome, when Emperor Augustus introduced the "Feriae Augusti" festival in 18 BC. It was a time of rest, celebration, and entertainment. This festival was dedicated to the Roman deity Augustus, and celebrated with games, horse races, and other forms of entertainment. It was also a period of rest, meant to provide a break for the working class from their laborious routines. Italians take this seriously and literally, nobody works today, and most take the week off.

A Time of Togetherness

In Italy, Ferragosto is more than just a holiday; it's a cherished tradition that brings families and friends together. It's a day when communities gather for feasting, music, and various festivities. Many Italians take advantage of this public holiday to escape the cities and head to the countryside or coastal areas, seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The nation virtually pauses, allowing people to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life ‘la dolce vita and the dolce fare niente” happens today.

One of the most iconic aspects of Ferragosto in Italy is the traditional Ferragosto meal. Families and friends gather around tables laden with delicious regional dishes, including pasta, seafood, fresh fruits, and wine. This culinary celebration is a testament to the deep connection Italians have with their culinary heritage, reinforcing the importance of shared moments and relationships.

Ferragosto and European Influence

While Ferragosto is quintessentially Italian, its influence has also spread to neighboring European countries. In France, for instance, a similar holiday called "Assumption Day" is celebrated on the same date, emphasizing the religious aspect of the holiday. In Spain, the holiday is known as "La Asunción" and is also celebrated with religious events and traditional feasts.

However is a normal day for Germans (for example my German husband is working all day today while I am in the pool with my daughters :))

The peak of tourism and the peak of yachting season too!

Furthermore, the significance of Ferragosto has transcended its historical and cultural origins. With the rise of global tourism, August 15th has become a peak travel period across Europe. Popular tourist destinations like coastal towns and historical sites in Italy and other European countries witness an influx of visitors, both domestic and international, seeking to experience the unique holiday spirit of the region.

Also, most yachts are fully booked this week as it is the peak date to charter a yacht.

Preserving Tradition in Modern Times

In today's fast-paced world, Ferragosto continues to provide an essential reminder of the importance of rest, relaxation, and togetherness. It's a time for Italians to escape the pressures of daily life, reconnect with loved ones, and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. Moreover, it showcases the cultural and historical richness that defines Italy and the shared values that tie European countries together.

What I love about it is that Ferragosto not only allows Italians to pause and appreciate their cultural heritage but also invites the world to partake in the joyous spirit of the holiday. As August 15th approaches each year, the legacy of Ferragosto reminds us all of the importance of unity, tradition, and taking a moment to savor life's simple pleasures, and what a best way to enjoy this than on a boat in Italy? Text me to organize your dream Dolce Vita yacht charter next year!

Across Italy, there are fireworks, open-air concerts, markets and fairs, and in some places is also a date for animal blessings, people bring their pets to churches to receive their blessings for health and protection.

So embrace the Italian dolce vita and enjoy Ferragosto!

 Now tell me, what do you do on the 15th of August?

Safe winds


The Ultimate Guide for MONACO GRAND PRIX F1


On this Insider Guide, I’m thrilled to be your guide to an extraordinary experience at the Monaco Grand Prix! As a long-time Monaco resident, a devoted fan of the race, and an organizer of luxurious hospitality events onboard magnificent superyachts for the past fifteen years, I’ve gained insider knowledge and invaluable insights that I can’t wait to share with you.

Monaco, renowned for its opulence, may seem like a destination exclusively reserved for the affluent. However, fear not! Even during the thrilling Formula 1 Grand Prix, you don’t need to be a mogul to revel in the excitement and create lasting memories. In fact, I’m here to prove that it’s entirely possible to have an amazing time at the Monaco Grand Prix without emptying your bank account. In this blog post, I’ll reveal my top tips and tricks on how to make the most of the event on a budget, ensuring an unforgettable experience that won’t leave your wallet gasping for air.

You can also read my other blog post on how to visit The cote d’azur on a budgetand if you plan of visiting Monaco and not attending the race here is my ultimate Monaco travel guide.

So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a thrilling ride as we delve into the realm of the Monaco Grand Prix on a budget. Let’s unlock the secrets to a sensational experience that will have you reminiscing for years to come!

On this Guide:

  • Facts you need to know about Monaco GP
  • How to watch the race
  • Watch the race onboard a superyacht
  • Where to get Tickets
  • How to get free tickets
  • Should I bring the kids?
  • Where to stay
  • Getting there
  • What to bring, wear, pack.. 
  • The Program
  • Parties and after parties

Facts you need to know about Monaco GP

The Monaco Grand Prix holds an esteemed status as the pinnacle and most revered race within the illustrious “Triple Crown” of motorsports.

"Winning the Monaco Grand Prix is the highlight of any racing driver's career"

- Nico Rosbert

As Nico Rosberg once said, “Winning the Monaco Grand Prix is the highlight of any racing driver’s career”!

  • It is one of the most challenging tracks to drive because of its narrow streets, With its close barriers and unforgiving walls, the Monaco Grand Prix offers no room for mistakes. Even the slightest error in judgment or loss of concentration can result in a race-ending collision or damage to the car.
  •  Known as a street circuit, the tight, narrow layout winds through the streets of Monte Carlo, leaving no margin for error. The lack of runoff areas and minimal overtaking opportunities means drivers must take calculated risks, making split-second decisions as they navigate the tight corners, sharp hairpins, and elevation changes.

Must watch this video from Nico Rosberg (who is also a Monaco resident) and won this race three times, how he explains the challenges of the Monaco track!

  • Variable Weather Conditions: The unpredictable weather in Monaco can make the race even more challenging. A sudden downpour can turn the already demanding circuit into a treacherous obstacle course, testing the drivers’ ability to adapt to changing conditions on the fly. Rain can make the track slippery, reducing grip and increasing the likelihood of incidents. I must admit we are all secretly hoping for rain because that’s when the race gets more challenging and we get to see the most exciting drive moves! Although in the end.. all we want really are champagne showers!
  • The race consists of 78 laps and the average speed is 96 MPH!
  • Michael Shumacher still holds the record for the fastest lap time in Monaco in 2004 who finishes in 1:14:439 (seconds and miliseconds matter in this sport!)

There are many ways of watching the race, you can watch it on the stands, in a hotel balcony, on a building terrace and of course the favorite one is to watch it onboard a superyacht!

Monaco residents or companies that have terraces with track views usually rent their terraces or organize hospitality themselves where they provide catering of food drinks and entertainment.

Hotels that have a track-side view also organize packages, although the view in most cases is not superb. You can also rent a room with a track view for example the best ones are at the Fairmont Hotel and also the Hotel de Paris. The advantage of the Fairmont is that you get free access to Nikki Beach, so if you plan to do pool parties this is your best bet!

I watched it once from Hermitage and even though the lunch was fun the view was quite limited.

The most common way is to watch it from the stands, although there are many and in different locations and if you are not familiar with Monaco, you can learn all about the grand stands and location here.

The paddock club is the most social option, located in the port and near the pits its an open area with many places to lounge, gourmet cuisine eat, open bars relax, meet the drivers and other VIP celebrities. Tickets for this type of hospitality is around 7,000 USD but you can get authographs from the drivers after the race is done!

Insider tip:

To book a table at a restaurant that has track view and that way you only spend on lunch (around 100-300 euros) instead of paying for extra tickets. Here is a list with all the restaurants in pole position. Restaurants like Quai des artistes have great packages of food entertainment and great track views.!

If you can’t attend the race, no worries you can also live stream it from the comfort of your home.

Watch the race onboard a superyacht

The epitome of luxury and the ultimate viewing experience for the Monaco Grand Prix is undoubtedly from the deck of a yacht. However, renting a superyacht for the entire week comes with a hefty price tag of approximately 500,000 euros, not to mention the additional challenge of securing a berth at an extra cost. Actually securing the berth is one of the hardest things! We have been doing it for years, and yet every year is a gamble!

But fear not! You can still indulge in the opulence and live the dream of watching the Monaco GP from a yacht without breaking the bank. Our exclusive hospitality packages start from just 600 euros per day, offering a fraction of the cost while delivering an extraordinary and super-luxurious experience. Moreover, the most glamorous parties and after-parties take place right in the port, onboard these magnificent vessels, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

To ensure seamless access to the yachts, it’s important to note that all access from the port is blocked. The best way to board is by tender, either from La Rascasse or, ideally, from the Port of Fontvieille. However, keep in mind that there may be some “tender traffic,” so it’s wise to plan ahead for a smooth transfer.

A friendly tip: Brace yourself for a bit of turbulence during tender transfers from yachts at anchor or when coming across from Port Fontvieille. Expect a touch of sea spray and perhaps some unruly hairstyles, but the exhilaration of the experience more than makes up for it.

Last minute Yacht Deals:

Boat option 1:

35meter yacht we have THE BEST track view in the port (all other yachts would do anything to have our spot!) hospitality includes: tender pick up in Fontvieille, breakfast, lunch, aperitivo, tea -time, dinner, and evening party!

--> contact me for pricing.

Option 2:

50-meter yacht (a lot bigger) second-line view of the track and loads of entertainment for 2,500 euros.

Option 3:

A combination of race view on a huge terrace with panoramic views of the race followed by dinner and a party onboard a yacht on anchor for 2,000 euros!

Where to get Tickets

The best place to buy tickets is officially through the Automobile Club of Monaco, which can be accessed by clicking here. Avoid getting scammed by resellers or unofficial agencies.

Budget tip: The Monaco Grand Prix’s Sector Rocher is one of the cheapest general admission areas in the world, with tickets going for €120 on race day and just over €300 for the whole weekend.

How to get free tickets:

Companies like Netjets invite their clients and rent huge roof top terraces and have incredible entertainment packages.

If you own a yacht (or planning to buy one) reach out to your favorite broker, most brokerage houses in Monaco have nice views!

If you are a member of the Yacht club (or have a friend who is) ask him to invite you to watch the race from there where you have the best harbor views! This year they are also hosting a free party on Saturday!

There are a lot of companies hosting and entertaining clients so if you are a good customer make sure to reach out, remember if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Pro tip: There are FREE autographs sessions by the drivers in the Live fan zone in place d’armes and best part is that no ticket is required!

Where to stay

Hotels in Monaco get booked really quickly and usually those dates are overpriced, We have a great option where you can stay onboard a yacht for a cheaper price than any hotels so contact us for more info!

Budget tip: the best is to stay in the surrounding towns like Menton, Cap D’ ail, or Nice.

 Getting there

The best way from Nice to Monaco and to ensure you arrive on style is for sure by helicopter, which takes only 7mins from nice and costs less than 200 euros.

Parking- If you are hoping on a tender to your superyacht, the best way is to park in Fontvieille, come in early there are big parking like in Carrefour supermarket. Another big parking in Fontvieille is the Stadium parking. Parking can be a nightmare in Monaco during the GP so plan an alternative (and pack flat shoes and be prepared to walk)

Taxis – somehow there are not enough taxis in Monaco during events like this so trying to get one is a nightmare, and sometimes they can even scammed you and treat you like a dumb tourist so be careful!

Train- coming by train has its charms as well. Train tickets are less than €10 for a return trip from Nice or Ventimiglia if booked in advance, although prices do rise for on-the-day bookings. The trip takes 20 minutes from Nice or 36 minutes from Ventimiglia, and each journey showcases one of the most stunning stretches of coastline the region has to offer.

What to bring, wear, and not-pack..

The weather is like in May.. it May be sunny but it May also rain.. so be prepared for both!

If you are seating on the stands, they are not covered so be prepared!

  •     Cash – most places take card, but you never know!
  •     Headphones
  •     Flat shoes
  •     Hat
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Sunscreen
  •     Extra battery pack
  •     Rain jacket and/or umbrella

Do not bring strollers, scooters, scooter helmets, heavy backpacks, etc cause due to high security this won’t be allowed.

 Shoes  First of all you don’t need shoes onboard a yacht so don’t overthink your outfit shoes! Bring a second pair of flat shoes just in case, because once the race is finished the streets are still closed and you may need to walk a lot! Over 21 km of safety railing and 20,000 sqm of catch fencing is set up, so be ready to walk a lot!

The Program

The Automobile Club of Monaco has published a timetable that can be summarized below.

Thursday – The Formula 3 first taking to the city streets in the afternoon for a practice session ahead of Formula 2 and Porsche Supercup practice sessions. The circuit will reopen on Thursday at 19:30.

Budget tip: These are the cheapest tickets, so if you are on a budget you can still experience the Monaco vibes as low as 30euros!

Friday – On the first day of F1 action, there re Free Practice sessions, from 13:30 until 14:30 and from 17:00 until 18:00, with the circuit not opening again until 21:00.

Saturday – Starts with F3 and an F2 Sprint Race, separated by the third F1 Free Practice session and followed by the all-important Qualifying session from 16:00 until 17:00.

Sunday – It’s the big day! The circuit will be closed to the public from 5:00 on Sunday, May 28 to allow for F3, F2 and Porsche Supercup races to take place ahead of an F1 filled afternoon. A drivers parade will see the drivers take to the track one last time before the race, from 12:50 until 13:20.

The Monegasque National Anthem will proceed the Monaco GP, which will begin at 15:00. 78 laps of the city circuit will be raced or the race will finish after 120 minutes. After a series of on-track festivities, including a winner’s lap and the podium celebration, the circuit will reopen at 20:30.

Parties and after-parties

If I’m honest, we are not all here following closely the race 🙂 mostly is about the vibe, the excitement in the air, the entertainment, and THE PARTIES!

Steps for the ideal Monaco experience:

Step 1: Watch the race

Step 2: Go for a nice dinner (Buddha bar, La Mome, Le Grill..)

Step 3: Party onboard a yacht

Step 4: Join the Dj Party

Step 5: Go to Sass Cafe

Step 6: Follow the after party

Monaco’s nightlife during the Grand Prix comes alive with vibrant energy, offering unforgettable experiences at renowned nightclubs like Amber Lounge, Sunset, Jimmy’z, and Twiga.

Arguably the most fun party in Monaco! Best way to arrive is by tender of course (but make sure you bring cash!) it’s a BEACH party so no heels! Arrive early cause sunset as the name implies is the most fun! It’s a great place to meet people (and no so loud like other clubs) but the music is more chill loungy and not a real dance club.



The most famous nightclub in Monaco is Jimmy’z , its literally a legend! Super glam and its iconic dance floor could tell many stories! Here is where the best DJs play and has the best high energy atmosphere. Also its super hard to get in so either come in super early or book long in advance.

 Amber Lounge

Some call it the ultimate party destination during the Monaco Grand Prix, Amber Lounge the party where celebrities and F1 drivers go. With its glamorous ambiance, live performances by international artists, and a buzzing atmosphere, it offers an exclusive VIP experience where you get a chance to rub shoulders with the who’s who of the racing world! Tables start around 30K and its usually sold out so make sure you book in advance.


Flabios Briatore’s restaurant (near Cipriani) has the best of Italian cuisine, exotic cocktails, and an electrifying club scene where you can both eath there and then party! The ambiance and décor are very unique so is a must-visit if you want a sophisticated nightlife experience.

OK Ciao Bye

I hope you enjoyed this guide?

With all the above being said, we can conclude that The Monaco Grand Prix is a celebration of speed, luxury, and history, captivating the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts and thrill-seekers!

From its legendary circuit to the glamorous ambiance of Monte Carlo, the race embodies the perfect fusion of high-octane action and opulent indulgence “A little party never killed nobody”

So whether you’re dreaming of witnessing the race firsthand, getting your superyacht experience with us, or simply immersing yourself in its allure from afar, join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey through the storied history and irresistible charm of the Monaco Grand Prix!

Let's meet!

This article is not sponsored, nobody pays me to write this, it honestly took me hours if not days to gather it all, so if you enjoyed it and found it useful you can buy me a virtual coffee 🙂 thank you in advance hope to meet you soon!


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Yacht Design

This yacht is designed for both relaxation and exhilaration. Lounge on the expansive sunbeds on the bow, basking in the warmth of the sun as the waves lap against the hull. 

Take advantage of the spacious cockpit, perfect for al fresco dining or hosting unforgettable gatherings.

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Whether you’re cruising along the coast or exploring distant shores, the Camargue 50 offers an unmatched combination of speed, stability, and comfort.

Safety is of utmost importance, and the Camargue 50 is equipped with the latest technology and cutting-edge navigation systems to ensure peace of mind while you’re on your voyage. With a range of amenities and features designed to enhance your boating experience, this yacht is truly a class apart.

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Indulge in the luxury of the Sunseeker Camargue 50 and make every moment on the water a memorable one. 

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A real lifestyle boat, the Camargue 50 has indoor and outdoor lounging areas. It is one of the most popular Sunseeker models they have ever built.


    Palm Beach travel blog

    The exclusive and sophisticated yachting destination: Palm Beach 

    My luxury travel guide to Palm Beach


    With Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIB) underway, I want to shed some light on one of my favourite yachting hotspots. After studying at the University of Miami and spending multiple summers here, there is a piece of me that will always be in Palm beach. I always love visiting and who knows perhaps one day I will retire there! 


    Palm Beach is one of America's most glamorous resort towns and THE place to be in Florida; whether you want luxury shopping, amazing beaches, gourmet fine dining experiences or yacht charter opportunities, Palm Beach offers something for everyone; here are some of my top luxury travel tips. 


    If you want to know where to stay, what to do, where to shop and what to eat? Read on! 


    Sleep in luxury 

    Some of my closest family and friends live in Palm Beach, so I usually stay with them, but sometimes I treat myself as Palm Beach is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and these hotels will take your trip to the next level. 

    Opening later this year is The Vineta Hotel, by the Oetker Collection. It was the historic Chesterfield, a landmark boutique hotel in the heart of Palm Beach that sold last year. Back in 1991, Palm Beach designated this building to a landmark meaning that the iconic pale pink and mediterranean architecture will stay. Another, similar pink exterior is The Colony, an iconic and historic luxury hotel; I love these pink vibes! 


    For a stay at an outstanding resort, head to The Breakers, founded in 1896, while having been rebuilt twice since, the rooms boast complete opulence. For the ultimate relaxation for your accommodation in Palm Beach is the Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa; set on acres of private beach with five-star facilities. A massage here is the dream! 


    Enjoy the beaches

    The pristine, long, sandy beaches line Palm Beach make for a great day out. Whatever you do here, make sure you enjoy at least a few of them! To enjoy the sunshine and ocean, you can rent a beach cabana for the day to relax or have an active day renting out some jet skis. 


    One of my favourites is Juno Beach, just north of Palm Beach; it is a great surfing spot but the reason I love it, isn’t for my questionable surfing abilities but because it is also home to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center! This non-profit organisation dedicates its time to the conservation of sea turtles. Another favourite is Lantana Beach, which is more secluded and less crowded for a more chilled-out day on the beach. 


    Get out on the water

    Why not charter a yacht here to enjoy the ocean from the ocean? As a yachting hub, there are plenty of yachts to choose from in Palm Beach. It is the ultimate luxury travel experience, so jump onboard!  


    You can cruise the Intracoastal or even head to island hop in The Bahamas or the Florida Keys. Whether you are looking for a day trip or a longer trip, I can help you find the ideal yacht charter from Palm Beach, from a dayboat to a superyacht. 


    There is so much to do on a yacht charter around Florida, from snorkelling and diving, beach days and fishing to simply enjoying the coastal exploration in style and comfort. I can create you the ultimate Palm Beach itinerary to enjoy yachting here. 


    Shop till you drop 

    Worth Avenue on Singer Island is a globally renowned shopping destination full of luxury boutiques and designer stores. It oozes charm with its iconic and historical architecture. Kassatly’s is the oldest store here, dating back to 1923 and today they specialise in their personalised service selling the finest linens and designer lingerie. 


    From luxury fashions to fine jewellery, galleries and restaurants, Worth Avenue is a great place to wander, shop and people-watch. 


    Choose from Gucci, Tiffany’s, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Bottega Veneta and many more - a true shopper's paradise! There are plenty of VIP experiences to be had here; for example, you can create your own printed shift dress at the Worth Avenue Lilly Pulitzer store. 


    Palm Beach plates 


    You will never go hungry or thirsty in Palm Beach and you will be spoilt for dining choices here. It is home to the best fine dining, with its culinary scene at the heart of the city. Within the historic Brazilian Court Hotel Cafe Boulud, Chef Daniel Boulud creates award-winning French-American cuisine, focusing on seafood with a distinctive South Florida twist.

    Eating dinner with a side of waterfront views is easily done in Palm Beach; the members club with a speakeasy-style bar at 1000 North is perfect for views and cocktails. As well as the Palm Beach Yacht club with views of the Intracoastal as you enjoy their gourmet dishes. I love dining out here! 


    For a sustainably-minded experience, book a table at Lionfish in Delray Beach. This restaurant, named after the invasive reef fish, serves up the pesky Lionfish, amongst other sustainable, modern cuisine, with local and seasonal ingredients in a casual setting. 


    Palm Beach is the ultimate location for sundowners, and my favourite is at the famous Breakers Resort. Virginia - the sommelier here - travels worldwide, bringing the best wines to Palm Beach - enjoy a cold glass, or two, while watching the sunset. 



    I hope this guide gave you an insight into one of my favourite places! Whether you want to charter a yacht there or just want a chat about the area, I love sharing my knowledge with others, so get in touch! 


    Superyacht shopping 101

    Superyacht Shopping 101

    A guide to buying your first superyacht 

    Like all purchases, you need to be equipped with the correct information before buying. Browsing the shelves of the yachting industry can be daunting, especially without accurate guidance.

    Whether you buy a pre-owned yacht or brand new, here are some questions to consider before you take the plunge:

    So, what are your needs?

    I know this sounds obvious but knowing your needs and desires is necessary to narrow down choices. While they all float, yachts are all completely different. There are many yacht types, from motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, classics, semi-displacement, sports fishing, sports cruisers, explorer through to hybrid. The categories are ever-growing, and decisions are increasing for what is out there to own. Yacht shows are the perfect way to get a feel for the variety of yachts on offer, as there are a lot of potentials docked in the same place at the same time.

    Once you have decided on a category, you will need to figure out the design, size, capabilities, number of crew onboard, which berth in the marina you can get, and of course, how much you want to spend. There is certainly not a one size fits all approach, and that's why knowing what you want from your purchase is essential.

    What will you be doing?

    While you don't need to have your year's itinerary and activities penned in, you need to have an idea of what you will be doing when onboard. Of course, you can choose several uses for a yacht. A yacht can be used for many different purposes, adventure, passion, luxury, comfort, escape, business, exploration, etc. If you want to take long expeditions to remote locations and when you get there go heli-skiing, you will need a different yacht than if you want to Greek island hop enjoying the slower pace of life with your family. Do you want to go far? hence you need to consider yachts with long range, fuel capacity, storage etc.. vs if you want a fast boat.

    Making these choices will help aid when choosing the design of the yacht, and remember, it isn't all about the look of the yacht; you will need to consider the functionality and technical specifications for what you do with it. For example, you may want larger, more comfortable lounging spaces if you are using the yacht to relax with groups of family and friends, or perhaps space isn't as crucial if you choose a sailing yacht in which you want to race regattas, or have longer range or alternative propulsion systems where you wil have to compromise the luxury space to have bigger engine rooms and technical areas.

    Where will you go?

    Location, location, location! You need to ask yourself whether you are looking for a boat to be casually used at the weekend doing short hops or a round-the-world cruising adventure. Although yachts are designed to travel, it is worth having an idea of locations for the functions, range and capabilities of the yacht you choose.

    Who will help you?

    If you are swaying towards a new build, you will need someone to design and build your ideal vision, the uses, and what's most important to you when owning a yacht. You must ensure you are completely happy with the designer and builders you choose and that you are all on the same page, as this can really hinder progress.

    Building brand new isn't your only option; there are many advantages to buying pre-owned yachts. They are available for use quicker and cheaper than a brand-new version of something similar. The existing yachts already have a proven track record and the opportunity and potential to refit if you want to add any of your touches to the design. When buying pre-owned yachts, you will need a knowledgeable superyacht consulstant to guide you.

    Understanding the crew setup is also important; if you are buying a pre-owned, it can be a good idea to take some of the existing crew with the experience of your new yacht. Choosing a good crew is important as they are there to look after your new asset; the number of crew you have on your yacht will depend on your expectation and service level. Working with a yacht manager will help you create a ‘happy crew, happy owner.’

    How much do you want to spend?

    Buying a yacht is more challenging than regular purchases, it isn't just a one-time purchase; you must factor in a lot. There are some widely varied price brackets. Firstly, speak to a broker to understand what you can likely expect to get for your budget; it is vital to get good advice on this. Once you have decided on a purchase budget, you will need to consider the annual budget to run the yacht. It is important to consider some of the higher category costs within your budgetary requirements, such as crew salaries and marina berths. Before buying, it is essential to think about the crew onboard and how many you will need and want. The same goes for marinas; where do you want to base your yacht? do they have a berth available? whats the nearest airport, etc..

    The operational costs will need to be factored in, for example, registration, insurance, and other legal admin costs, the ongoing upkeep and maintenance, and any additional costs you want to factor in, such as refitting.

    The variation in pricing comes down to many things, but one huge one is asset depreciation due to age. Of course, you will be able to get an older yacht for a proportion of its original cost, brand new. If you are buying a pre-owned yacht, get a good history of it in terms of its overall history, any issues as well as maintenance records - but, most importantly, get a thorough survey carried out.

    Although you may be excited to buy, it is a good idea to bear in mind the resale value, the build of the yacht is important here as these factors can impact how well it will hold its value and therefore future opportunities to sell or charter.

    The bigger your budget, the more options, and flexibility you will have when choosing. For a first yacht, it is worth considering buying pre-owned as not only will you be able to use it quicker, you will get it cheaper.

    How do you know if it's THE one? 

    A classic mistake is jumping into yacht ownership before getting a taste of the lifestyle. Try before you buy and charter, be sure to charter yachts of a similar specification you are looking for, which will help you finalize the smaller details. Do you want that spacious toy garage, or would you rather have a bigger master suite? Although the yacht you charter may not be your style on the inside, you can get a clearer picture of how you want to use it and its functionalities. Allow chartering to get your creative juices and inspiration flowing when making the decisions for your purchase.

    Besta advice is CHARTER BEFORE YOU BUY.

    The admin 

    Existing yachts can hold all sorts of hidden issues that you may not be able to see when looking around to purchase, as I said previously it is important to get all the correct surveys carried out onboard by a certified professional. The survey will cover the maintenance history and therefore be able to detect any outstanding issues or potential issues that may arise. The same goes for new builds, it is a good idea to have a project manager and Captain onboard the whole time that is overseeing the build as well as surveys and sea trials carried out before the launch.

    In terms of documentation, you will need to either check the existing registration status dependent on your purchasing contract or if a new build, ensure you register it with your chosen flag state. The varying flag states have different rules and regulations to be aware of.

    Choosing your first yacht is challenging, but it is exciting! Be sure to go into the process with this knowledge and your eyes wide open. My last piece of advice is to have patience and enjoy the ride!

    Looking for your perfect yacht?

    We are here to help you with your yachting journey! Get in touch!



    About Marcela

    Author of The Superyacht Industry Book, and program director of the Yachting Masterclass, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Marcela has extensive insights and knowledge in the yachting industry, to help you avoid mistakes and save you time. As a superyacht consultant, she inspires people on her social media and helps yacht lovers in their yachting journey either to buy or to charter superyachts!

    She is not a broker but a consultant, hence not biased and not competing with any brokers, usually working for family, friends, and selected qualified clients only.




    had money

    Recently, a yacht owner who follows me on my personal Instagram page, asked me “Marcela, I have a question, do owners tip their crew after using their own yacht? I personally do, but wanted to know if other owners do it too.”  

    We discussed it and then he asked, “Please talk about crew tips on your page,” so I made a post on Linked-in. This featured a high engagement with a lot of interesting comments, and I also had a lot of private messages about it, so I decided to collect them all into one full blog, so here it goes!


    The yacht is being chartered when they don't use it and they use it as a family summer vacation.

    This discussion is more about yachts that are commercial, meaning that they do charter and the owner can ‘charter his own yacht for his private use’. It is rare to see crew gratuity on private yachts. However, if their guests, friends or family coming onboard for a few days at no charge,  are happy with the experience and crew service, they can, at their discretion, compensate the crew for a great trip.

    Should yacht owners tip their crew when they use their own yacht? 

    The answer is YES and NO! Read below.

    On one side, the yacht owner is paying monthly salaries to the crew, and the crew gets a lot of tips when the yacht is being chartered by other guests. A yacht owner should not pay tips while using his own yacht. One owner stated “I am very generous in salaries, and the boat is used only 20% of the year, the rest of the 80% there are no guests onboard. The salary and the benefits package are already above standards, so crew should not be ‘indirectly’ expecting tips.”

    On another side,  if the crew went above and beyond to create a unique quality safe time with memorable moments with your family then a reward may be due. The famous saying in the industry is “Happy crew, Happy owner” so it is important to meet their expectations in order to keep them happy and motivated.

    As Ian Petts says, “People forget that to create that one week of amazing experience, has sometimes been 9 months of preparation.”

    However, some say that not all crew deserve a tip. If the crew is always dramatic and creating problems, then it is up to the owner’s discretion if he wants to tip them or not.

    Crew POV 

    The comments from captains were clear:

    • “Answer is NO and NEVER.”
    • “No, that would be totally weird if the owner does.”
    • “Usually it is rare to see private yacht owners giving tips, but it is not rare to see their guests, friends or family coming for a few days at no charge and then compensating the crew if they had a great trip.”
    • “On the yachts, we worked on, definitely not - only charter guests tipped.”
    • “You do not tip your own people, but rather pay out a bonus at the end of the season or year based on some predictable mathematical formula.”
    • “Yacht owners who put their yacht for charter are making a profit, and receive big financial benefits from the charter program, so it is nice if the crew works hard for that to happen, and the owner shares that success with them.”
    • "I have a good salary anyway, I don't need the tips, but my crew who gives 200% and does not feel recognised, will only do 100% the next time."

    In summary, captains feel that owners already give a fair share as employers as well.

    Yacht Manager POV 

    Viktoria Zentai, a fantastic yacht manager, says “Everyone is different. Some crew may prefer financial reward, some free time, some recognition of their personal needs over anything else.”

    You must know that even overpaying your crew and tipping them may not keep them too long onboard! Crew retention is difficult nowadays. Viktoria says “Some crew leave for personal reasons - family plans, life in general etc - no matter what extras they are given, and some would stay regardless. I suppose the question is how to express recognition in the best way, without it being awkward and if that is a must.”

    Your yacht manager (or whoever is managing your crew) should have good Human Resource strategies in practice, like one-to-one yearly meetings to understand what makes your crew tick.

    Hotel Benchmark 

    One owner, who does tip his crew, gave a perfect response when I asked ‘why is he tipping his own crew?’

    “Should an owner of a hotel, tip staff when staying in his hotel? Absolutely! Because a hotel is a commercial business and people there are employed by a company not a person. They work the same amount of hours, regardless of who is the guest. Same goes for owners of charter yachts, when using yachts. The yacht is owned by a company, not a person, and is used for commercial activities. To use it, owners are officially paying a charter fee, so officially they are guests. Staff shouldn’t care who owns an asset.”

    How much should I tip? 

    Yacht charter tips are not mandatory, they are a generous gratitude to thank the crew, and usually they range between 5-20% depending on the nationality of the client. Americans chartering in the Caribbean, for example, are usually more generous.

    Annual Bonus

    Most yacht owners give annual bonuses, which is part of the employment contract and included in the manager's annual budget.

    13th month

     Most common practice is to give a 13th month salary at the end of the year.

    Tips Vs Bonus

    An owner asked me “So should I tip them after using the yacht or give them a bonus at the end of the year?” Well, that depends on the leadership onboard. The best is to discuss it personally with your captain and yacht manager.

    One captain told me, “A tip given in the moment, is so much more valuable than an end of year bonus.”

    Tipping Etiquette

    If you are going to tip them financially then make sure that the tip is distributed evenly. Give the tips to the captain AND purser together at the same time. There have been instances where the captain pockets the majority of the tips and then distributes them to the rest of the crew saying “the owner did not tip a lot this time.”


    No alt text provided for this image

    In order to avoid any drama, perhaps it is better to thank them in other non-financial ways. Here are some ideas:

    Sponsor a crew event

    A captain on a 65m yacht told me that a nice way to thank their crew for their hard work and a successful season, is to sponsor a crew event like chartering a sailboat or catamaran where the crew can spend the day sailing, on the beach, having lunch and drinks.

    “We did it in Turkey and St Maarten and it was a hit with the crew,” the captain said.

    Pay to rest

    Crew can also be motivated if they get extra time away to rest, so giving them some extra paid vacation goes a long way.

    Career training

    Crew can be motivated if they get paid to pursue their careers and go for training that is paid by the vessel.


    Even low value items can be motivational. Letting an engineer have his own set of tools, or giving a deckhand a new Leatherman with the cash, is a good way to inspire your crew.

    Although do be careful with what you give and where you are in the world.

    Ian Petts, Director of Equiom - who provides ownership structures and tax consultations - shares a valuable tip. “Make sure the crew member gets the receipt with tax paid, or it's held by the family office. I've seen crew stopped and asked to justify that tax was paid on their watch - on not being able to justify it, 2k was paid at one airport in France.”

    No alt text provided for this image

    Random question: I often hear the words ‘tips’ and ‘gratuity’. I personally prefer the latter, as it sounds more elegant,  but I don't know if it's an US/UK difference in terminology?

    What term do you use? Tips or gratuity? Leave your comment on this blog.

    so now tell me, in your opinion SHOULD YACHT OWNERS TIP THEIR CREW? AND IF SO, HOW MUCH?


    Personal point of view:

    What I love about social media is that you are able to take the conversation further and have many points of view to be shared. When you read an article in a magazine, for example, first of all, you don’t know who has seen it and secondly, you don't know how they felt about it. I had over 55 direct conversations with people about this topic! And that was on LinkedIn alone! this was over several media platforms, showing just how effective social media can be.

    Power of Data

    On my Linkedin post, I can see the analysis of who viewed it, and it had over 7,000 views in the first 2 hours! At this time of writing, it currently has over 18K views, and I am able to see that the majority of people are owners, CEO’s, founders, and industry professionals. I am able to see that they are from the UK, The Netherlands, Miami, Monaco, Italy - essentially all the top yachting hubs. I am confident that I am posting content to my right target audience of yacht owners, yacht managers, sales and charter brokers, shipyards and yachting aficionados.


    If you are a yacht owner and want any type of (unbiased) advice, feel free to reach out to me.

    No alt text provided for this image
    Photo by Chevanon Photography: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-of-hand-holding-coffee-machine-302902/

    If you like this type of content and find it useful and unique you can invite me to a virtual coffee with you :) thanks in advance

    If you like my content, you can buy me a coffee for $3


    A little bit about me and how it all started

    My Background

    My name is Marcela, I am a Monaco Resident Business Consultant in the yachting Industry. I’m an avid business traveler who is passionate about all the amazingness that lies at the intersection of business, cultures and relationship building.

    I was born in Guatemala, and I have had the great luck to have studied, lived and worked all over the world including Miami, Dubai, London,Boston and my current home: Monaco.

    These combined experiences propelled my career in business development consulting in the Yachting Industry.

    As a consultant, I travel for work a lot, which has helped me gain valuable experience and knowledge on doing business with different cultures, which I would love to share with the world.

    I am the proud mother of a beautiful daughter who gives me the strength to be a working mom and the inspiration to go out and work hard every day!

    How I started

    I started working as a global sales rep for an underwater lights company, for a yachting company that allowed me to travel around the world for business,I always managed to combine both Business & Pleasure.

    A valuable gold nugget I learned, is that ‘ is not what you know, nor who you know, but how good are you at managing cultural differences’ therefore cultural sensitivity is a main point on this blog.

    There are millions of travel bloggers but not so many ‘Business Travel’ Bloggers for those travelling for work, and since I literally lived in a plane and hotels, I started sharing my tips on how I was implementing business strategies learnt on my MBA, combined with cultural sensitivity tips and travel hacks for airport lounges, meetings rooms, etc..

    Sharing my insights through my business travels across the world about how to do business with different cultures and in different languages,  is my hobby to do while I am alone travelling the world for work.

    I want to inspire yacht & business owners with added value insights. Be the voice of the yachting industry to make a change.

    Bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.



    I have an MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston, which is rated ‘the most international University in the world’ and a Bachelor in Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a major in Finance, from the International University of Monaco.

    I have a huge interest in cultures therefore I speak six languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German)

    I am the founder and first president of Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) Monaco; where we shared the vision of networking of young ethical professionals to share yachting knowledge. My business acumen and yachting passion, fold well together with our vision to improve the yachting industry from an ethical responsibility and more sustainable approach.

    I was the commercial director for ICON Yachts a shipyard in the Netherlands. I have seen the industry as a supplier, yacht manager,  shipyard, marina and now as a consultant , professor, and owners rep.

    Proud to be the author of the first textbook ever written about The Superyacht Industry in collaboration with almost 100 experts who design, build, buy, sell, equip, support, operate and manage the world’s largest yachts. They are sharing their experience and true gold nuggets of information that will give you years of competitive advantage in understanding the superyacht industry. They call it  “the yachting bible” but in fact, it is, the state of the art reference for the yachting industry.


    I am proud to be one of the co-founders of AMLA (Association Monegasque pour l’Amerique Latine) A non-profit Association with aim to promote socio-cultural exchange between Latin American countries and the Principality of Monaco.
    We are five Monaco Residents of Latin origin who decided to make an impact in the world and organize events to help the countries we come from.


    To my Community:

    Welcome to all travellers, long and short-haul. To the weary, the wise and bleary-eyed. To the suits, weekenders, the yachties, fashionistas, working moms and affair-havers.

    To the explorers, adventurers, yacht owners and dreamers.

    To all locals of the world from Boston to Monaco and Guatemala.

    To all who are independent yet united in a desire for thriving in business and culture awareness.

    To all mobile citizens of the world,




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    • Corporate Strategy
    • Sales Optimization
    • Neuro- linguistic programming
    • Design thinking
    • Innovative Luxury Marketing
    • UHNWI insights
    • Systems implementation CRM
    • Strategic KPI monitoring and optimization
    • Public Relations



    Think superyachts, think Marcela


    Monaco Travel Guide

    Monaco Travel Guide

    Tips for visiting Monaco from a local resident


    What to do and what to see in Monaco

    If you are travelling to the South of France and you would like to visit Monaco, but you don’t have too much time to enjoy it slowly, here are a few of my recommendations for a quick visit.

    First, I must admit that Monaco is a nice place to live, however is super small, therefore there is not too much to see, and tourists sometimes get disappointing because they come in with high expectations. This is not Paris or Rome where you have many touristic sites to see, keep in mind that the entire ‘country’is just 2km^2 making it the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. This is more a place to live and experience it slowly, as it is the lifestyle that is amazing and is not so much a quick vitrine to watch, take a picture and go!

    Having said, that, here are the top things to see and do in Monaco.

    Visit the Palace

    Walking up to ‘The Rock’ is a nice thing to do, you get the nice views of the Port Hercules, which is the main port of Monaco where all the yachts are and the race of the Grand Prix starts, and once you reached the top you can also see the port of Fontvieille, and is a perfect place to take pictures! I leave you here with the link to the palace tourist info. (click here)

    Every day at 11:55 just before noon there is the change of guard which is really nice to see. For more info click here.

    Here is where the Royal family officially lives. They are often there and for all the major local events there is where it takes place.

    Oceanographic Museum

    Once you are up in ‘The Rock’ as we call it locally, you can also visit the Oceanographic museum, which is a really impressive aquarium! If you are with kids this is a MUST- DO activity in Monaco. More info about the aquarium click here.

    Open Air Cinema

    Located also on ‘The Rock’ the open Air cinema is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! I think this only open in the summer so check the website here. It is a beautiful place with sea view, open bar (yes you can drink alcohol!) and it has a great sound system! I find it very romantic thing to do in couples, but also a lot of fun with friends. The movies start around 9:30pm (so is dark enough to play outdoors)

    The Casino

    The Casino of Monte Carlo is the most ICONIC site in Monaco. A tour of the Casino de Monte Carlo will give you James Bond like experience for an hour. Seeing all the luxurious cars, the glamorous clothes of the high rollers and the palatial surroundings would remind you of scenes that are always portrayed in most 007 films.

    The idea of opening a gambling casino in Monaco belongs to Princess Caroline, a shrewd, business-minded spouse of Prince Florestan I in 1850. Revenues from the proposed venture were supposed to save the House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. After several decades of joint ventures, the earnings finally took off. I won ttell you the entire story, so that you experience it for yourself.

    Keep in mind there is a strict dress code hence no beach wear is allowed, no shorts, no flip flops,etc and all the obvious ones. Passport ID is required if you want to go inside. I want to highlight that this is not Vegas so if that is what you are expecting you will get disappointing, this is more classy and luxurious. The entrance is 10 euros however this can be exchanged for gambling chips/tokens or alternatively towards a drink at the bar. It is an amazing experience to see the real gamblers in action! you really feel you are inside a movie here! They have a really cool restaurant inside, which is my favorite one to watch the fireworks. If you are in Monaco during the summer, make sure to ask about the firework program and book your table there for an unforgettable experience!

    Go try your luck you never know!! and if you win, give me a call to celebrate 🙂

    Cafe de Paris

    Get a drink and sit in the terrace of the Cafe de Paris, it is one of the best places for people watching! and if you love cars, is basically a ‘car walk’or THE ‘fashion-show’ of luxury cars. Yes the drinks may be on the expensive side but see it as a entry ticket fee to a show, and I guarantee you it is totally worth it! I usually order a coffee or a Aperol Spritz cocktail.

    It is also a great place to eat real french brasserie food. We love the steak tartare there! to my american friends, steak tartare does not mean a steak with tartar sauce, in France it means raw meat and is delicious!

    Hotel de Paris

    It is another ICONIC site in Monte Carlo, it is a famous hotel where many movies have been filmed. Inside the hotel by the lobby there is the famous Bar Americain, I recommend you to go there in the evening for a drink, they usually have live music and the ambiance is very jazzy chic. The setting feels like you are going back in time to those glorious ages of glamour, elegance and sophistication. My favorite drink there is the Negroni. This is a great place to go for a drink before dinner or actually even better after dinner for that night-cap drink paired with some jazzy notes.

    Make sure you rub the feet of the horse statue at the Lobby of the hotel, legend has it that it brings you good luck! specially before going gambling!



    One of the most famous race tracks of the entire F1 racing is the Monaco Grand Prix which usually takes places around May every year. A life experience worth watching! I will do a separate blog about it.

    On this note, if you are a car fan you can also visit the private car collection of the Prince! For more info click here.

    For events, make sure you visit the website visitmonaco.com where you can see what is going on the day, the week or the month you are travelling.


    The Larvotto beach is a nice place to go for lunch and go to the beach if you like swimming in the ocean and catching some sun. however my favorite beach is La Plage de la Mala which feels like a remote exotic place. It is a hidden gem! There are 2 restaurants Cap Resort and Eden Plage. It is quite difficult to get there by foot and car, it is possible but not easy. The best way to reach is by boat.


    The best way to experience the south of France is totally by boat! There are boats for all types of budgets. Contact me for info on chartering a yacht in the South of France.

    Prince Rainier III old car collection

    If you like cars, this museum is amazing and very unique compared to other car museums, is the personal car collection of the Royal Family in Monaco.

    Life as a female yacht broker

    Life as a female yacht broker

    I interviewed a very good friend of mine on how is to be a yacht sales broker in a male dominated industry.

    -> Jelena Vezia, yacht sales broker from Ocean Independence


    Kazakhstan-born Jelena Vezia is the company’s only female sales broker and one of only a handful in the entire yachting industry, where female brokers usually specialise in charter. Jelena completed her comprehensive economics and international affairs studies in Poland, France and Germany. With a proven sales background combined with a good level of understanding of Russian and Eastern European clients’ operations, she has an excellent track record. Her successful business approach, can-do attitude and attention to detail represent her core expertise as a yacht broker. Having completed three years as a yacht sales broker in charge of CIS market development prior to joining Ocean Independence in 2016, Jelena delivers a valuable experience with dedication to her clients, respect for main industry players and a work ethic that is second to none.

    How did you started in the industry?

    I started as a hostess working in parallel with my studies at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2010 for one of the leading brokerage houses (our direct competition today). As a hostess I was accompanying brokers during yacht viewings, working at the stand preparing marketing materials and helping with translations where needed. At that time, the head of charter department told me that I have all the right credentials to make a successful charter broker and provided me with a glowing reference letter. This is how my career in the yachting industry started. 10 years later here I am, bringing my own clients on board during MYS – a huge achievement for me and a sign of destiny, I think. I was not planning to pursue a career in yachting at any point of my life, having successfully graduated with a master’s degree in the Economic International Relations and targeting a position in one of the main European Institutions.

    How did you started as a sales broker?

    My first position at Sunseeker Monaco was Junior Sales Broker in charge of CIS market, so I have been trained to sell boats from the beginning. During my first job interview my boss, Nigel Bristow, said to me, “It would have been more appropriate to offer you a charter broker’s role, but we don’t have a dedicated charter department here in Monaco, so let’s try to sell.” And we did sell. I still remember him making a drawing to explain the difference between shaft drive and stern drive propulsion systems to me. That was the beginning of the learning curve which was and still remains very challenging – in this business, you never stop learning.

    My first real experience in the industry as a broker was at Cannes Boat Show 2012. That year, as one of the main yacht manufacturers, Sunseeker had at least a dozen models on display, one of the biggest stands, hundreds of clients, and a lot (I mean really A LOT) of information to remember – not an easy task for a beginner. Believe me, I was terrified, but the result was brilliant and some of the prospects who I met at that show are among my best clients today.

    How is it to be a female yacht broker?

    The yachting industry is male-dominated, and it is not easy to gain the trust of clients and peers. I wouldn’t ever call myself a feminist, but one thing is certain – to be recognised in this industry you have to know your subject at least as well as male yacht brokers do, if not better. You don’t have a right to make any mistakes, especially at the beginning. If you do something wrong, people are quick to blame the fact that you are a woman. It gets easier once you build a reputation.

    To become a female yacht broker you must be not only intelligent, hard-working, personable and communicative, but also lucky. I would also add that successful business approach, can-do attitude and attention to detail make a good sales broker.

    How is a day in the life of a broker?

    For me, every day at work is different because there are no two identical clients, two identical boats or two identical deals. The biggest challenge is when I start working with a new client because we have to get to know each other, and in the yachting industry, it is a very long process. It is not always easy to get the trust of a new customer, but extremely exciting and rewarding at the end.

    Viewings are crucial because every broker has to know the product he or she is trying to sell. And the more yachts I visit, the better market intelligence I get. Nothing is worth a personal visit onboard and a constructive chat with the captain and the crew.

    Travelling is part of this job, and I really enjoy visiting shipyards and participating in the boat shows. However, this can easily become extremely tiring, especially when travelling in a different time zone. BUT this is the only way to move things forward. A client will rarely come to see his broker apart from the Boat Shows time. A good Broker has to go and meet his or her client instead! The amount of money a Broker makes at the end is directly proportional to the amount of time he or she spends travelling.

    Admin work is my least favourite part of the job, but in our digital world, there is no way we can escape from it. When I am not visiting yachts or travelling to see the existing clients, I am following up with leads by telephone or via email trying to convert them into prospects, scheduling future marketing campaigns and customer mailings, updating notes and opportunities in the CRM.

    All the above makes part of a broker’s day to day work, and it is a good mix of activities to keep us busy every day.


    This was a very interesting perspective, and I hope you liked it and if you wish to learn more about careers in yachting visit my page: https://www.onboard.mc/careers/